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Times had lined up well enough that Karla's portal had arrived late in the night for both Fandom and Kaeleer. She'd barely stayed awake long enough to follow a footman up to her suite before flinging herself onto the bed and falling asleep.

The next morning, however, she blearily realized that her suite was decorated for Winsol, even though it wasn't the holiday season. She'd tiredly noted the same thing on her way upstairs, but it hadn't registered then. It took her a few moments to understand that the family and staff had decorated the Hall again for Christmas.

For Warren.

There was a lump in her throat as she sent out a mass text to all of her friends. Merry Christmas!

[NFB for distance, but open for holiday greetings, phone calls, etc! SP warning in effect like whoa, because, y'know, Christmas.]
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Even in Kaeleer, Karla made sure to keep a Fandom-based calendar handy, so she could keep track of things like friends' birthdays and things like that. A few days ago, she'd noted another anniversary was coming up, but not one as fun or exciting as a birthday.

Thursday, May 10th, was the day that Triela had died, last year. Funny how it felt like both more and less than that long. Funny how much it still hurt, an ache in her heart she doubted would ever go away.

After seeing that, Karla had made a few handwavy calls to people, friends of hers and Triela's that she thought might want to join her sojourn back to Italy. Unsurprisingly, several people had already made separate plans to do just that, but didn't mind combining those plans with hers. Karla couldn't speak for everyone, of course, but she was sure that very few people wanted to go back and remember their friend alone.

For once, Portalocity was willing to work with her, and she was able to set up several portals to meet in Rome for Thursday afternoon and a return set for late Thursday evening. Hopefully that would give everyone time whatever they needed to do today.

[For any friends of Triela's who want to meet up. If you think you'd've gotten a phone call, you absolutely did. Give a sec for OCD. NFB, NFI]
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It was Valentine's Day and so Karla was celebrating the best way she knew how--a giant box of expensive chocolates and a brand-new trashy romance novel. There might be other, more traditional celebrations later in the evening, but Karla's first introduction to the holiday was through chocolate and she wasn't about to give up such an amazing custom.

Mmm. Chocolate. And a bodice-ripper. Karla was a witch of simple tastes.

[Primarily for one, but open! With a looooot of SP warnings.]
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Karla did not want to be awake right now. She wanted to be asleep, huddled under her covers (under a blanket with the skyline of New Gotham, one of the only remnants of the city left, no Dinah Dinah, no, I miss you) and cuddling her stuffed Arcerian cat, so old and worn and battered it was hard to tell what kind of beastie it had been, once upon a time. When she was asleep, she could ignore everything, especially this persistent ache in her chest, the one that sometimes throbbed Glacia but just as often throbbed Warren. And when she was asleep, she could dream or hope or maybe just pretend that everything was a dream. That this past day...week...month...whatever, had been a nightmare that she could wake up from and forget, cradled in Warren's arms, with Dinah and Momoko and everyone else just a phone call away. She'd even gladly have Hobart back if the rest of it was just a dream.

So far, no matter how many times she'd woken up, it hadn't been. That hadn't stopped her from falling back asleep to try again.

This time, when she woke up again in the late afternoon, she realized that she actually had something to do. Jaime'd called last night with some important information and she needed to pass it on before it was too late. Before she failed yet more people.

Hi all,

Talked to Jaime Reyes. His whole world appears to be fine, untouched by whatever this is. He's offering to take in anyone who can get a portal to his world before Portalocity shuts them down. For more details, you can email or reach him at 555-BLUE for further information. I encourage anyone who wants out to please consider this option. There are no guarantees that his world will stay untouched, just like there are no guarantees that Fandom will, but Jaime is a good male and will offer you as much protection as he can until this is all over.
She couldn't say, 'until we beat this.' Not right now. And his mom cooks really, really well.

Best of luck to anyone who takes him up on his invitation,
Fandom Class 2013

[Offer made with [ profile] weldedtomyspine's permission, both OOC and IC. If your character wants to bail but needs a place to go, feel free to hit him up and talk! Open for return emails and/or visits to a woebegone witch]
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Just a few months ago, Karla would have fired off a text to a bunch of people, saying something useful like Hobart's killing all the B Widows. Going to stop him. Hugs & kisses, K and run off into the wilds of Glacia with no plan but a burning desire to stop the bastard in his tracks. But that was a few months ago--she'd learned a few lessons since then.

And one of those lessons was 'you do not simply text you friends when running into danger.'

