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Karla wanted nothing more than to lay back down. Her feet hurt. Her back hurt. Every single part of her hurt. But no, the Healer said that she had to walk around for a little while, that it would help the labor. Considering she had been in labor for hours already and had spent roughly three-quarters of that walking around the birthing room, she wasn't really seeing how it was 'helping.' But since no one would let her shiv the Healer, it looked like she was just going to keep walking. Probably until her feet fell off, because that was seemed likelier to happen than this child actually being born.

Apparently stubbornness was inherited through the distaff line. A little bundle of cusswords )


Sweat-soaked and exhausted, Karla smiled down at the little girl in her arms. Clean and wrapped up in one of the receiving blankets she'd gotten from her Uncle Priestly, her daughter lay peacefully, no sign of her earlier tears. "Look at her," Karla breathed, her heart so full she thought it might crack in two. "She's perfect. Utterly perfect."

"So…" Warren gave Karla a little, tentative smile. "We're calling her…?"

"Kayla," Karla said, looking up at him. "Don't you think?"

Warren looked so full of pride and happiness that it was entirely possible he might burst.

"Well," he said softly, "she's certainly not a Vasilia."

"Definitely not," Karla said, leaning against him while she continued to adore their daughter. "I think Kayla's the only name that will suit."

Beat. "...Now someone go find Jono and break those goddamn speakers."

[Co-written with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet and amazing [ profile] trigons_child! Snipped for length and cussing, no actual biology included! Shout out to all the real moms in game for going through this for realsies.]
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Breathing hard, Karla let herself fall onto Warren's chest, unable or unwilling to hold herself up any longer. "And good morning to you, too," she said with a tired chuckle, nuzzling her face into his neck. "I take it you weren't too tired from all that dancing we did last night?"

And what dancing it had been, too.

"I recover quickly," Warren replied, not bothering to hide the little smirk that was tugging at his lips. "But it seems to me like you recuperated well enough from the dancing, yourself."

"You give me plenty of reason to keep up." Karla pressed a kiss to his jawline and reluctantly convinced her body to roll to the side so Warren could shift about if he wanted to. He was okay with laying on his wings given suitable motivation and distraction--which she was happy to provide in abundance--but she hated to keep him pinned down longer than necessary. Especially since he was so generous in his agreement of when it was necessary. "Though I will admit, I'm about ready to fall back asleep for a little while longer. We were up late and--" she yawned "--then someone felt the need to wake us up early."

Ish. For Karla, quarter past eleven on a Saturday was early, all right?

"I forget that you're part bear and feel the instinctive need to hibernate on weekends," Warren teased, taking that invitation to roll over and shifting his weight about, his wings splaying out behind him with not much in the way of grace or style. There had been plenty of grace and style at the dance. This morning was for being close, gentle teasing, and appreciating having Karla all to himself after the unwelcome reminder that Prom had given him, that his time as a high school student was nearly over. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Maybe I'll be in a more forgiving mood after my nap," Karla replied, languorously stretching her legs while Warren kept her tucked neatly against his side. The sheets and blankets had long since been kicked off the sides of the bed, but he was enough to keep her warm anyway. "It will almost certainly require groveling in the form of room service. And possibly a little more of what woke me up in the first place."

Shameless? Damn right.

"But not until I've slept for at least another hour." She grabbed her watch off the bedside table, the only item that had survived an early wing-buffeting. Eh. They'd put that clock back before they left. And Warren would pay for the lamp's replacement. "Barely noon? Make it an hour and a half."

"Really, I wouldn't complain if we just stayed like this for the rest of the day," Warren admitted, one of those gracelessly splayed wings rustling about for a moment before folding around the both of them. "I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday."

The best laid plans of mice and men... )

[Preplayed for lack of availability! Post co-written with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. Open for more AU!kidlets, with a HUUUUUUUGE SP warning, as I am busy like a busy thing this weekend]
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Karla ran out of the hole in the ground and stopped, almost dead in her tracks. "Azarath..." she breathed. And then her eyes were dragged to the scene unfolding in front of here.

Mother Night, it was a scene from out of a nightmare. Raven, on the ground, limp in a way only the unconscious could be. Or the dead. Beyond her, running towards the entrance to the tunnels, a snatch of light and dark: Rook and Dinah, trying to keep out of sight.

And above them all, hovering like the carrion bird that was her name. Raven. )
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Holding Rook's hand tightly in hers, Karla promised in an undertone, "We won't let her take you, sweetheart. And you still have time to back out of this if you're not sure you still want to participate. Your safety is the most important thing, here, okay? So if you'd prefer to stay--"

Rook cut off Karla's nervous babble with a shake of her head. "No. This is what I wish to do. Maman and Stepfather have already sacrificed so much for me. I must help get them back." She gave a tentative smile up at all three of them. "And Aunt Dinah will protect me. As will all of you. I am unafraid."

What else was there for Karla to say after that? "All right. Let's do this thing."

Children as bait. What could possibly go wrong? )

In which our heroines are shocked to discover this was a bad plan )

And their villain makes her appearance )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is always love. Warning in place for violence and incredibly stupid ideas. Preplayed with [ profile] trigons_child and [ profile] blondecanary, coded using [ profile] whateverknight's swanky coder. Warning for violence, megalomania, and the occasional comic book villain monologue. Follows this, this, and this!]
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Knowing that she was here a decade in her own future--or a future, anyway--was a little disconcerting for Karla. She wasn't sure if that unease was lessened or heightened by the fact that standing here in front of the Keep and it looked exactly the same as it did in her own time. Having Jaenelle as the Queen of Ebon Askavi didn't change the way the Keep looked, at least on the outside.

