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It was a little tense in the Hall today. Even through the dark power that saturated the very stones of the building, those sensitive to such things could feel that emotions were running very high. On top of Karla having gone missing, no one had heard from either Jaenelle, Lucivar, or Smoke, and an emissary sent from the Dark Council was scheduled to arrive the any minute now to 'look into the distressing violence Lady Angelline had shown herself capable of.'

The door to the study was locked, bolted, and Black-shielded. Even so, it radiated danger and a hot, riotous fury.

Upon arriving, the students from Fandom were led into a wide, receiving chamber. Food was set out on the sideboard--things would have to be a lot more cataclysmic that this for the servants of the Hall to forget their duties--and four males were already waiting within.

Not everyone appeared to be delighted to see them. )

[As you can all guess, NFI, NFB, what we'd love OOC commentary. So begins the saga of posts spread across multiple entries because of stupid LJ post size limits. The second half of this carries a warning for dark themes and potential trigger issues, as Saetan again explains safframate. Continued from here. Part...oh god, I've lost track. Part a billion, okay? (I, II, III, IV, V, and VI)]
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Karla was heading to the courtyard of the Keep, where a portal had been ordered for her return to Fandom. It still felt wrong, oh so wrong, to be heading back to safety and comfort while Jaenelle and Lucivar were out in the wilds of Askavi, circling each other in a dark and dangerous dance. She was supposed to just go home and focus on class while she was wondering if Lucivar still walked the living Realms? If Jaenelle was still suffering from the effects of the safframate? Or--worse yet--wandering the Twisted Kingdom? Even if they needed her and had to summon her back home, it would be days and days until she could return--Kaeleer's time flowed at double the rate of Fandom. Should they discover they needed her skills tomorrow, the earliest Karla could expect to return was next week.

This was bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Maybe if she talked to Saetan once more, this time he would see reason. Or at least get so tired of arguing about it, he'd just let her stay.

She veered off, down the hallway that led to Saetan's suite, marshaling all of her arguments. Presented logically and impartially, she would get through to him. That had been the problem before. She'd let herself get worked up, too emotional. Saetan had seen her as a child, not a witch fully in control of her Craft. Change that and maybe--

"I am so pleased to see the Dark Council has sent a representative to talk about the grievous injuries inflicted in Little Terrielle during Lady Angelline's visit." Saetan's voice floated out of his door, sharp and smooth, like a knife wrapped in silk. Karla stopped--Hell's fire, he wasn't alone. She wouldn't be able to plead her case with him if he was already speaking to someone; especially not a Dark Council representative. But she didn't have time to delay. Her portal was scheduled to arrive in minutes!

Still, she crept closer to the doorway, no compunctions against eavesdropping. Perhaps she would hear something useful to her cause. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC=love. Text adapted from Chapter Thirteen of Heir to the Shadows. Warning for discussion of sexual assault and violence. Sometimes c/p'ing sections of Anne Bishop's dialogue and text makes me want to cry. Part 3 of plot. Parts one and two found here.]
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Morning dawned on the Hall as it was wont to do. Outside, several kindred puppies chased the squawky white birds that Mrs. Beale loved so much. They had been told they couldn't kill and eat the birds, but no one had said anything about chasing. The horses were being groomed in their stalls in case anyone wished to go riding later, and the gardens were bursting with colorful blossoms just asking to be picked.

Inside, the Hall was bustling. Servants scurried to and fro in case their new guests needed anything. In the kitchen, Mrs. Beale reigned supreme. She was planning a feast that would tempt even the most jaded palates of her guests. It was a only the most foolish person who would trespass on her desmesne today. Helene, the housekeeper, presided over whole droves of maids and footmen; dusting, polishing, shining. The banister, for example, was burnished to a brilliant shine.

As for the family, they could be found in various places throughout the day.

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The Portal opened up, depositing them on the front lawn of SaDiablo Hall. For those who could sense such things, the Hall emanated with immense power. It seeped into the very stones, the result of millennia of residence by powerful individuals.

