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The weekend was over and people were back to their old selves, at least if the lovely gifts Momoko had left outside her dorm were any indication. The dorm that a sopping wet Karla had marched to last night in high dudgeon. For reasons. Lots of reasons.

But it was a new day, people were back to normal, graduation was in less than a week, and she'd gotten a special package in the mail from Kaeleer. Banard was apologetic that they likely wouldn't arrive in time for her birthday, but just holding her set Jewels in her hands was enough to make her smile.

There was a cup of coffee in her hand, an ice cream cake with 'Happy Birthday' on it, and a clear view of the street so Karla could wave to anyone who wandered by.

[Open! Was going to be a townie post until I went crazy with the links!]
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After a long time talking and making up, it was a much happier Warren and Karla that had come down for a Christmas luncheon--which, at four courses, was still nothing compared to the Christmas feast that Mrs. Beale was preparing for supper. Karla had given her a bunch of Earth cookbooks for Winsol one year and Mrs. Beale had apparently decided that celebrating Christmas required her to make every meal that was even the least bit holiday-inspired.

Lunch was appropriately merry, the whole household glad that Karla and Warren had patched things up. Once the plates were cleared and the footmen were pouring coffee for everyone, Saetan pushed himself back from the table and shook his head. "I have no idea how we're going to be expected to eat more this evening," he said. "I'll still be digesting by the time the goose--and the roast--and the suckling pig are ready."

"Speak for yourself," Andulvar rumbled. "I saved room for the last piece of trifle, except for how it vanished." He glared at Prothvar, who grinned unrepentantly and burped.

"What we should do," Jaenelle suggested from her seat at Saetan's right, "is invite Karla and Warren's friends for dinner. More mouths might mean less food to intimidate the rest of us."

"It's Christmas!" Karla protested. "Everyone's probably with their family."

"Probably," Jaenelle reminded gently. "It wouldn't hurt to invite anyone, would it?"

Karla conceded the point and sent out an email from her phone:

Open invite for Christmas dinner in Kaeleer. Comp'd portal, feel free to show up whenever, if you want! Happy holidays!

[NFB for distance, but open. If you want an invite, you've got one. Super-SP for the holidays, feel free to ping in whenever over the next few days if you'd like.]
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Times had lined up well enough that Karla's portal had arrived late in the night for both Fandom and Kaeleer. She'd barely stayed awake long enough to follow a footman up to her suite before flinging herself onto the bed and falling asleep.

The next morning, however, she blearily realized that her suite was decorated for Winsol, even though it wasn't the holiday season. She'd tiredly noted the same thing on her way upstairs, but it hadn't registered then. It took her a few moments to understand that the family and staff had decorated the Hall again for Christmas.

For Warren.

There was a lump in her throat as she sent out a mass text to all of her friends. Merry Christmas!

[NFB for distance, but open for holiday greetings, phone calls, etc! SP warning in effect like whoa, because, y'know, Christmas.]
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There were suitcases open on the spare bed in her room, Karla listlessly tossing stuff into them. She wasn't entirely certain what she was doing for the holidays--likely returning home to Kaeleer, but that wasn't set in stone--so deciding what to pack was a bit on the difficult side.

It didn't help that she was spending most of her time going through old pictures from freshman year on. Nostalgia was hitting her hard. So many old friends that had left, so many more that she'd simply lost touch with. Some she'd never hear from again...Triela, Ben, Ender.

Okay, this was a depressing train of thought. Rather than dwell any further on that, Karla pulled out her phone and started dialing people. Rather than being mopey and stupid thinking about her friends, she was going to be mopey and stupid while calling them. That was a much better idea!

[Open! For phone calls and random droppers-by!]
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"See?" Karla teased, resting her head on Warren's shoulder. "I told you it wouldn't be so bad. It's barely even cold out."

Okay, that was something of an exaggeration. It was November, even if Fandom's climate was warmer than Glacia's at the similar point in the year, and chilly enough. It was also far colder than Sunnydale had been up to this point, which meant that Warren was likely feeling it, even if Karla wasn't. Still, he did come with two big downy wings and Karla was providing heating spells, mulled cider, and hot coffee for the both of them, so she didn't think he could complain all that much. Besides, that just gave them an extra opportunity to snuggle, didn't it?

"You agreed to indulge me in a moonlit picnic," she added, laughing. "It's not my fault we're having it here instead of at your campus. I suggested we go to Hawaii for the weekend, but nooooooo. So now you get to deal with winter. Consider it preparation for Glacia."