On the other hand, when she closed her eyes and opened her other senses, she could feel the dark power permeating the very stones of the foundation. She sensed Jaenelle and a vastly dark power. It dwarfed her, made her feel very small. How could the other-Raven possibly still be bothering the other-her when Jaenelle could simply bring all of this power to bear on her?

"Shall we go announce we've arrived?" she asked absently, shaking her head free of the seductive song she could almost hear, threading its way through the Darkness. Jaenelle. "Raven, you might want to keep your hood up for a bit. I doubt you're all that popular right now."

In which there is no bad news. Really. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Preplayed with [ profile] blondecanary and [ profile] trigons_child, using [ profile] whateverknight's preplay coder! Warning for spoilers for Queen of the Shadows. Follows this.]
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After the debacle during breakfast, Karla had shoo'd her other children to go find their parents or someone to play with or an activity that didn't involve breaking things or getting hurt and then dragged Raven and Rook down the second floor to her room to sort things out. Raven's room had been closer, but Karla's was empty and she didn't want Rook panicking anymore than she already was, being this close to her mother.

"Okay," she said quietly, shutting the door and setting out a small bottle of rum to keep the squirrels occupied. "What's going on here? Rook? Darling, you need to explain to us why you're so frightened of your mo--of Raven."

[For those mentioned and while it's okay to say they talked, comments are NFB, please. Rook's story will involve violence and dark themes, so a trigger-warning in effect for comments.]
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Bathtime had been a right pain in the ass, as Karla attempted to shepherd six little girls through the night-time ritual of bathing, hair-washing, and tooth-brushing, not to mention taking care of her own toilette as well.

Even with the steadying influences of Rook and Della taking care of some of the younger girls, bathtime had been filled with more water going across the floor and the walls than stayed in the bathtub. Their giggles and squeals had echoed inside the room as they'd discovered the fun of soapsud fights. By the time Karla had gotten her shower, the water had been stone cold. In every stall.

The girls had gotten quite a laugh, watching their mother yelp and run from shower to shower, trying to find one that wasn't like ice.

Then, they'd all trooped back to her room where Karla tried to round up enough nightgowns and oversized t-shirts for all of them to wear as the inevitable scuffle broke out over who would get to sleep where. In the end, Karla had pushed everything out of the way, piled several sheets and blankets onto the floor and declared that everyone would be sleeping on the floor tonight. There was still some awkward scuffling about who got to sleep next to her, but Karla solved that dilemma by laying down in the exact middle and letting the girls array themselves out from her like spokes on a wheel.

Finally, once the last minute requests for water and bathroom trips and fights over pillows were taken care of, hurt feelings soothed, stories read, lullabies sung, and last-last minute bathroom trips taken, one by one, Karla's daughters drifted off to sleep. For a moment, Karla allowed herself one brief, tender smile at them all: curled up, drooling, wheezing, snoring, and breathing oddly. They were all sweet, in their own ways and they all loved her very much. But most of them weren't hers. Monday would come and they'd travel back through their portals to their proper mothers and her future would go on. What happened to those who were from futures she didn't follow? What had happened to little Emma Eleni? Maybe she'd see some of them again? Maybe she wouldn't. It was hard to say for sure.

Hard on the heels of her introspection came the realization that she'd be mothering them all for another day, possibly two and she'd flopped back onto her pillow. Hell's fire and Mother Night. Forget questions of the future. She had a much more pressing concern: namely, how was she going to survive this?

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Karla had spent most of yesterday in her room, hibernating with a vicious headache. She would wake up long enough to drink some more tea and then go back to sleep. At some point in the evening, she'd noticed that the tea she was drinking was still warm--Gabrielle must have come in and set something up for her. She'd have to thank the girl later for her kindness.

Unfortunately, it had been impossible for her to tell the pounding on her door from the pounding in her head, so she hadn't realized that she'd had any visitors, never mind any visitors of an unusual nature.

The first thing Karla realized when she woke up was that her headache was gone, thank the Darkness. The second thing she realized what that she wasn't alone in her bed--there was someone cuddled up against her, an arm slung over her ribs. The third thing she realized that whoever was in bed with her was awfully small.

She flailed a bit, trying to disentangle herself from whoever was in bed with her, trying to remember anything that could explain...this.

The sleeping moppet behind her opened up one blue eye and grumbled, "Dun wanna wake up yet, Mommy. I'm sleepy."

Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

[Open for wee kidlets and friends alike.]
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Karla's half of the room was blessedly, blessedly silent. Wee Baby Merlin was sleeping (finally, thank the Darkness!) soundly on her bed, surrounded on all sides by pillows to make sure he didn't shift in his sleep and start to roll off. Of course, Karla was checking him every few moments just to make sure that he hadn't rolled into the pillows and began to suffocate or something equally horrible. All the books she'd read on the subject had stressed a crib free of pillows and soft mattresses, but it wasn't like she'd had a crib handy. And the idea of putting him in a drawer had just seemed...wrong, somehow.

She had never truly understood the word 'paranoid' in all of its delightful complexities until this assignment.

Still, for all the silence, her room was actually rather busy. Three potions (and a baby bottle) were simmering in bowls of water heated by small tongues of witchfire over on her desk. Balls of colored witchlight were dancing over Wee Baby Merlin's head, so when he did wake up, he'd have something to attract his attention. All of her books had said that colors and patterns were extremely important at this stage for proper cognitive growth. And on her bedside table, a knife was cutting off slices of an apple which were then being floated over for Karla to quietly munch on.

As for Karla herself, she was curled up next to Wee Baby Merlin, reading one of the books Tony had lent her, a graphic novel called Blood Price. She was almost finished with it (and had long since finished the others) and was wondering if Tony had more or if she was going to have to head to Amazon and pay for expedited shipping.

Or both.

[Door cracked, post open, but wake the baby and Karla will murder you.]


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