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Lucivar stormed into Saetan's study at the Hall and slammed the door behind him, snarling something incoherent. Karla, alone in the study, just raised an eyebrow at him and set aside the papers she'd been reading, leaning back in Uncle Saetan's comfortable chair. "Yes?" she drawled.

"What the Hell are you doing in here?" Lucivar snapped, temper punctured by seeing Karla sitting where he was expecting his father.Half the reason I'm adapting this plotline is for all the scenes that Lucivar and Karla get to have together, no lie. )
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Times had lined up well enough that Karla's portal had arrived late in the night for both Fandom and Kaeleer. She'd barely stayed awake long enough to follow a footman up to her suite before flinging herself onto the bed and falling asleep.

The next morning, however, she blearily realized that her suite was decorated for Winsol, even though it wasn't the holiday season. She'd tiredly noted the same thing on her way upstairs, but it hadn't registered then. It took her a few moments to understand that the family and staff had decorated the Hall again for Christmas.

For Warren.

There was a lump in her throat as she sent out a mass text to all of her friends. Merry Christmas!

[NFB for distance, but open for holiday greetings, phone calls, etc! SP warning in effect like whoa, because, y'know, Christmas.]
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A lot of things had happened in Faerie since the weekend, when Leda, Karla, Blossom, and James had taken down the tyrant. A surrender had been negotiated. An ally had been buried. The rebuilding had begun.

Karla hadn't seen any of it. Immediately after her plea for clemency had been delivered, Blossom had taken her aside and proceeded to bully and browbeat her within an inch of her life. She'd been terrible. Blossom fights dirty, y'all. )

Yeah. So, that had happened. Even now that she was back to her normal size, Karla was not best pleased with Momoko for shriveling her. It was stupid! She would have been even more upset if she didn't agree that her own behaviour had been equally stupid. Not then, she hadn't, of course. But time and distance (and food and rest and reflection) had done an excellent job of reminding her that she was a compulsive (and impulsive!) idiot.

Oh, and Warren had helped. Oh yes, he had made his feelings on the matter VERY CLEAR, pretty much from the moment that Blossom had shown up in Sunnydale.

Special Delivery! )

As Karla had started to stutter out another excuse, Warren had come to a decision of his own. He had calmly dropped her in his candyless shirt pocket, calmly proceeded to book a portal to Kaeleer, and calmly called the Hall to let Lucivar know that they would be arriving shortly--he'd needed to be somewhere he could hit things and not have to worry about pretending to be normal. Karla was pretty sure he'd also needed to be somewhere he could throttle her and not get arrested for it. They'd both known that when he finally dropped this illusion of calm, things were going to get violent.

And now, almost a full Kaeleeran week later, Karla still hadn't seen Warren since he'd handed a tiny her to Saetan. He'd been sleeping in the Consort suite with the door firmly locked between then and had risen each morning with the sun to go out to the grounds to work through his temper. For a week. Now Karla had a portal booked back to Fandom and she wasn't entirely sure she'd be seeing him before she left.

[Preplayed & co-written with [ profile] heromaniac and [ profile] not_a_parakeet who are rock stars, yo, and continued in comments with mega SP. Another post will go up (tomorrow?) for other folks who wish to yell.]
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The Nharkhavan Midsummer Festival was coming up quickly; they were less than a month away from the coven's performance and the costumes had just been delivered. Helene had the footmen deliver the large crates into Ranier's studio just before their next rehearsal was scheduled to begin.

The coven ran over to the crate, unpacking yards of diaphanous material, like butterfly wings made of silks and satins. There were ropes of metallic beads and tiny coins, even tiny slippers sewn with crytals that caught the light and shimmered.

"Oooh," Kalush said, picking up one of the costumes and holding it up to her chest. "These are perfect! Absolutely perfect."

Karla held up her own costume, identical to Kalush's save in color scheme (hers was, of course, in blue and silver) and then gave Raven an unsure grin. Raven, who she's practically had to strong-arm into this anyway "At least they're skirts?"

[For folks what are in Kaeleer with her]
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Karla had been packing for her move to Haven, to spend a few months being an unofficial Queen to a village full of refugee Black Widows. Had been, however, because 'packing' apparently meant 'getting chased of her chambers by Helene and several other maids while they packed because no guest leaving SaDiablo Hall would ever be seen unpacking the mess that Karla considered properly packed, which, for the record, she should be ashamed of herself for.' There had been more, but Karla had taken the better part of valour and scurried away to hide regally decamped to one of the gardens on the far side of the Hall.

Lesson learned: don't bundle up clothes and shove them into a pack. Hearth witches got testy about things like that.

