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On January 25, 2015 (well, the Kaeleeran equivalent thereof), Karla and Warren welcomed their daughter, Kayla Kathryn Worthington, to the world. She was born weighing 6lbs and 9 oz and was 20.01 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing just fine and will be up for receiving visitors sometime next week.

Attached to the email were roughly thirty pictures, because you needed a bunch of pictures of a baby sleeping and/or being held by various people, right?
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There were suitcases open on the spare bed in her room, Karla listlessly tossing stuff into them. She wasn't entirely certain what she was doing for the holidays--likely returning home to Kaeleer, but that wasn't set in stone--so deciding what to pack was a bit on the difficult side.

It didn't help that she was spending most of her time going through old pictures from freshman year on. Nostalgia was hitting her hard. So many old friends that had left, so many more that she'd simply lost touch with. Some she'd never hear from again...Triela, Ben, Ender.

Okay, this was a depressing train of thought. Rather than dwell any further on that, Karla pulled out her phone and started dialing people. Rather than being mopey and stupid thinking about her friends, she was going to be mopey and stupid while calling them. That was a much better idea!

[Open! For phone calls and random droppers-by!]


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