So rather than making Ender and Emma sigh defaulting back to old habits, Karla had returned to the island, placing a number of handwavey calls to people letting them know she was back and needed to talk to them before she left the island again. See? That was like a step in the responsible direction.

Besides, she had to pack up most of her clothes. She wasn't sure how long she'd be gone for, but she she doubted it would be measured in days--probably closer to weeks or even months.

What a sobering thought.

[Door and post open! Also, if you thought you got a call, you did! Note to squirrels: Karla and Tony's conversation about Peter is all NFB, please!]
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Okay, so her plan to visit with Ben to try and relieve the unrelenting despair that had been all of her visits with her friends lately (ie Katniss and Triela) had failed, so Karla was calling it an early evening, hanging out in her room, painting her nails and reading trashy romance novels with a bottle of wine and some chocolates. There, all the hallmarks of a good evening.

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

[For one and SP]
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[Immediately follows this.]

Karla took a few seconds to compose herself, wiping her tears away with impatient hands. "There really does need to be a bloody phone-tree for this," she muttered, indulging in a bit of pointless sarcasm to bring her emotions back under control. She slipped the rings Raven left behind onto her finger. She wasn't sure why then had remained when Raven vanished, but they had to be important, right?

Not to mention, she just felt better wearing them. They were a connection, like a promise they'd get her back.

She made a mental list of people she had to call--and then did so, speaking directly into their minds. If they had shields, she banged on them with the equivalent of telepathic fists. If they didn't, she just swanned in and began talking.

*Wake up!* she demanded. *Raven's gone, Trigon's involved, and you lucky people get to come help me get her back.* She thought for a minute and added, *Meet me in the lobby of the dorm in twenty minutes.* Raven's room was handy, but she was calling in faculty and thought it might be weird having them here. Especially considering which faculty she was calling. *Let's go, people! I wasn't kidding about Trigon, dammit!*

Enjoy your wake-up call, darlings. )

[Preplayed with [ profile] blondecanary, [ profile] brat_intraining, [ profile] furious_maximus, [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] icecoldfrost, [ profile] justwantsquiet, [ profile] life_inshadow, [ profile] longislandiceme, [ profile] not_a_parakeet, and [ profile] sith_happened. NFI and NFB as it's after radio, but OOC, as always, is welcome.]
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In a shocking turn of events that probably surprised absolutely no one, Karla was still in a fantastic mood. Honestly--and no disrespect meant to her boyfriend--most of her good mood stemmed from feeling free for the first time in a years. It was like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders; the danger that had doggedly haunted her since she'd returned to the estate from the coven was no longer a threat.

And, okay, the rest of her good feelings came directly from the discovery that, yes, sex was as astral as everyone had said. She wondered if she should sent Alex Karev a note saying, "Fine, fine, you were right."

Since she was in such a good mood, she figured she should probably tackle cleaning her dorm, since she hadn't bothered to clean it much over the holidays and it was getting a little cluttered. She'd even do it by hand, since it was sorta homework for Home Ec. And hopefully this would give her something to do until the smugness wore off.

[Open door, open post! Friends, phone calls, and random passersby welcome, though I may be slow as I am also working on The Thesis.]
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The bright red, neon light of Fangtasia was a bizarre sight in the parking lot of the otherwise drab strip mall. At the door, as usual, was a tall, elegant vampire in black, looking bored.

we’re off to see the wizard! or eric. one of those. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is better than TruBlood! Pam is courtesy of [ profile] trickydemigod, natch, and Eric once again comes to us courtesy of [ profile] momslilassassin! Follows after here, here, and here.]
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Lucivar felt his shield quiver. It was about to go down again. Cassidy and Morton might be able to put up another one after his came down, but what was the point? They both still wore their Birthright Jewels and those were light Jewels at that. Under the constant onslaught of the Jhinka, they'd have another two, maybe two and a half hours before their Jewels were drained, too.

Even if Aaron and the others showed up now, it was doubtful they'd be able to do much to turn the tide of the battle. Six thousand Jhinka, even lacking Craft as they did, were just too damn many.

No, better to save their strength. Maybe between the combined strength of all of Karla's friends, they'd be able to escape.

He spared a thought for the young male, Ender, who'd had a plan that might hopefully get them out of all this. Idly, he wondered if it would have worked, indeed, if it could work still. If he would have a chance of pulling it off before Lucivar's Craft failed, if he could somehow pull it off at all.

