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The boyos were off being ridiculous somewhere, at least if the texts and messages she was receiving were any indication. Karla was rather glad of that, because it gave her a free evening to finish cleaning and packing her dorm. It was hard to believe that her time here was almost over, but as of Saturday, Karla would no longer be a student at Fandom High School.

After so many years of wanting this and waiting for it, Karla found herself sad it had arrived. This island had been her home for four years; she'd made friends, enemies, lovers, and family here. She'd laughed and she'd cried, bitched and moaned, flinched and hid. This place had driven her crazy, transformed her into other people, taken her to different places, even brought the dead back to life. In the end, though, she'd learned more than she ever would have guessed, and come out ahead far more often than she'd come in behind.

And now she was leaving it all behind, going home to an uncertain future of war and bloodshed. The kind of magical 'it will somehow turn out all right' aura that Fandom had wouldn't hold up anymore. The dead would still be dead, and being right was no guarantee of winning.

Maybe she could hide under her extra winter blankets rather than vanishing them away?

Tomorrow, she would pack up the rest of her bedding, bring the frogs she'd gotten from Drake to Dite's, at least for the summer (a warzone was no place for a tankful of frogs, even psychedelic ones named after Dumas' characters), and move the stuff she'd need for the next week or so to Warren's hotel room. Once she was done packing her room up, she was going to curl up on her bed with Nemit, and spend the rest of the night pouring over old photo albums from the past four years.

End of an era and time to say goodbye.

[Establishy. NFI. I just had to make myself good and sad.]
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Karla looked around, giving one last check to make sure she wasn't leaving anything behind that she might need. Granted, if she was, she could always pop back to the island and grab it, but she wanted to keep those emergency visits to a minimum if she could. She'd be incredibly busy this summer and any time off she got to take, she wanted to be able to keep it for fun things, like trips and visits and not wasting an afternoon searching for her...well, whatever it was she couldn't think of right now.

A summer back in Kaeleer, then back to the island for her last full year here. That seemed crazy to think of, especially since it didn't really seem possible that she was going on her fourth year here. But calendars didn't lie--unless Fandom was being wonky again, anyway--and it was time to start making sure she had some real, practical experience being a Queen, rather than just relying of birth-caste and strength of Jewel to back her claim when she finally did graduate.

Okay. All packed. Now just to find the boyfriend she'd been avoiding for almost a week now, say any last minute goodbyes, and get going.

...Oooor maybe she could go back to making sure she'd packed everything. Of all her other options, that one seemed the least intimidating.

[Meant to post this earlier, but illness and Avengers beckoned! Post & door opened for visits, phone calls, and texts]
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Karla paced back and forth in her room, phone in hand. Graduation was just a day--Hell's fire just hours--away and she had a decision to make. Warren was graduating. That was one of those life-milestones that people looked back on all their life.

One of those milestones that was usually a celebrated by having a lot of friends and family around.

While Warren had plenty of friends who would be happy to watch him cross the stage and get his diploma, he'd severed the ties with his father in January, after the whole mutant cure debacle. And that was the crux of Karla's dilemma. Everything she knew about this world said that Warren, Jr. should be at graduation. But would inviting the father be seen as a betrayal by the son?

Karla didn't know. And wasn't entirely sure what she should do. Would Warren regret his father being present now? Or absent later? How would she feel if their positions were reversed? Okaaay, that wasn't the best example. She'd give anything to have her parents at her graduation. But if someone were to invite Hobart...on the other hand, no matter how mad Warren was at his father, she didn't think he felt the same utter loathing she did for Hobart. After all, in his own misguided way, Warren, Jr. had just been trying to help.

Would that be enough for Warren? Could it be? Should it be? Karla wasn't sure. But at a normal graduation, family would be there for him. And, well, Warren liked normal. More than that, he deserved to have as many people there cheering for him as possible.

