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Anytime there was an overnight trip to the island these days, it was traditional for people who'd been given a key stayed over in Dite's Suite. During reunion weekend, there were several such people--and all their friends--but while that meant that sleeping quarters were a bit cramped, it reminded Karla of the giant slumber parties she used to throw in the dorms, roughly a million years ago. And it was good to be able to look around and see so many people she loved in one place.

Other than her meeting with Ino later, Karla had no plans for the day. She'd probably go out and make one last round of the island, though she was loathe to disturb Kayla from where she was playing quietly in her playpen. Hmm, maybe she could just see how many people she could get to visit the room instead. The Arms had excellent room service, after all, and food plus friends equaled a party.

[For anyone who thinks they stayed in Dite's Suite and anyone else who is inclined to visit and/or thinks they'd get an invite from Karla. Soo...basically anybody, good job me. SP is loved and late pings welcomed! I DON'T WANT TO SAY GOODBYE TO ANYONE YET]
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Karla was being very good today. Rather than fidgeting or spending all of her free time cataloging all the secret nooks and out-of-the way places she could think of on the island, she was channeling all of her extra energy into into checking on her various herbs and medicinal supplies. Between her conversations with Reno and Lady Ghanima, she thought knowing exactly what she had might come in handy.

Okay, mostly she was trying to distract herself from going down the hall and pouncing on her boyfriend. But this sounded better.

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Triela didn't snicker at the various ways that Karla tried to calm the girls in the back of the van down, or even smile in amusement, at what Karla was doing. She knew how awkward it was, but also how important. She didn't really want the girls panicking at any point before they could be passed off to someone in authority somewhere.

She finally spoke up as they drove past a road sign. "Blagoevegrad. Now this makes a lot more sense."

'Bless you,' Karla said from the back of the truck.  )

[THE END! Continued from here. We're done spamming your f-list, at least, with preplays. Thanks for everyone who stuck with us through it all! And for the last time, NFI, NFB, OOC is candy mountain, and this whole thing was written with the help with the amazing, fabulous, any adjective I want because this is the last preplay [ profile] sorella_vecchia]
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It was a good thing that it didn't matter, because Triela did snort softly.

Then Karla called out and Triela moved. The men may have been suspicious of the two girls, but not nearly suspicious enough. They stared in confusion as Karla took off at a run. And because their attention was on the moving girl, they missed Triela's pistol coming out of her shoulder holster.

In fact, the first hint of danger was the shockingly-loud double crack of two shots aimed at the nearest armed man's head. He crumpled without ever realizing he was dead. The one next to him had just enough time to be surprised before he went down too.

Two more of the men were down before Triela moved from where she was standing, sprinting after Karla. "Cover me," she called as she reached for one of her spare magazines.

One third of her ammo spent, and over half of the men were still standing. )

[I'm pretty sure you've all caught on by now, buuuuut...NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Continued from here. Preplayed by the splendorous and awe-inspiring [ profile] sorella_veccia. Part 6 of eleventy billion and twelve. Warning for violence.]
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Okay, she didn't exactly fall into a hole. Rather, she tripped over some knotty second-growth and went tumbling down. Except the down happened to be connected a lot of soil and detritus that had gotten stacked around a cave mouth. Pulling out most of the supporting web of growth ended up loosening up the soil and revealing the cave. Which Karla promptly fell into. Owww.... )

[Continued from here NFI, NFB, OOC = A-OKAY. Preplayed with the dazzling [ profile] sorella_veccia. Part 4 billion?]
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[Continued from here]

"Thorns don't have to break the skin to hurt a Hell of a lot," Karla said darkly. "Though I suppose we could always walk on the air for a bit."

It would be good practice! )

[NFB, NFI, preplayed with the delightful [ profile] sorella_veccia. Part 2 of...and indeterminate number.]
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Karla's dreams that night had been fleeting and quiet; while the flotsam and jetsam from events of the past few days had trickled into her unconscious and filtered into her dreams, her mind knew the difference between those and true dreams, tangled dreams.

Except, something happened right before dawn to change all that. If you dream them... )

[Mostly establishy, but open later in the morning if anyone wants to stop by.]
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This was not going to be the worst day of Karla's life. That honor went to the day her Uncle Hobart had interrupted lessons to tell her that she was an orphan; that her parents and Morton's had died in a horrible accident. Conveniently enough, this tragedy left Hobart in charge of Glacia, since it had lost both its Territory Queen and its strongest Black Widow. It also left Hobart in charge of her, once the paper's naming him her legal guardian were 'found' in her father's study.

Yeah, as far as craptastic days went, that was number one. No contest.

It probably wouldn't make the second-worst day, either. The day that had ended with Morton shoving her into a Coach on her way to Fandom was easily number two. Nerve-wracking horror and existential angst just really couldn't compare to an attack meant to leave her worse off than dead.

Worst Day Number Three, however, that spot was up for grabs. Not that she didn't already have something she could consider the third-worst day of her life, but it was definitely open to competition.

Like many of the other girls this morning, Karla also didn't notice anything different at first. It wasn't until she had propped herself up on her elbows and glanced down at the bump in her blankets that did not belong there that she started to have an idea what had happened in the night. Still, it wasn't until she held up the blankets, yanked her nightdress to the side, and got a very intimate view of parts that definitely were not her own, that the germ of an idea blossomed into complete and utter certainty.

Even then, she clung to denial for as long as she could: This isn't happening. This is a dream; it must be. Mother Night, this isn't real!

Reality check in five...four...three...two...


Huh. Even her wailing was more masculine today.

[Expecting one, but open for friends, roommate, random people drawn by the sound of Karla's brain shattering into itty, bitty pieces. If you do come poke at Karla, please be aware she will NOT be handling this well (though slightly better after Layla's visit). Please know that her horrible mood is not mine. Random bouts of SP warning]
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The first time the pain hit, she was on her way back to the cabin after having tea with Irulan. She was just on the edge of the campsite when it hit her, like a nasty punch in her lower gut. It was so abrupt and unexpected that she actually doubled over, grasping onto a tree to keep her balance. What the Hell?

She made it back to the cabin, almost staggering into her alcove. Laying down on the bed, she tried to figure out what it was that was affecting her so. Had she eaten something bad? She didn't remember tasting anything off, though she hadn't been quite as diligent about probing foods as she probably should. It wasn't until she rolled over and caught sight of the calendar that she realized what was going on.

Of course. She groaned aloud, half because she was still hurting, half because she was an idiot. I drank the suppression brew last month. This is going to be a nightmare. Fortunately, she still had plenty of soothing brews left. She called in her tea supplies and heated up some water with a small tongue of witchfire. And her cellphone, of course, to make a few quick calls. At least she could still do Craft okay, it was only the physical pain that started early. Counting off the days on her finger, she drew aside her curtain to try to catch her fellow cabinmates.

She was hoping to get their permission to throw a slumber party in the cabin.

[Open, though mostly for cabinmates or folks who got phone calls. SP warning in effect.]


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