The the grounds of the Hall were in full summer bloom; the air was perfumed with flowers and the grass was thick and soft. Towards the south was a thick forest, from its depths came the many-throated howl from a pack of wolves.

At the moment the last person stepped out of the portal, the vast double doors at the front of the Hall opened before them and a tall, older man stepped forward. His black uniform was crisp and starched and a Red Jewel glittered on the front of his brilliantly white shirt.

"Lady Karla," he said, with a bow. "May I welcome you and your friends to SaDiablo Hall."

"Hello Beale," Karla said, giving him a small curtsy in return. "Everyone, this is Lord Beale, the Hall's butler."

Beale gave the assembled students a nod. "If you will all be so kind as to follow me, the High Lord is waiting in the large receiving room to greet you." He stood to the side to let everyone file in, the Hall's double doors were easily big enough for them to enter three abreast, even with him standing there.

Karla, for her own part, got a small wink and a smile before Beale resumed his usual impassive expression.

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Karla entered the dining room, still a little stiff from the workout. The first hour she'd spent in the tub had helped relax her, but the twenty minute catnap she'd taken (while still in the tub) had stiffened her muscles up again. It had taken her several minutes to descend the grand staircase to the ground floor and she didn't even want to discuss how long it had taken her to get dressed for dinner. She was still trying to decide just how stupid she was for letting her pride dictate heading to the dining hall instead of asking for dinner on a tray. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Text adapted from Chapter 11, Part 1 of Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop. This brief canon catch-up brought to you by Lunacon and sleepiness. Over and Karla will be back on Monday.]
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Karla was Not Best Pleased. Not only was Jaenelle gone to Little Terreille—again!—but she’d left a new housemate in her absence. Not the tiny Sceltie and the tiny Arcerian kindred she’d found (Karla was half in love with Kaelas already), but the stupidly-huge Eyrien warrior Jaenelle was now calling her brother. Brother!

Their first introduction hadn't gone well. )

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Part Two

The coven and the boyos were there, waiting for Saetan’s and Andulvar’s return. Karla certainly hadn't been pacing a hole in the carpet and snarling at anyone who got near her, no matter what the boyos said. Besides, she hated being left behind. Hated it.

As soon as Uncle Saetan and Andulvar entered the family drawing room, she pounced on them. "Where's Jaenelle?" Karla asked, trying to look past them. The she paused and truly looked at Uncle Saetan. He had the hunched over posture of a man slowly bleeding to death on the inside. If he were an animal, she’d say he was about to slink off to his den to lick his wounds in private.

She felt loss flicker through his psychic scent, and regret. As if he was looking at them for the last time. Tears pricked at his eyes and he looked as if he couldn’t speak for a moment.

"Uncle Saetan?" Gabrielle asked, searching his face.

Saetan cringed.

"What happened?" Morghann demanded. "Where's Jaenelle?"

Andulvar finally answered. 'The Dark Council is going to choose another guardian. Jaenelle's not coming back.' )

[Okay, really, really done for today. Promise. Text taken and adapted from Chapter Eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows.]
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Part One

He had expected it, even prepared for it. It still hurt.

Jaenelle stood silently in the petitioner's circle, her fingers demurely laced in front of her, her eyes fixed on the seal carved into the front of the blackwood bench where the Tribunal sat. She wore a dress she had borrowed from Karla, and her hair was pulled back in a tight, neat braid.

Knowing the Council watched his every move, Saetan stared at nothing, waiting for the Tribunal to begin their vicious little game.

Because he had anticipated the Council's decision, he'd allowed no one but Andulvar to come with them. Andulvar could take care of himself. He would take care of Jaenelle. The moment the Tribunal announced the Council's verdict, the moment Jaenelle protested and turned to him for help . . .

Everything has a price.