Biting her lip, Karla pressed the button. )

[Warren, Jr. played by the lovely [ profile] not_a_parakeet]
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Oh no.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Karla was standing in the middle of her dorm room, surrounded by piles of...of...of stuff. It was probably for the best that Gabrielle was off in Greece again (though if she knew what was happening to her roommate, she'd rethink that), otherwise she might have gotten lost in the heaping jumbles of books, clothing, knick-knacks, and other assorted detritus of every day living. Mini-Morton had gotten tangled under skeins of spider silk and had taken refuge behind her frog tank on her dresser once he'd managed to free himself. It was like a miniature whirlwind had swept through their room and upended almost every belonging they had.

Almost every belonging. That was the key issue. But the one thing she couldn't find, no matter how hard she searched, was Warren's bear. His stuffed bear, Mr. Buddy, who she'd sorta...kinda...bear-napped. In a way. If one wanted to look at it in the kind of light. Which Karla generally didn't (she had liberated him, dammit), but, right now, with him gone, she could see how it was possible that someone--like Warren, say--could see it in that sorta, kinds (albeit wrong) light.

She had just put him down on her bed before leaving for class? Where the Hell could one tiny stuffed bear gotten off to?

[For one and then another, please! And because LJ is the WORST EVER, the links to the thread with Warren.]
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On day three of the Cold That Would Not Die, Karla blearily swam back to consciousness sometime that evening. Ugh. Where had the days gone? Oh right, they'd gotten lost somewhere in a bottle of heavy duty cough syrup. She was tempted to take more and go back to sleep until she felt less like she'd been hit by a rickshaw or three, but she was also starving and badly needed a shower.

She sent Mini-Morton off to try to scavenge her something to eat while she made a quick trip to the bathroom. It was kind of amazing how much better a shower could make you feel after several days of being almost completely comatose. Back in her room, she found Gabrielle's note and tried not to worry over much about her roommate.

Ahahaha, yeah. Right.

Climbing back into bed, she waited for Mini-Morton to come back with something edible (hopefully) tried to keep herself entertained by playing solitaire. That would be a lot easier to do if she wasn't so easily distracted by--wow. Did you know that there were faces in the patterns of the ceiling tiles? Cooool.

[Door and post open. Method RP FTWL]
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It was Valentine's Day and so Karla was celebrating the best way she knew how--a giant box of expensive chocolates and a brand-new trashy romance novel. There might be other, more traditional celebrations later in the evening, but Karla's first introduction to the holiday was through chocolate and she wasn't about to give up such an amazing custom.

Mmm. Chocolate. And a bodice-ripper. Karla was a witch of simple tastes.

[Primarily for one, but open! With a looooot of SP warnings.]
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As part of her resolution to 'spend as much time with graduating friends as possible,' Karla was getting ready for Ender's visit. They'd planned to get together Friday at the picnic to exchange presents--and also to have a Serious Talk, but Karla was focusing on the more enjoyable aspect of the evening instead. His presents were wrapped--like everyone else this Christmas, he was getting the hideous Christmas sweater that was apparently a tradition no one had told her about yet, though his was a little more understated than the one she'd gotten for, say, Momoko.

She'd gotten him a few other odds and ends, too, but obviously the sweater was the best part. It was traditional!

[Specifically for one, but can be open!]
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Karla'd had an excuse why she'd missed the wrapped present on her bed Friday night. She and Warren had been awake for almost twenty-four hours, fought in a battle, had gotten hurled into a bridge, made up, and then she'd performed at the Showcase. Karla counted herself lucky that she'd managed to make it to a bed, never mind her own, before collapsing and sleeping like the dead. She'd managed to drag herself to Dite's suite the next morning for baking and cookies and a Conversation, and had blearily just tossed the blankets over the top of the bed and called it made without paying attention to what else might be getting covered: pillows, pilfered stuffed animals, presents...