Maybe. Still, it was a slim thread to rest all their hopes on. Lucivar couldn't rely on 'maybes,' not when his Queen's life was at stake.

"Morton," he called. 'Ask Jaenelle and Karla to join me here.' )

[And we are done--though just for the night! NFI, NFB, OOC is golden. Warning in place for death of an NPC and ultraviolence. Text taken, spindled, mutilated, and folded into origami cranes from Anne Bishop's Heir to the Blood, Chapter Thirteen. Preplayed with rockstars, yo. Plot post masterlist found here.

Also, that long ping about Jaenelle being even prettier now? Straight from the text. Oh, Anne Bishop. Why you so crazy?]
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[Continued from here]

After Lucivar finished recounting the numbers arrayed against them, he pushed himself to his feet, calling in his war blade and his bladed Eyrien sticks. "I'll be outside," he growled. "Too much fear in here."

It grated against his nerves, scraped against his precarious self-control. The fact that he had wings like their attackers only made things worse--much of the landen fear in the building was directed at him.

"I've been letting a few in at a time," he continued, "opening holes in the shield to let them through. Killing ten or twenty in the face of thousands doesn't do much, but--" He shrugged. What else was there to do? )

[Same alphabet soup goes here. Warning for violence. Again, still mostly 'inspired by' events in Chapter 13 of Heir to the Shadows. Part two of two; for master post list, please go here.]
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The situation, as haltingly described by both Karla and Lucivar, was dire. Even with Karla and Jaenelle restricting their Craft to the most life-threatening of injuries, there were still a double-handful or more upstairs who were in immediate danger, in addition to the hundreds below who were still grievously wounded. Six thousand Jhinka were outside, willing to fling themselves at the shield and certain death, simply to wear away at it and bring it crashing down.

Lucivar was wearing his Birthright Red Jewels, the Ebon-gray drained almost to the point of shattering, and the reservoir in the Red was precipitously low, too. Karla's Sapphire no longer glowed with its usual inner light; she barely had enough Craft left to light a candle.

Food had run out the day before. The well had dried up that morning. Anything edible that the three of them had carried with them was long since devoured.

And still the psychic witch storm howled on outside, cutting them off from communicating with anyone.

More help would arrive in hours, but honestly? They didn't have that long. )
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[Continued directly from here]

Before Mari's hand even had a chance to fall back down to her side, Karla appeared in the back door of the room. Stairs could be seen heading up behind her.

"I felt the shield go," she said, her voice hoarse and raw-sounding. "I thought--"

It took her a moment to notice the others, swaying on her feet with exhaustion as she was. Which, of course, gave them plenty of time to notice her. Bones pressed against pallid, sweat-soaked, blood-streaked skin. More blood matted her hair which stood up in little spikes where she'd absently run her hands through it, and yet still more surrounded her mouth, where dry lips had cracked and bled. The skin under her eyes was dull and tight, covered in shadows so dark they looked like bruises. She was wearing a male's shirt, haphazardly buttoned, the sleeves rolled up to show arms thin to the point of emaciation.

To anyone who had been in the other-Fandom, it was a scarily familiar sight.

She stared at her friends for a long moment, while her mind tried to process the fact that they were there, truly there. Her head tilted, as if in question and her right arm came up to point. And then, with nothing like the grace or elegance one read about in novels, her eyes rolled up and she headed for the floor. Drama Queen )

[NFI, NFB, I bet you know where I'm going with this...This section warning free. Text adapted from Chapt. Thirteen of Heir to the Shadows. Uhh, very loosely adapted. List of previous entries can be found here. Yeah, I got nothing more to add.]
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*There.* Prince Smoke eased out of the underbrush to greet Morton as soon as he stepped out of the Coach *That is the set of huts that the Lady and the others went to.* He whined a little in his throat. *There is a a bad-meat feeling there. But it comes and goes, like scent on a changing wind.*

After hearing from Beale that Prince Smoke had accompanied Lucivar and Jaenelle to Askavi, Morton had contacted the kindred wolf as soon as he'd landed the Coach in Askavi and his attempt to contact either Lucivar or Jaenelle had been fruitless. His relief at finding out that his wayward cousin had been following Jaenelle turned to concern when Smoke told him that the three humans had gone into a village and hadn't returned. It was the same village that Lady Tara's spell had pointed to; that much was certain. But knowing where Karla was didn't explain why they were there. Or why they couldn't come out.