Over 50,000 years ago, he'd been instrumental in creating the Dark Council. Now he'd destroy it. One word from her, and it would be done. )

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Part Two

Jaenelle ghosted down the stairs, tipping a wink and a smile at Beale and Karla—who had both diligently returned to the task of plant care—before setting her face into a polite mask and entering the drawing room. The door remained open. )

(Part Two of Two. NFB, NFI, OOC=pie. Adapted from chapter eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows.)
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Part One

The front door slammed. Karla sauntered into the Hall, whistling and projecting ‘innocent’ with all the force that she could muster. She’d shoved her hands in her pockets and had adopted the blithe swagger of someone who had been behaving the entire day and hadn’t been outside trying a new Craft experiment. And most certainly had no knowledge of or responsibility for the new crater that was currently gouged in one of the Hall’s ornamental gardens.

Uncle Saetan was far too canny to be fooled by something like whistling, especially when he couldn’t actually see the blithe swagger at work. Saetan whistled a sharp command summoning her into a formal drawing room off the great hall. Odd. She nodded to Beale on her way in. There was no convenient mirror next to the drawing room, but there were several plants that apparently needed careful pruning.

A moment later, Karla stuck her head around the corner. )

(Part One of Two. NFB, NFI, OOC=pie. Adapted from chapter eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows. Sorry up so late!)
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Karla went flying into Saetan’s study, tears in her eyes. Intellectually, she knew she was being silly, knew that this was just another sign that she was still healing from the other Fandom, knew that she was probably just going to get the boyos up in arms over nothing again, but she couldn’t help it. Knowing all that didn’t stop her from hurting over his words. It was like being in Glacia again: the silent judgment; the telegraphed ideas that she didn’t, couldn’t measure up; the repeated mantra of “ladies don’t do this and ladies don’t do that,” never mind that Karla wasn’t a lady, she was a witch!

Sniffling, Karla exploded into the room. )

[Text adapted from Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop. NFI, NBI, OOC = lovings.]
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For the past five days, Karla had been fussed over, nagged at, and generally henpecked. And she was heartily getting tired of it. Her first day back, she and Jaenelle had just gotten back from a brief flying lesson when Morton had come barreling at her, demanding that she go lay down and rest. Followed by Chaosti who'd been shouting that she needed something to eat. And then he and Sceron had nearly gotten into a fist fight over who was going to go and fetch her something from Mrs. Beale.

That would have been funny, since usually the fights were over who could avoid entering Mrs. Beale's domain and bothering her, but Morton, that thick-pated idiot, had flung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her to her room. All of her hitting and kicking and complaining hadn't deterred him in the least.

Clearly, she needed to start sparring more during Fight Club. That had been both embarrassing and ridiculous. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Certain parts of the text adapted from Shadows of the Queen (Karla's list of food) and "The Khaldharon Run," (the bodysuit and wings) an unpublished chapter from Heir to the Shadows. Both written by Anne Bishop.]
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The landing web beckoned Karla, and she launched herself out of the Winds down to the brightly glowing Jewels below. Landing neatly, she took a moment just to inhale. It smelled of Kaeleer; of strong, dark psychic scents tempered with kindness and the need to protect. Of plants and herbs that only grew here. Of wildlife and water and, most importantly, of Witch.

"Lady Karla, it is a pleasure to see you again."

"Beale!" Karla grinned, running up to the doorway of the Hall. The Red-Jeweled Warlord gave her a warm smile of welcome--more emotion than the impassive butler usually allowed--at least until he caught a hint of her psychic scent. Then, without warning, he reached down, scooped her in his arms, and began carrying her toward the High Lord's study.

Karla was a little annoyed and a little embarrassed that he was carrying her and also a little flattered that he hadn't called one of the footmen to do it. Though from the way Holt had gone by them to shut the door, some kind of message had been sent on a spear thread. Males, she thought fondly.

Uncle Saetan was sitting behind his great blackwood desk when she was deposited in his office. )

[Establishy. NFI, NFB, OOC is love]
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“Morton!” Karla yelled over her shoulder. “We are late! I can’t believe you let me sleep so long! By the Darkness, I am going to hex you!” Karla was running up the long drive to SaDiablo Hall. The invitation had said that the party started at three, and here is was, already five past. And they were still outside.