The excuse for missing it last night was a little thinner. She'd fallen asleep on top of her covers, reading a book and had been mostly asleep by the time she got cold enough to crawl under her blankets.

But the second thing she'd noticed when she'd finally woken up this afternoon--the first being the adorably fluffy baby penguin who'd managed to sneak into her room and cuddle with her--was a wrapped gift half-hidden under one of her pillows. All the possibilities she'd come up with for what it could be--a gift from her roommate before Gabs had left? A gesture from Warren? Random Fandom whimsy?--had not prepared her for the bloody horror within.

Her little penguin friend vanished out the door in a flurry of tiny, grey feathers as Karla opened her present and began screaming.

[Warnings for a hideous--but non-bloody--horse head statue in the last link]
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Karla did not want to be awake right now. She wanted to be asleep, huddled under her covers (under a blanket with the skyline of New Gotham, one of the only remnants of the city left, no Dinah Dinah, no, I miss you) and cuddling her stuffed Arcerian cat, so old and worn and battered it was hard to tell what kind of beastie it had been, once upon a time. When she was asleep, she could ignore everything, especially this persistent ache in her chest, the one that sometimes throbbed Glacia but just as often throbbed Warren. And when she was asleep, she could dream or hope or maybe just pretend that everything was a dream. That this past day...week...month...whatever, had been a nightmare that she could wake up from and forget, cradled in Warren's arms, with Dinah and Momoko and everyone else just a phone call away. She'd even gladly have Hobart back if the rest of it was just a dream.

So far, no matter how many times she'd woken up, it hadn't been. That hadn't stopped her from falling back asleep to try again.

This time, when she woke up again in the late afternoon, she realized that she actually had something to do. Jaime'd called last night with some important information and she needed to pass it on before it was too late. Before she failed yet more people.

Hi all,

Talked to Jaime Reyes. His whole world appears to be fine, untouched by whatever this is. He's offering to take in anyone who can get a portal to his world before Portalocity shuts them down. For more details, you can email or reach him at 555-BLUE for further information. I encourage anyone who wants out to please consider this option. There are no guarantees that his world will stay untouched, just like there are no guarantees that Fandom will, but Jaime is a good male and will offer you as much protection as he can until this is all over.
She couldn't say, 'until we beat this.' Not right now. And his mom cooks really, really well.

Best of luck to anyone who takes him up on his invitation,
Fandom Class 2013

[Offer made with [ profile] weldedtomyspine's permission, both OOC and IC. If your character wants to bail but needs a place to go, feel free to hit him up and talk! Open for return emails and/or visits to a woebegone witch]
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Karla was planning to head upstairs to Warren's room in a few minutes, she just had a few more herbs to mix for brews. It seemed less and less likely that this--whatever if was--was going to end in a fight, but she figured it would be best to be prepared anyway. The last of her spidersilk was spun into Healing webs, there were potions and tinctures and unguents prepared. Hopefully this meant that when it all went down, Karla would be ready for something.

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Karla was puzzling over the letter she'd gotten from Jaenelle. Okay, puzzling might not be the best word for it. She was downright confused and that confusion hadn't lessened any on this, her fourth time reading it.

...Dujae? Banard? Lady Ash? Mistral? Rainier? Karla, who are these people you asked about and why do you assume I would know them? Is this some kind of silly Fandom thing, like the time you thought you were Prince Skywalker's adopted sister? One of these days, I hope that strangeness strikes while you're here and we all get to see!

Anyway, we missed you at Winsol. Tersa came, as did Lady Sylvia and her boys. She shared Uncle Saetan's cup, much to the raised eyebrows and poorly hidden smirks of all of us...

Her letter continued, filled with pages and pages of gossip and news, but Karla's mind kept whirling. How did Jaenelle not know who Dujae was? She'd been a fan of his work since she was tiny and now he gave them art lessons at the Hall! And Ranier was their dance instructor! Lady Ash was Smoke's mate and Mistral was Kaetian's colt, likely to be the next Warlord Prince of Sceval! And Banard had been making jewelry for the SaDiablos for years.

