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Winsol had been going on now for several days. The family had just decamped from SaDiablo Hall in Dhemlan back home to Glacia to continue the festivities in their own home. There would be several more days of formal events, but this evening was just for family and close friends (specifically friends close enough to be family). The children were tumbling around like puppies, a mix of Earth and Kaeleeran carols were playing from floating music spheres scattered throughout the suite, fires crackled in the large hearths, and food and punch and hot spiced rum were piled high on the sideboards throughout. "Happy Winsol!" Karla said, holding up her cup in a toast.

"Happy Winsol!" the room chorused back to her.

[Open to residents of Glacia, dear friends, and anyone who thinks they'd have gotten an invite]
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It was a beautiful day in early fall, the kind of day where warm sunshine poured over the land like honey, saved from being overly warm by a refreshing breeze. The leaves had started to turn colors on the edges and the air smelled green as the crops in the fields readied themselves for harvest. Glacian winters were long and bitterly cold, the summers short and generally humid, and the springs chilly and damp, but their autumns were damn near perfect.

Karla and Warren had recently had a birthday, at least according to the island's calendar, which was a good enough reason to celebrate. Nommy, who had been kind of colicky and sickly when he'd been born seemed to be growing out of both traits and now, at two months, was old enough to start meeting the family his parents had met and made at Fandom. And over in Ebon Rih, Lucivar's wife, Marian, had just given birth to a healthy son, Daemonar, leaving Lucivar both pole-axed and proud. Three reasons made for a party, right?

Sending out quick, handwavy invites over phone calls and social media, Karla and Ermengarde set up a casual tea in one of the gardens in the back of the Estate, giving the children plenty of room to run around and explore while the adults had space to relax and enjoy the good weather and better company.

[Open! Blow the dust off your alumni and have them come visit! If you think you got an invite, you certainly did. Many thanks to [ profile] future_sandworm who made sure this happened! SP forever.]
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It had been a fun night, with parties and drinking, but a little thing like an evening full of alcohol couldn't stop her from bounding out of bed.

Today was the first day of Windsol--well, for her anyway. Never mind that Kaeleer had celebrated it weeks ago.

It had been very difficult for her not to open the chest that had arrived with her honey-pear tree. But if she'd gone tearing into it then, she wouldn't have had anything to open on the thirteen nights of Windsol. So she'd been very, very good.

Mostly by dint of vanishing the chest and refusing to call it back in until this very morning.

Karla knelt in front of the open chest and took out a gift. Beneath the wrapping paper was a long mahogany box, with the Bernard's sigil carved into the lid. Bernard was the preeminent jeweler in Amdarh. He'd designed and crafted her wings, as well as Emma's earrings, Dinah's bracelet, and Triela's cufflinks. She was curious what someone could have gotten for her there.

Inside the box was a note, scripted in an elegant hand:

Dearest Karla,

Though you're still some time away from setting up your own Court, I assume you're already giving it a great deal of thought. To that end, I commissioned Bernard to create several possible designs for your future Rings of Honor. You don't have to chose any of them, of course, but I thought it might get you thinking about what, exactly, you would like for your rings.

Happy Windsol,

Uncle Saetan.

Under the note were five different rings, all made from white gold. All five were handsome, if rather austere in their design. And all five were much, much too large to fit on a male's finger.

[Post open!!! So, so open! Bwahahahaha]
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Karla...really needed to stop having emotional conversations the day of a performance. And also really needed a nap. But she and Dinah had agreed that it was time to actually tell Leto what happened in the other world. Assuming he even wanted to know. Karla was self-aware enough to admit that part of her wanted to confess to Leto not because she thought he would want to know, but because she needed to get it off her chest.

Talking to Ender for any length of time might be good for the soul, but was pretty lousy for the self-esteem. There was a reason most people didn't want to know themselves completely. It got ugly in there. "Dear Leto," she said aloud, speaking in a falsely sweet tone, "Let me tell you this horrible thing, so I can feel better. But, really, it's for your own good."

"Mother Night," she groaned, throwing herself on the bed and covering her eyes with her arm. "I'm a mess."

Still, she hoped that this meeting would be a little less intense than the past few days had been. Which was really a laugh, when you were hoping that confessing to someone you'd killed another, evil version of themselves would be the least emotional part of your week.

[For two, please!]
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Karla was back in her room, reading the manual she'd picked up at Turtle's, along with her new laptop. She was in a great mood: she was Lady MacFinlay in the play, she'd had fun at rehearsal, and she'd gotten a new computer and cellphone without making too much of a fool of herself. On top of all that, she was able to do Craft again.

Life was good.

Knock knock

Karla got off the bed, wondering who was at the door. Dinah? Leda? Emma? Someone else whose name ended in -a?

The answer turned out to be 'none of the above.' It was a young male in some kind of odd blue outfit. "Karla?" he asked, nudging a parcel with his foot. It was easily as high as his knee. "Do you know anyone in De-hemlan?"

"Dhemlan," she corrected automatically, trying to get a better look at the package. "Dhemlan Kaeleer. Yes, I am Karla. I know the High Lord, he's also the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan."

"This must be for you then," he said, handing over a clipboard. "Please sign."

Karla signed muttered her thanks and floated the parcel to her bed to examine it. First and foremost, she probed it with Craft, looking for anything dangerous or even out of the ordinary. She couldn't sense anything, but she was still wary. Pulling off the brown paper, she found her parcel consisted of a large wooden chest, one nearly as long as she was tall. There was a Sapphire-strength shield in place around the entire thing. Interesting. That told her that the box was definitely meant for her, and that it was sent by someone strong enough to wear the Sapphire. Add those things to the fact that it came from someone in Dhemlan and that could mean only one thing.

This was a package sent by the High Lord of Hell.

Karla could be forgiven the little frisson of fear that went down her spine. The High Lord was the strongest male to ever walk the Realms save for the son she hadn't met yet; he was one of the few members of the Blood to ever wear the Black; he'd been alive for at least fifty-thousand years, if one counted being a Guardian as 'alive;' and their last exchange of correspondence included the phrase "blood-sucking corpse." Three guesses as to which one had written that.

Still, she reminded herself, he was also her best friend's guardian and he had helped Morton spirit her away to Fandom. Surely that meant that he had no reason to wish her harm. Ignoring the little voice that was trying to remind her of all of the times that members of her own family had threatened to strangle, throttle, or wallop her, she reached for the letter that was attached to the lid of the trunk. )

Karla was laughing when she finished the letter. She folded it, set it aside, and turned to contemplate the trunk. It was richly carved, with polished brass fittings. It didn't look like anything Morton would have, even though it accompanied the letter. Raising her shield, she opened the lid.

The trunk was full of things: books, fabric, even a small compartment filled with more gold coins. Resting on top of everything was another envelope, this one with KARLA written on the front in elegant copperplate script. The handwriting was unfamiliar, but Karla could guess who had sent the trunk and written this letter )

Karla folded the letter with a laugh. Guess time hadn't withered his sense of humor. And then she dove into the trunk to see what goodies he'd sent along. Honey-pears maybe?

Door and post open!


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