“Hex me? How?” Morton called back. He was taking the drive at a brisk walk. He could afford to be so casual; his legs were much longer than hers. “You sound like you’ve been reading novels again.” He knew better than to suggest that after three years, Jaenelle could wait a few more minutes. Karla was seriously pissy about running late. Still, he stood by his decision to let Karla sleep in.

As if she could read his thoughts (and Morton made sure his inner barriers were still high) she turned to yell “Why would you do that?! Especially on today of all days!”

“Because I’d rather have you bitch at me for a few hours because we were late than have you be bitchy all day because you were over-tired,” he said casually. He could say things like that right now because she almost certainly wasn’t going to turn around to kick him. And as long as he stayed out of teeth and leg-reach for the next few hours, he’d be fine.

The Party. Teal Deer Warning in effect. )

(NFB, NFI, OOC = love. Adapted primarily from Chapter 6, Part 7 of Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop. I love my crack!canon! There were going to be three of these, but her interview with Saetan will just have to wait till next week. Karla will be back bright and early tomorrow (Monday) morning. Which is probably when I'll pick up pings again)
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Karla was back in her room, reading the manual she'd picked up at Turtle's, along with her new laptop. She was in a great mood: she was Lady MacFinlay in the play, she'd had fun at rehearsal, and she'd gotten a new computer and cellphone without making too much of a fool of herself. On top of all that, she was able to do Craft again.

Life was good.

Knock knock

Karla got off the bed, wondering who was at the door. Dinah? Leda? Emma? Someone else whose name ended in -a?

The answer turned out to be 'none of the above.' It was a young male in some kind of odd blue outfit. "Karla?" he asked, nudging a parcel with his foot. It was easily as high as his knee. "Do you know anyone in De-hemlan?"

"Dhemlan," she corrected automatically, trying to get a better look at the package. "Dhemlan Kaeleer. Yes, I am Karla. I know the High Lord, he's also the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan."

"This must be for you then," he said, handing over a clipboard. "Please sign."

Karla signed muttered her thanks and floated the parcel to her bed to examine it. First and foremost, she probed it with Craft, looking for anything dangerous or even out of the ordinary. She couldn't sense anything, but she was still wary. Pulling off the brown paper, she found her parcel consisted of a large wooden chest, one nearly as long as she was tall. There was a Sapphire-strength shield in place around the entire thing. Interesting. That told her that the box was definitely meant for her, and that it was sent by someone strong enough to wear the Sapphire. Add those things to the fact that it came from someone in Dhemlan and that could mean only one thing.

This was a package sent by the High Lord of Hell.

Karla could be forgiven the little frisson of fear that went down her spine. The High Lord was the strongest male to ever walk the Realms save for the son she hadn't met yet; he was one of the few members of the Blood to ever wear the Black; he'd been alive for at least fifty-thousand years, if one counted being a Guardian as 'alive;' and their last exchange of correspondence included the phrase "blood-sucking corpse." Three guesses as to which one had written that.

Still, she reminded herself, he was also her best friend's guardian and he had helped Morton spirit her away to Fandom. Surely that meant that he had no reason to wish her harm. Ignoring the little voice that was trying to remind her of all of the times that members of her own family had threatened to strangle, throttle, or wallop her, she reached for the letter that was attached to the lid of the trunk. )

Karla was laughing when she finished the letter. She folded it, set it aside, and turned to contemplate the trunk. It was richly carved, with polished brass fittings. It didn't look like anything Morton would have, even though it accompanied the letter. Raising her shield, she opened the lid.

The trunk was full of things: books, fabric, even a small compartment filled with more gold coins. Resting on top of everything was another envelope, this one with KARLA written on the front in elegant copperplate script. The handwriting was unfamiliar, but Karla could guess who had sent the trunk and written this letter )

Karla folded the letter with a laugh. Guess time hadn't withered his sense of humor. And then she dove into the trunk to see what goodies he'd sent along. Honey-pears maybe?

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