What in Hell was going on?

[Open for visitors and phone calls and the like]
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Karla had come back from Panem, in a mood. After her conversation with Katniss and the bombs and Prim and...Darkness. She wasn't entirely certain if she had helped anything. Anything at all. And there was still Glacia to go back to.

Some vacation.

So rather do anything productive, Karla had spent all day in her room moping brooding, building herself up into an awful mood. She'd been on her way to a completely awful despondency, when her voicemail beeped.

She listened to it. Once. Twice. Again. Staring in shock. She was listening to it for a fourth time when she got another call. She missed it and the next call that came in while she was listening to Bobby's.

By the end of Tony's, she was on the phone herself to Ben. And laughing so hard she thought she might pull something.

Guess it was her week for it.

[Mostly establishy but open if anyone wants to pop in or call!]
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Just a few months ago, Karla would have fired off a text to a bunch of people, saying something useful like Hobart's killing all the B Widows. Going to stop him. Hugs & kisses, K and run off into the wilds of Glacia with no plan but a burning desire to stop the bastard in his tracks. But that was a few months ago--she'd learned a few lessons since then.

And one of those lessons was 'you do not simply text you friends when running into danger.'

So rather than making Ender and Emma sigh defaulting back to old habits, Karla had returned to the island, placing a number of handwavey calls to people letting them know she was back and needed to talk to them before she left the island again. See? That was like a step in the responsible direction.

Besides, she had to pack up most of her clothes. She wasn't sure how long she'd be gone for, but she she doubted it would be measured in days--probably closer to weeks or even months.

What a sobering thought.

[Door and post open! Also, if you thought you got a call, you did! Note to squirrels: Karla and Tony's conversation about Peter is all NFB, please!]
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Karla was throwing clothes into an overnight bag and trying not to feel guilty. Or relived. Or guilty about feeling relieved. Jack's phone call had given her exactly what she'd wanted: an excuse to get away from the island for a few days, away from the memory of the Games and Katniss's death. Like Triela's death spurring her to Kaeleer for the weekend, Karla just needed a chance to get away.

She hadn't even waited for Jack to finish talking before she was agreeing to catch a fast portal to London.

The fact that she was needed to help catch a murderer who might or might not be a vampire almost made up for the fact that she was abandoning Wesley two days after he lost his girlfriend. Sorta. When she didn't think about it much.

The guilt-relief-guilt spiral wasn't going anywhere fast. Which was another reason she was glad for Jack's call. It gave her something else to think about.

[Open door, open post! Heading to bed now, will pick up pings when I wake up. (Up early to not conflict with plot posts)]
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Okay, so her plan to visit with Ben to try and relieve the unrelenting despair that had been all of her visits with her friends lately (ie Katniss and Triela) had failed, so Karla was calling it an early evening, hanging out in her room, painting her nails and reading trashy romance novels with a bottle of wine and some chocolates. There, all the hallmarks of a good evening.

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

[For one and SP]
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Karla knew better, she really did. After seeing what happened to Professor Cabot in class today, she had no excuse. But she wasn't thinking about that when she got back to her dorm from class. She wasn't thinking about much of anything, other than the stupid headache she'd developed and how a can of soda might get it to back off.

Turns out, however, a headache was the least of her worries. Not only was the island having fun with St. Patrick's Day, another bout of Fandom whimsy was also about to strike.

Before she was even half-done with her soda, Karla was turned into an Arcerian kitten. To make matters worse? She was an Arcerian kitten with bright green fur.

*I hate this island,* she complained to no one in particular.
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Karla woke from a sound sleep with a start, struggling, clawing for breath; pulse racing in her ears. She'd woken in the middle of a dream, of a true dream, one so awful and horrifying that her waking mind couldn't even comprehend what she'd been dreaming of. Something about a baby and a web...a Black Widow dream where her own death had been preferable than discovering the truth.