She'd been hiding enjoying the sunlight for about an hour when the coven piled out of the Hall to find her. Apparently a package had arrived from Emma and if there was one thing they'd learned by now, mail from Emma meant embarrassment for some and hilarity for everyone else.

"Were you expecting anything?" "Is it from that store?" "Did she include a note?" "Open! Open it! Hurry! I want to see what she sent!" "Ten silvermarks says it's going to make the boyos blush!" "Too easy! Fifteen gold says it make ths High Lord put up an aural shield when he finds out about it." "Do you think this one runs on batteries, too? I want one like Karla has."

That last earned several scandalized gasps. "KALUSH!!!"

"What?" Kalush just laughed at them, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder. "Not all of us get to enjoy a lover before the summer is out, Karla. Morghann."

At which point Karla managed to open the box before the conversation could involve any further mention of her own purchases from Dite's. There was a moment of hushed silence as they stared at the contents of the package. Karla was the first to break down into giggles, especially when she saw that Emma had made sure to include a special adornment to show that they were meant to be Kaeleeran, err, candies. Her laughter triggered the others and soon they were laughing so hard there were tears in their eyes.

"The second one is for you lot to split amongst yourselves," Karla said, wiping her face. "Who wants to borrow a knife from the boyos so you can divvy it up?"

"No, no!" Gabrielle said between gasps. "We should wait until they're around and then take bites off of it!"

"Dibs on the tip!" Morghann said.

"And look!" Kalush announced, snagging a smaller package within the box. "Emma sent batteries, too!" Which just set Karla to facepalming and the rest of them to laughing even harder. Yup. Embarrassing one, amusing to everyone else. Good show.

[NFB, open for folks in Kaeleer, phone calls, whatever! Second and third links NSFW!]
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So, one of the the interesting things about way Kaeleeran time lined up with Fandom's? Weird bouts of Fandom whimsy that usually affected everyone while they were asleep on the island could sweep through and affect its farflung residents at any time.

Like, say, tea. You know, one minute someone--for example, Karla--could be sitting on a windowseat, devouring both her latest book and honeycakes, and the next minute she could be on the floor along with everything else, too big for the windowseat and to lacking in hands to keep holding the book and cakes. The less said about what happened to her clothing, the better. Everyone else in the room not similarly changed would have to settle for being dumbstruck, because while they'd all heard of the funny little tricks the island liked to play, this was the first time they got to see it in action.

The other really interesting thing about the way Kaeleeran time lined up with Fandom's? They "got" to stay ponies for four days instead of two.


[For them who are in Kaeleer with her, and phone calls if they can be managed!]
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The first week Karla, Warren, and Raven had been back, they had been granted a leave on lessons. After all, Warren and Raven had just graduated from high school and that was an accomplishment of some note. Even Lucivar had announced his morning exercises for the week were voluntary only, making the three of them (okay, Raven and Warren) immediately popular among the coven and boyos.

Granted, calling the lessons "voluntary" was kind of a joke, because Lucivar was a prick, but it was the thought that counted.

The following week, however, it was business as usual, or, rather lessons as usual. Though Karla was the youngest at eighteen, Saetan had a firm rule that while Jaenelle's friends stayed at the Hall, they took lessons. The coven and boyos privately agreed that it was a last-ditch attempt to keep them out of mischief while they stayed, but since they'd all run off the most obnoxious of tutors years ago, the lessons that remained were no hardship.

And some, like Protocol, were necessary. Especially when dealing with the kind of Protocol only found in Courts. Some Protocol lessons were taken together, polishing the give and take between the sexes in a Court. Others, like this one, were separate, with the boyos sitting down and learning about what it was like to act as Consorts to Queens. Granted, Saetan hadn't been a Consort in over fifty thousand years, but that didn't matter. Saetan was the foremost expert on Protocol, then and now.
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After the debacle of Agio (and the even more debacle-y aftermath), Karla had promised to keep Saetan, Lucivar, and Morton apprised of major events at Fandom. She might often interpret that promise as conveniently as possible, but there was no way that even she could spin the end of all creation as something other that a 'major event.' Which was why two months after reality had been repaired, she was standing in Saetan's office, telling them what had happened in stark and painful detail. Of course, since what had happened had affected all of Kaeleer, even if they didn't know it, Karla was not delivering her report to Saetan alone, or even Saetan and Lucivar. No, Jaenelle and several members of the coven and the boyos had all crowded in, too, and were listening to her clustered in the chairs at the back of his office.

It could have been worse. There might not have been a Kaeleer to return back to. Or the split between her and Warren could have been permanent, leaving her to stand in front of the High Lord's great blackwood desk alone while spilling out the story. It was comforting, having him beside her, so she could reach out and hold his hand for comfort at a few parts.