That concern turned to decided unease as he stepped forward to examine the cozy-looking little village, a mile or so in the distance. A landen village, he thought, since he wasn't getting a hint of any Blood psychic scents in there. Which was damned odd, considering Smoke had tracked Karla and the others to this village and was certain they hadn't left. And now that Smoke mentioned it, Morton did notice a faint hint of corruption, like something flickering out of the corner of his eye. No sooner had he noticed it, it was gone again.

"Smoke, head back to Dhemlan and alert the High Lord," Morton said, still studying the sleepy village of Agio. Had he just felt the Ebon-Gray...? No, nothing. "Tell him to contact Khary and Aaron, too, and pass on everything you just told me. I don't like whatever's down there, and Karla, Jaenelle, and Lucivar are right in the middle of it."

With a quick Rrruff! and a small lick at Morton's hand, Smoke trotted back towards the Coach and vanished onto the White Wind. Even hopping onto the Purple Dusk back to Dhemlan and then having Aaron and the others ride the Green Wind from Glacia to Askavi, they were still looking at more than a handful of hours before help would arrive.

No use waiting, then. "Let's go," he said, turning to face the others. "Let's see what kind of trouble my cousin's landed herself in now."

From his tone, Morton was assuming it was trouble of the most dangerous kind. )

[Warnings in place for explicit violence and potentially disturbing imagery. NFI, NFB, OOC=love. Text adapted from Chapter Thirteen of Heir to the Shadows. Ish. Part one of several; the full list of previous entries can be found here.]
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It was a little tense in the Hall today. Even through the dark power that saturated the very stones of the building, those sensitive to such things could feel that emotions were running very high. On top of Karla having gone missing, no one had heard from either Jaenelle, Lucivar, or Smoke, and an emissary sent from the Dark Council was scheduled to arrive the any minute now to 'look into the distressing violence Lady Angelline had shown herself capable of.'

The door to the study was locked, bolted, and Black-shielded. Even so, it radiated danger and a hot, riotous fury.

Upon arriving, the students from Fandom were led into a wide, receiving chamber. Food was set out on the sideboard--things would have to be a lot more cataclysmic that this for the servants of the Hall to forget their duties--and four males were already waiting within.

Not everyone appeared to be delighted to see them. )

[As you can all guess, NFI, NFB, what we'd love OOC commentary. So begins the saga of posts spread across multiple entries because of stupid LJ post size limits. The second half of this carries a warning for dark themes and potential trigger issues, as Saetan again explains safframate. Continued from here. Part...oh god, I've lost track. Part a billion, okay? (I, II, III, IV, V, and VI)]
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The scene in the clinic room hadn't changed since Sookie had left. 'Emma' was still unconscious on the cot, looking for all the world as if she were just asleep.

Sookie, with Emma and Karla returned to the clinic with her arms crossed around her stomach. )

[OOC: So ends our madcap adventures, stolen from pages of Uncanny X-Men #311-314 and twisted by the devious mind of [ profile] longislandiceme. NFI, psychic plane stuff NFB, and we hearts; OOC. Preplayed with the amazing [ profile] longislandiceme, [ profile] justwantsquiet, and [ profile] icecoldfrost, with extra thanks to [ profile] not_a_parakeet, [ profile] noearsyet, and [ profile] weetinyreese. Read along with Part One // Two // Three // Four.]

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By the time Karla got to her cabin, she was on her very last shred on energy. It was entirely likely she wouldn't have made it all the way to her cabin if Kennedy hadn't taken one look at her staggering out of the portal and high-handedly decided to half-carry Karla the whole way there. Of course, Karla had tried to lecture Kennedy about the importance of eating and resting to replenish the energy she'd lost during Nynaeve's Healing, while Kennedy just rolled her eyes and told Karla to save her breath for walking, as Kennedy wasn't the one two inches away from passing out. Karla had then taken it upon herself to walk unaided, just to prove she could, which had, in turn, led to her almost faceplanting in the dirt, Kennedy intervening just in time.

Needless to say, it was a very long and snarky walk back to the cabins.

Fortunately, Emma was reading in the cabin when the sorry-looking pair lurched through the door. Kennedy was more than happy to let someone else deal with Karla and left the cabin in a hurry, leaving Karla to protest, "'M fine! I jus' need a minnit t'sit down. 'N mebbe a san'wich."

[[ profile] brat_intraining and [ profile] icecoldfrost modded with permission. For [ profile] icecoldfrost first and then open!]


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