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The lightening sky wasn't doing anyone any favors. It just brought the slaughter out in stark relief. The pale white bodies seemed to glow, inevitably drawing one's eyes. It was impossible to pretend that they were just sleeping. The signs of violence were too numerous to ignore.

One by one, people began appearing on the hillside next to the small, huddled party that had already arrived. Some, Karla knew. Others possibly, she didn't. It didn't matter to her. All that mattered was that they were here. They were going to help her try to stop this madness. Friend or annoyance or complete stranger, they all had her gratitude

When they had all arrived, the purple portals closing into a tired-looking Raven, she raised her hands--

--And that was when the unicorns struck.

When Unicorns Attack! )

"If you're not sure if the person you bump into is a friend, say you're with the Lady again. If they have no response, they're probably here to murder more unicorns. Feel free to dispatch them as you see fit."

"She means kill them," Lucivar growled.

"No I don't," Karla corrected. "...Much. Look, so long as you protect the unicorns, I don't care how you do it."

[Much of this was taken from, you guessed it, Anne Bishop's Heir to the Darkness, origami'd for our own playground. Please hold for OCD and copious sobbing as I try to figure it all out OCD up if minimal.]
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Invitations had gone out, letting people know that Karla was planning to take a trip back to Kaeleer. Nothing special, just a short day-long trip, complete with picnic.

Of course, that was nothing special if you didn't know about the kind of picnic Mrs. Beale was capable of putting together with a bit of notice. Or if you weren't impressed with visiting unicorns all day. Whichever.

The portal opened up at the Hall, where the staff was packing up a single Coach with all of the supplies a group that size might need: sweetfeed, sugar cubes, apples, carrots--and provender for the picnickers, too. Guests would find themselves ushered into other Coaches; large wheeled conveyances that were powered by Craft and could be drawn by horses on roads or powered by Craft to travel over the Winds. Karla, Jaenelle, and Lucivar were not there to greet the Fandom folks; the latter two had gone ahead to ready everything on Sceval's end, and the former had vanished that morning, offering apologies and deliberately vague explanations of an errand that needed running.

Not that anyone at the Hall was going to let her absence slow down their timetable any. As soon as the last person was seated and comfortable and the last basket stowed, the Coaches took off, catching the nearby Opal Wind to speed them along.

The ride was on the longish side, lasting about an hour--apologies had been made, but Sceval was a closed Territory and portals were not permitted--but soon enough they were touching down again. This time, there was no extended hike through the woods, the Coaches landed in a large open meadow, next to a cheerful brook. Large blankets were already laid out, and the coachmen clambered down to open the doors and then begin unpacking the mountains of food they'd brought.

There were two people waiting for everyone when they climbed out. One was Karla, the other was a solemn dark-haired girl who looked about eight or nine. She gave the assembled group a tremulous smile and clutched Karla's hand tightly. Karla gave her a fond smile before looking up at her assembled friends.

"Welcome to Sceval," she said, waving with her free hand. "Lucivar and Jaenelle are already out visiting the herd, which you're welcome to do. There's food to eat if you're hungry and plenty of places to explore if you get restless. I didn't, uhh, plan any activities, so hopefully there's enough here to keep you entertained!"

[NFB for off-islandness]
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For their last full day in Kaeleer, Karla had a special surprise planned for everyone. Well, it probably wasn’t a surprise, per se, as she was pretty sure that everyone had guess what was coming. Because, seriously, you couldn’t have a trio to Kaeleer that didn’t culminate in a trip to Sceval. Not that she told anywhere where they were going, even as they boarded the Coach.

Sceval was a Territory of mostly rolling hills and long grasslands, with some pockets of forests and a small range of mountains. It grew no crops and imported none, there was no plundering of the natural resources, either the ore in the mountains or the wood of the forests. The Blood in Sceval had no need for such things; they were happy to drink only the water that flowed in crystal streams and ate what grew naturally. The Blood in Sceval had no need for jewelry (save their Jewels), for silks and satins, or for exotic perfumes.

It was impossible to say where in Sceval the Coach had dropped them; with no cities or roads, one part of the Territory looked much like any other, save the differences in natural landmarks. Jaenelle had been insistent that this was where the Coach needed to land, and the Coachman saw no reason to argue, even though the area where they landed was completely deserted. “Come on, this way,” Jaenelle said, pointing at a small strip of woods to the west. “We need to go through there.”

The hike through the woods lasted a good half hour, and even then, no one explained where they were going. No one was allowed to dawdle or explore either, and the so-called rest break they got barely lasted long enough for everyone to get a drink from the stream. “Just a little farther,” Karla promised as they spotted a break in the trees.

The tree line ended on a small hillside, so the students piling out of the woods could look down and see for miles. There was a small path leading down the hill, for when they decided to go down and mingle with the Blood of Sceval, who were waiting for them beyond the drop off.

The Blood of Sceval were unicorns.

[You know the drill Have at! Unicorns!]


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