Karla had done all of the speaking up until this point, laying out all of what had happened in sparse detail. They had heard the entirety of the account, all the way up to remembering the universe back into existence without interrupting, but she didn't think that silence was going to last for very long, not as her story wound down to an end. From the shifting behind her and the faces that Saetan and Lucivar had made at various points in her tale, once she stopped talking, she was going to face a torrent of words.

Most of them probably invectives. At least from Lucivar. )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. TBC in comments. Apologies, was supposed to be up yesterday (and completed), but I sort of failed at availability this week.]
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It had taken the awhile, but they were finally back in Kaeleer--just in the nick of time, too; Karla had her diplomatic meeting with the Queen of Arceria the following morning. Technically, Karla should have been preparing for that, going over supply lists, touching base with Morton and Julian about the situation in Glacia, and otherwise making herself useful.

She'd get to all that in a little while. Really. Almost as soon as she got to the house. But for right now, she was standing at the end of the Hall's great driveway waiting for Tara's portal to arrive. Good luck (or perhaps a hefty bribe fee) had gotten a portal from Fandom arriving no more than ten minutes before Tara's portal was scheduled. She'd gotten permission from Uncle Saetan to have Tara stay for a few days. She hadn't even had to go into the circumstances around Tara's request; Saetan was still very appreciative of the help Tara had given when they'd been searching for Karla last year. A psychic thread to Beale in the Hall affirmed that their rooms were all ready for them and that Holt was bringing one of the carriages down the half-mile from the house to the end of the driveway; one big enough to fit four students and whatever luggage they'd brought back with them.

Now all they had to do was wait.

"Is it time yet?"

Karla sucked at patience.

[For one Wiccan witch, and those that are there in Kaeleer with them, should they like!]
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From the way Karla was digging in the gardens, either she was determined to plant ALL THE THINGS or she was working out an impressive amount of frustration.

Karla being Karla, there really shouldn't be any doubt about which one it was.

Not that she was lacking in reasons to be aggravated, mind. She'd been out here fairly frequently since she'd arrived back in Kaeleer--every day spent just planning and preparing instead of going out and doing something saw her out here for at least a few minutes.

Intellectually, she knew that they were better off taking the time now to plan, that rushing in would just risk more lives and make Emma mad. But it was hard to remember that when all her instincts were telling her to go save her people.

Added to that Morton's increasing bull-headedness and their constant arguments and Saetan's little chat with Warren the other night and it would be a miracle if this remained a garden and not just a the site of a future artificial lake.

[NFB and for the empath, please!]
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Hell's fire and Mother Night. When Karla had left Fandom, she'd expected to be tired and run ragged. However, she'd been thinking she'd get that way by dashing across Glacia saving Black Widows, fighting Hobart's idiots, and building a village for the refugees to settle into.

Hopefully they'd get around to doing that soon.

Instead, her time had been spent searching for a suitable location in Arceria, gathering the necessary supplies to start building said village, researching, arguing with Morton, and, of course, meeting after meeting after meeting. It was exhausting, and she didn't even have any concrete feeling of accomplishment after it all--well, sure, now she had a rough idea of how much farmland a village of a few hundred people needed and knew more about sanitation procedures than she'd ever really wanted, but neither of those carried the same weight as actually, you know, saving lives.

And now after yet another fight with Morton, Karla had a headache and wanted nothing more than to take a nap for an hour or so--preferably while curled up around Warren. Except to do that, they had to both stand in front of Saetan and declare themselves as lovers; something they hadn't yet had a chance to so, what with running hither and yon for the past few weeks. Honestly, it was one of the last things she wanted to do just for the privilege of taking a nap in her boyfriend's bed, but Karla also knew that she'd get off easier if she blew up the kitchen again than if she broke this rule of Saetan's.

So rather than napping or snuggling as she wanted, Karla was hanging around the Hall, waiting to ambush Warren and tell him they had to go announce to the Hall's patriarch that they intended to sleep together while still under his roof. This would hardly be awkward at all!

[NFB & for one, please.]
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The meeting took place after dark. For all that the Hall was filled with dark power that had seeped into its very stones, it was still easier for the demon-dead to arrive after the sun had set. Several bottles of yarbarah were already warming--this might be a war council, but Mrs. Beale would never allow Mephis, Prothvar, and Andulvar to go without refreshment.

All war councils need tea and cookies )

[Establishy, unless them that are there wish to talk to people! NFB.]
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No, you must stay. Stay and wait for the message. You will be needed.

