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So, all the work Karla had wanted to get done last week had been co-opted by chaos-spewing...whatever it had been...and the ponification of her daughter. Which meant she was back on the island today, hoping that the island would be kind enough to give them some downtime and she could actually work a little bit. Kayla had been left to spend the afternoon with her daddy, and Nommy was tucked away in his cradle behind Karla's desk. That should have been the perfect time to work, except then she'd gotten a text from Warren about 'flying lessons' and now she was on her computer, busily searching for thick gymnasium mats that could be overnighted to Glacia.
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For the first time this semester, Karla had found her way to her office. Things were hectic back in Glacia as they prepared to head to Ebon Rih as part of her service to the Dark Court and Karla had exercised her royal prerogative to come to the island in order to prepare for her class next semester.

...By which she meant 'read a bunch of romance novels, pretend to take notes, and let her tea steep until it was undrinkable because she was caught up in the action.' She'd finally given in and started reading the Angelica Demesnes novels and was blowing through them at a ridiculous rate.


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