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Karla sat in front of her loom, a tangled web taking shape in front of her, her eyes distant and unfocused, looking at the in between in the threads, where Craft danced and prophecy lay. An image danced in front of her, fuzzy and indistinct, but growing clearer with every thread she added. The Ebon-gray at her throat glowed with a soft inner light, illuminating her face and hands as she worked. But she didn't see it, didn't see anything other than the vision unfolding in front of her.

A cradle, festooned in streamers of blue and silver, sat in the nursery. Out the glass balcony doors, the sun rose and set, rain fell, snow flurried, leaves changed. Seasons came and went, months ticking by. As time passed, the cradle was filled with toys and blankets, some worn and well-loved, remnants of Kayla's infancy, others still new, colors bright and patterns unfaded. On the wall above the cradle, a moon waxed, never waning, growing rounder and rounder with the passage of time. And when it was full, the light coming in from the balcony was warm and gold, and flowers grew along the edge of the doors. Baby pink roses, dark blue irises, purple trailing wisteria, and thick-headed peonies nodded at Karla through the glass. Later spring then, or early summer.

For a few glorious moments, everything was lovely. And then dark clouds rolled over the sky, darkening the room. Time continued to pass now, but the cradle remained empty. Dust gathered over the crib, the toys, and the entire nursery. Neglect and disuse hung over the room, like the streamers that hung limp and tarnished now, untouched. Outside the doors, the flowers withered, turned brown, and died where they were.

Karla came back to herself slowly, spiraling up from the depths of her vision. She needed to talk to Warren. If she was reading her vision right--and she was, she knew she was, she was a fully-trained Black Widow--if Kayla didn't have a younger sibling by the summer, she never would.


[Open for phone calls and visits.]
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"One more time," Karla said, massaging her temples and counting backwards from ten. "The rule is...?"

Morton and Julian glared at one another before sullenly reciting, "We don't get to fight over the baby."

"Especially...?" Karla couldn't believe that she had to go over this with them. Again.

"When we're holding the baby."

"What happens when we do?"

"We lose baby-holding privileges for the rest of the day," they intoned. With another dirty look at Julian, Morton stepped forward and handed Kayla to her mother. "He started it," he muttered, loud enough to be overheard.

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did n--"

"I swear by the Darkness, I will make it a whole week if the two of you don't stop bickering immediately!" Karla snapped, which caused Kayla to immediately begin fussing. Karla gave them both Look what you did! glares. "Shh, shh, shh, it's all right, baby girl," she soothed, jerking her chin towards the door so the idiot males she was stuck with knew to let themselves out. "Don't cry, little one, it's okay. Mommy's gotten rid of the morons." Karla sat on the rocking chair that Dinah had given them and gently rocked until Kayla settled down and fell back asleep. "Here's hoping the rest of your aunts and uncles know better," she said, since emails, texts, and other various kinds of notifications had gone out, apprising all and sundry that the estate was now open for visitors who wanted to meet Kayla. "Or that they all visit one at a time so no fights break out. Because this is apparently my life now. Refereeing squabbles over who gets to hold the baby." She pressed a kiss to Kayla's forehead. "Wanna see if Mommy and Daddy's high school friends are better at sharing than their Court?"

[Open for folks what want to come and visit!]
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Another day, another stupid Court function that Karla had to deal with. She wasn't even sure what this one was for; Lord Mallory was under strict instructions not to tell her unless it was for something important. Otherwise, he had to deal with her scandalized, "We're having a function for this?!?!" and no one--least of all Lord Mallory--wanted to deal with that.

Tonight, however, Karla found she minded Court shenanigans far less than usual. She was wearing a rather severe black gown, very different from her usual attire, but perfect for showing off her latest accessory. Jono might not appreciate being worn around her neck like a boa, but she hadn't appreciated spending all day with a headache and an upset stomach the day he'd turned into a snake and bitten her.

As a precaution, she'd milked his fangs that afternoon before getting ready. She couldn't guarantee he wasn't going to bite anyone (and didn't actually want to), but she wasn't going to let him accidentally kill someone either. Because that would be a right pain in the ass to deal with.