Tersa's parting words as Karla had left the cottage. And Karla had listened, staying at the Hall and waiting for...something. Anything. Some kind of message, though she hadn't known from who or about what.

And then, today, that message had come. )
[NFI, NFB, OOC is love!]
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This was...well, this was weird.

When Karla had received a letter from Uncle Saetan summoning her home, she'd assumed that she'd been summoned home to talk to him. Which, considering her currently mixed up feelings in regards to Jaenelle, had caused no little trepidation on its own. Arriving at the Hall to find out that it wasn't the Hall Lord that had required her presence but someone else entirely had been, well, weird.

She'd heard of Jaenelle's Black Widow friend who lived in a snug cottage in the village of course. Jaenelle had wandered into the Twisted Kingdom to help lead Tersa out, as far as the broken Black Widow was willing to come, at least. Wise, by what Jaenelle had said, and trustworthy, but that still didn't answer the question as why she'd want to talk to Karla.

But with both Saetan and Jaenelle adamant she go talk to Tersa--though Jaenelle's insistence had kind of raised Karla's hackles a bit and she might have gotten just the tiiiiiiniest bit snippy--she was pushing aside her confusion and knocking on the cottage door.

[NFB, please]
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After a leisurely morning, filled with many happy sighs and yet another decadent bath (followed by an even more decadent breakfast), Karla had reluctantly agreed that it was time to get up and get going. Warren had had class and Karla had obligations of her own to fulfill.

Her friends and family back home had spent a week worrying, waiting to hear from her that all had gone well. Even in Kaeleer, with males experienced in seeing witches through their Virgin Nights, accidents sometimes happened; accidents that left shattered powers, lives, and even minds in their wake.

*Kiss kiss,* Karla sent on an open thread as she practically skipped up the stairs to the Hall, her furry escort from the portal peeling off to carry the news to the kindred pack in the woods. *Darlings, I'm home.*

Everyone was in the great hall to see her. Saetan, Jaenelle, and Lucivar. Morton, Aaron, and the rest of the boyos. Kalush, Morghanne and the coven as well. Even the servants were represented as Beale, Mrs. Beale, and Helene looked on with joy and pride.

There was no need to ask how it went. Broken witches were never the same after their breaking, and Karla was a long cry from the pallid, listless ghosts or the keening, crazed banshees such females often became. She was sane, she was whole, and, most of all, she was safe. It was a blessing from the Darkness that everyone could appreciate. For once, the residents of SaDiabli Hall were able to celebrate, with nothing to taint their happiness with fear or sorrow.

In Glacia, however, plans were being set into motion and scarlet blood stained the snow...

[Establishy! NFI, NFB]
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There wasn't a line of people waiting to yell at her, stretching from her door to the courtyard as she had feared. Instead, people were drifting in and out, as news spread that was awake and up for seeing people. On the one hand, it was nice, because it meant she could sneak small naps while she was waiting for someone new to show up at her door. On the other hand, it meant that she was continually expecting the next person to show up.
More people were coming, that much she knew. )

[And still the Agio plot continues! NFI, NFB, OOC is grand. Master plot list is here]
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Karla had spent most of the past day sleeping. She had vague recollections of briefly swimming to consciousness to eat or be gently bathed, but it wasn't until midafternoon on the second day after they'd left Agio behind that she truly awoke.

She had never been to glad to wake up in her room at the Hall in her life.

At the same time? She had never wanted to leave Kaeleer quite so much. Just...get away. Away from people who would try to control a witch by dosing her with safframate and forcing her to sign a marriage contract. Away from psychic witch storms and attacks on landen villages. Away from spirals and the abyss and six thousand dead in seconds...

She loved Jaenelle, she truly did, but she'd gotten a glimpse of the combined power of thirteen Black Jewels. Karla needed a little while to put that all into prospective, to slot this newfound information into how she already saw Jaenelle until she had a better handle on it.

Sadly, running wasn't an option. Neither was hiding. She still had people to face after this most stupid of plans, and even watching Jaenelle annihilate thousands of Jhinka didn't change that.

After her bath and a meal that consisted of something more solid than soup, Karla was feeling a little more herself. Helene had left her ensconced in a comfortable chair in the front room of her suite, dressed in a thick, woolly sweater, a long skirt, and wrapped in a spell-warmed blanket. Hopefully, these would not only keep her warm--even with a fire, Karla was deuced cold--but help hide just how much weight she'd lost.

Now that she was awake and up, it meant that it was time to face the music. Too bad 'music' in this case, translated out to 'a bunch of people who had every right to be very, very mad at her.'

Somehow she felt like enforced fussing was going to be the least of her worries right now. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Last day of plot and we have completely left canonical events behind. Post master list is here.]


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