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High on Karla's list of things she never knew she never wanted to do was this: knocking at her mother's door, a cup of poison in her hand, waiting execute an innocent woman so her uncle could go free. There were so many things wrong and unfair about what she was doing, it was hard to keep track. She wished she could have taken Dinah up on her offer to spirit Ludmilla away; wished she could have handed this responsibility to anyone else, wished that it was Hobart who was waiting for his cup of death on the other side of the door.

Wished that reality was other than what it truly was.

But it wasn't and wishing had never made it so.

Ludmilla opened the door, peeking out at Karla. For the first time, Karla saw her as she really was, not the made up doll she presented herself as. Blond hair loose, though still a little curly from the tight ringlets. Nightgown long and unadorned, feet bare, makeup gone. Even without it, she barely looked older than Karla; her round face and innocent expression easily taking a decade off her real age.

She is lovely, Karla thought to herself. And now I'm going to have to kill her.

All she said aloud was, "May I come in?"

[Warning for NPC death in the comments!]


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