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Anytime there was an overnight trip to the island these days, it was traditional for people who'd been given a key stayed over in Dite's Suite. During reunion weekend, there were several such people--and all their friends--but while that meant that sleeping quarters were a bit cramped, it reminded Karla of the giant slumber parties she used to throw in the dorms, roughly a million years ago. And it was good to be able to look around and see so many people she loved in one place.

Other than her meeting with Ino later, Karla had no plans for the day. She'd probably go out and make one last round of the island, though she was loathe to disturb Kayla from where she was playing quietly in her playpen. Hmm, maybe she could just see how many people she could get to visit the room instead. The Arms had excellent room service, after all, and food plus friends equaled a party.

[For anyone who thinks they stayed in Dite's Suite and anyone else who is inclined to visit and/or thinks they'd get an invite from Karla. Soo...basically anybody, good job me. SP is loved and late pings welcomed! I DON'T WANT TO SAY GOODBYE TO ANYONE YET]
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There wasn't a whole lot of time left before Karla and Elsa had to make their way to the Magic Box to prepare for the evening's entertainment. As much as they both hated the job, it was keeping them off the streets and with a roof over their heads. If there was one thing that Karla had learned since coming to this miserable country, having a place to hang your hat and enough food to fill your belly was a luxury few people here could afford. Wanting anything more than that, like freedom and dignity, that was only a pipe-dream.

Darkness, though, she missed home. Missed Arendelle's clean air and beautiful skyline. Missed the mountains and the snow and the fjord. Missed her parents. Missed belonging. Missed her true identity.

But it was safer not to say any of those things, safer not even to think them. Because there were worse positions to be in than singers in a glorified brothel. People more dangerous than the gimlet-eyed bastard that held their lives in his hands. And Karla didn't think for one minute that Angelface would become a knight in shining armor if he discovered who she and Elsa really were. If anything, he'd work all the harder to turn it to his advantage somehow.

Still, this was not the time to think of these things. Not when she had other, deeper concerns weighing on her. Tomorrow was Elsa's sixteenth birthday. And unlike back home, where this occasion would be celebrated with festivals and flowers and joy if their parents had been alive, Karla could only offer Elsa a small present and sheer dread.

Sixteen. Old enough to join the legions of 'working girls' if that's what Angelface decided for her. If he did, what was Karla supposed to do then?

Other than watch him burn, of course.

[Open for anyone who has reason to be in their room, or wants to wander in by accident]
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Breathing hard, Karla let herself fall onto Warren's chest, unable or unwilling to hold herself up any longer. "And good morning to you, too," she said with a tired chuckle, nuzzling her face into his neck. "I take it you weren't too tired from all that dancing we did last night?"

And what dancing it had been, too.

"I recover quickly," Warren replied, not bothering to hide the little smirk that was tugging at his lips. "But it seems to me like you recuperated well enough from the dancing, yourself."

"You give me plenty of reason to keep up." Karla pressed a kiss to his jawline and reluctantly convinced her body to roll to the side so Warren could shift about if he wanted to. He was okay with laying on his wings given suitable motivation and distraction--which she was happy to provide in abundance--but she hated to keep him pinned down longer than necessary. Especially since he was so generous in his agreement of when it was necessary. "Though I will admit, I'm about ready to fall back asleep for a little while longer. We were up late and--" she yawned "--then someone felt the need to wake us up early."

Ish. For Karla, quarter past eleven on a Saturday was early, all right?

"I forget that you're part bear and feel the instinctive need to hibernate on weekends," Warren teased, taking that invitation to roll over and shifting his weight about, his wings splaying out behind him with not much in the way of grace or style. There had been plenty of grace and style at the dance. This morning was for being close, gentle teasing, and appreciating having Karla all to himself after the unwelcome reminder that Prom had given him, that his time as a high school student was nearly over. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Maybe I'll be in a more forgiving mood after my nap," Karla replied, languorously stretching her legs while Warren kept her tucked neatly against his side. The sheets and blankets had long since been kicked off the sides of the bed, but he was enough to keep her warm anyway. "It will almost certainly require groveling in the form of room service. And possibly a little more of what woke me up in the first place."

Shameless? Damn right.

"But not until I've slept for at least another hour." She grabbed her watch off the bedside table, the only item that had survived an early wing-buffeting. Eh. They'd put that clock back before they left. And Warren would pay for the lamp's replacement. "Barely noon? Make it an hour and a half."

"Really, I wouldn't complain if we just stayed like this for the rest of the day," Warren admitted, one of those gracelessly splayed wings rustling about for a moment before folding around the both of them. "I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday."

The best laid plans of mice and men... )

[Preplayed for lack of availability! Post co-written with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. Open for more AU!kidlets, with a HUUUUUUUGE SP warning, as I am busy like a busy thing this weekend]
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Last night, I had a dream... )

Karla bolted upright in bed and with a strangled gasp, the scent of the night air and lingering torch smoke still in the back of her throat.

[For he who's there, please!]


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