Her Fandom friends all got a picture text that said Me and a snakey selfie. Lookit his grumpy little face! Can you guess who? before she headed down to mingle. Because destroying Jono's dignity one snapchat at a time was pretty much her life's work.

[For Glacia residents and anyone who got a snapchat]
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Warren had gone to graduation, but Karla hadn't been able to get away to go, too. That had been disappointing, but it had meant she'd been able to make sure that there was literally nothing about to go wrong or that would need her attention for the next week or so.


Because Ben and Ender were visiting, eeeeeee!

While she couldn't ignore her responsibilities entirely (more's the pity), she had informed her entire First Circle that she would be largely unavailable for the duration of the visit and was to be bothered only in the direst of emergencies. And if there was a dire emergency, they needed to inform her on psychic threads and never in front of her visitors.

If anything happened, Ben and Ender weren't going to know about it, dammit. And most certainly wouldn't be involved in fixing it. But nothing was going to happen. She was Quite Serious about everything going smoothly. Were you listening, Kaeleer? Nothing bad was allowed to happen.

[NFB, open to residents and the expected guests!]
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Karla was somewhat surprised when she and her entourage were allowed to walk to the audience chamber without being stopped. She had half-expected to have to fight the entire way and had cautioned everyone as much, but apparently Hobart wasn't all that keen on having his home damaged by violence and bloodshed. Considering all of the furnishings and decorations that had appeared since she'd left for school, she was trying to guess how much of Glacia's treasury had gone to refurbishing her ancestral home. With all the gold leaf, it was likely a tidy percentage, indeed.

If she discovered that any of the money he'd plundered from her accounts after he'd had her declared dead had gone to the hideous frolicking shepherdess statuary now 'gracing' the low tables of the hallway, she was going to pitch a fit. Irreverent thoughts, yes, but if she focused on all the things that could go wrong once they entered the audience chamber, she was like to go mad.

The changes continued into the audience chamber itself. If one didn't know better, they'd be forgiven for assuming that Glacia's colors were gold and more gold, not silver and blue. And if Karla didn't know better, she'd almost think all the gold was a subtle kind of weapon, blinding Hobart's enemies with the glare off the gold leaf. But Hobart had never been smart, just tacky.

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[Oh god, who let me start typing? This is ridiculously long. NFB, NFI, OOC is love but I won't blame anyone for going tl;dr and skipping.]
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They rode into Sidra proper around noon, Karla's silver and blue banner flying. The night before, they had debated heading in early, just before the sun rose, but Karla had refused. She was not going to skulk into her city like a thief. No, she was going to march in there, head high and shoulders back, and demand what was hers by right.

The last thing she could afford right now is the appearance of weakness. Let them judge her on her brazenness if they must, but they would never see her cower.

Of course, the time they had spent waiting and preparing had given the city a chance to prepare for their arrival, too. And they were hell-bent on showing Karla that she was not wanted.

Their parade was met with jeers and taunts, Blood lining up on either side of the street to heckle and toss garbage their way. Shields protected their entourage, but it was a sober reminder that they were in the heart of Hobart's own territory. Some people called her an impostor and tried to spit. Others hissed at the Hourglass she wore openly. Others just called her a liar, a bitch, a whore. Karla did not respond and only spoke to keep her Court in line. As much as their words and anger hurt, they were not her focus today. She had a meeting at the estate to get to.

Worse than the catcalls and the filth were the posters. Some enterprising people with a the ability to hold a pen and access to a printer had printed up hundreds, perhaps thousands of rude, salacious broadsides. Karla was, as to be expected, featured prominently in most of them, though if the Fandomites cared to look around, they'd see themselves represented, too--just not kindly or accurately.

By the third time they had passed a picture of Karla riding a chicken (no, not in a way that required a saddle or bridle), Julian had had enough. "Remove those," he snapped. "They are an affront to our Queen."

"Really?" Karla said, letting her voice be heard. "Well, I'll grant you the composition is trite and the merit slim, but I don't know if I'd consider myself affronted. More disappointed that with was the best they could offer. I had my hopes set on something a little grander to show their contempt."

[NFB, for those who are here with her.]


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