Limbs trembling and on the verge of tears, Karla huddled under the blankets until dawn. There was no way she could go back to sleep tonight. Not and risk dreaming that again. Whatever that dream had been hinting at was too horrible to contemplate.

[Establishy! New canon made me cry hate-tears on my birthday. Bad form, new canon. Bad form.]
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Karla was going to get up and pack for Hawaii any minute now. Really. If for no other reason than to prove she could. Getting home last night, she'd eaten a truly ridiculous amount of food then gone straight to bed. This morning, she'd gotten up long enough to shower, get dressed, eat another ridiculous meal, and by the time she was done eating, she'd been so tired that it was straight back to bed for an extended nap.

She really needed to stop doing this. Mostly because the recovery period was so boring.

But she was awake again and getting impatient with sleeping so much. It was the last day before the trip and she had stuff to do! Pack, call people to let them know she was back and not to fuss, eat more...There were probably other things to add to that list like 'contact teachers about missed assignments' and stuff, but she was supposed to be taking it easy.

So, yeah. Time to get up. Really. Any minute now.

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After the debacle during breakfast, Karla had shoo'd her other children to go find their parents or someone to play with or an activity that didn't involve breaking things or getting hurt and then dragged Raven and Rook down the second floor to her room to sort things out. Raven's room had been closer, but Karla's was empty and she didn't want Rook panicking anymore than she already was, being this close to her mother.

"Okay," she said quietly, shutting the door and setting out a small bottle of rum to keep the squirrels occupied. "What's going on here? Rook? Darling, you need to explain to us why you're so frightened of your mo--of Raven."

[For those mentioned and while it's okay to say they talked, comments are NFB, please. Rook's story will involve violence and dark themes, so a trigger-warning in effect for comments.]
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Bathtime had been a right pain in the ass, as Karla attempted to shepherd six little girls through the night-time ritual of bathing, hair-washing, and tooth-brushing, not to mention taking care of her own toilette as well.

Even with the steadying influences of Rook and Della taking care of some of the younger girls, bathtime had been filled with more water going across the floor and the walls than stayed in the bathtub. Their giggles and squeals had echoed inside the room as they'd discovered the fun of soapsud fights. By the time Karla had gotten her shower, the water had been stone cold. In every stall.

The girls had gotten quite a laugh, watching their mother yelp and run from shower to shower, trying to find one that wasn't like ice.

Then, they'd all trooped back to her room where Karla tried to round up enough nightgowns and oversized t-shirts for all of them to wear as the inevitable scuffle broke out over who would get to sleep where. In the end, Karla had pushed everything out of the way, piled several sheets and blankets onto the floor and declared that everyone would be sleeping on the floor tonight. There was still some awkward scuffling about who got to sleep next to her, but Karla solved that dilemma by laying down in the exact middle and letting the girls array themselves out from her like spokes on a wheel.

Finally, once the last minute requests for water and bathroom trips and fights over pillows were taken care of, hurt feelings soothed, stories read, lullabies sung, and last-last minute bathroom trips taken, one by one, Karla's daughters drifted off to sleep. For a moment, Karla allowed herself one brief, tender smile at them all: curled up, drooling, wheezing, snoring, and breathing oddly. They were all sweet, in their own ways and they all loved her very much. But most of them weren't hers. Monday would come and they'd travel back through their portals to their proper mothers and her future would go on. What happened to those who were from futures she didn't follow? What had happened to little Emma Eleni? Maybe she'd see some of them again? Maybe she wouldn't. It was hard to say for sure.

Hard on the heels of her introspection came the realization that she'd be mothering them all for another day, possibly two and she'd flopped back onto her pillow. Hell's fire and Mother Night. Forget questions of the future. She had a much more pressing concern: namely, how was she going to survive this?



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