[For he who has been lovingly modded, but also open for phone calls and folks who like moonlit picnics in the cold!]
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Karla could hardly contain her excitement. She'd gotten a psychic thread from Helene earlier in the afternoon, requesting her presence at the meeting hall that evening. All day, apprentice and journeymaid Black Widows had been cleaning and airing out the building, the last of the patients having returned home to recuperate the evening before. That could have just been Helene's common sense sense at work. No one who could read psychic scents would want to gather in a makeshift hospital; too much pain and fear and discomfort lingered in the walls.

Common sense or no, Karla was fairly certain that wasn't why the young Black Widows had spent all day diligently scrubbing down every inch of the building.

When a journeymaid proved herself adept at the Craft and practices of the Hourglass, she was acknowledged by her coven and promoted, receiving an hourglass pendant with all of the sand in the lower half as visible proof to all that she was a student no longer, but a full-fledged Black Widow. Karla had been a journeymaid for years, since before leaving Helene's coven to return to the estate and Hobart. In the intervening years, she'd grown up, practiced her Craft, helped friends and acquaintances work through mental and emotional trauma, founded a village to save Black Widows, and rule Haven as Queen for a full season. If there was a more thorough way to prove herself worthy of attaining full Black Widow status, she couldn't think of what it was.

So, after putting in her day in the fields and eating a hearty dinner (not that Warren was around to see, blast him), Karla got ready for her investiture ceremony. She reluctantly decided against wearing Widows Weeds (not everyone had theirs and it would be rude seem too eager), so she settled for a nice dress and brushing her hair and then blithely skipping her way from their cottage to the meeting hall.

She had a cheerful smile for Helene when an apprentice opened the door and led her way in, one that turned into brilliant when she saw who else had shown up. Jaenelle and Gabrielle had also been invited--Helene must have considered this a very special occasion indeed. Her smile faltered a moment later when she saw Luthvian's forbidding countenance near her friends, but regained its merriness when she realized Helene had probably just invited every Black Widow Karla knew. And it never hurt to be polite to the mother of Saetan's youngest son.

This was probably going to be one of the happiest nights of Karla's life.

Spoiler: It wasn't )

[NFB for long-distance. For interaction if you'd have a reason to be around and/or want to deal with a sobbing witch. After this post, Karla and co are back on-island!]
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Karla had been packing for her move to Haven, to spend a few months being an unofficial Queen to a village full of refugee Black Widows. Had been, however, because 'packing' apparently meant 'getting chased of her chambers by Helene and several other maids while they packed because no guest leaving SaDiablo Hall would ever be seen unpacking the mess that Karla considered properly packed, which, for the record, she should be ashamed of herself for.' There had been more, but Karla had taken the better part of valour and scurried away to hide regally decamped to one of the gardens on the far side of the Hall.

Lesson learned: don't bundle up clothes and shove them into a pack. Hearth witches got testy about things like that.

She'd been hiding enjoying the sunlight for about an hour when the coven piled out of the Hall to find her. Apparently a package had arrived from Emma and if there was one thing they'd learned by now, mail from Emma meant embarrassment for some and hilarity for everyone else.

"Were you expecting anything?" "Is it from that store?" "Did she include a note?" "Open! Open it! Hurry! I want to see what she sent!" "Ten silvermarks says it's going to make the boyos blush!" "Too easy! Fifteen gold says it make ths High Lord put up an aural shield when he finds out about it." "Do you think this one runs on batteries, too? I want one like Karla has."

That last earned several scandalized gasps. "KALUSH!!!"

"What?" Kalush just laughed at them, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder. "Not all of us get to enjoy a lover before the summer is out, Karla. Morghann."

At which point Karla managed to open the box before the conversation could involve any further mention of her own purchases from Dite's. There was a moment of hushed silence as they stared at the contents of the package. Karla was the first to break down into giggles, especially when she saw that Emma had made sure to include a special adornment to show that they were meant to be Kaeleeran, err, candies. Her laughter triggered the others and soon they were laughing so hard there were tears in their eyes.

"The second one is for you lot to split amongst yourselves," Karla said, wiping her face. "Who wants to borrow a knife from the boyos so you can divvy it up?"

"No, no!" Gabrielle said between gasps. "We should wait until they're around and then take bites off of it!"

"Dibs on the tip!" Morghann said.

"And look!" Kalush announced, snagging a smaller package within the box. "Emma sent batteries, too!" Which just set Karla to facepalming and the rest of them to laughing even harder. Yup. Embarrassing one, amusing to everyone else. Good show.

[NFB, open for folks in Kaeleer, phone calls, whatever! Second and third links NSFW!]
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Karla looked around, giving one last check to make sure she wasn't leaving anything behind that she might need. Granted, if she was, she could always pop back to the island and grab it, but she wanted to keep those emergency visits to a minimum if she could. She'd be incredibly busy this summer and any time off she got to take, she wanted to be able to keep it for fun things, like trips and visits and not wasting an afternoon searching for her...well, whatever it was she couldn't think of right now.

A summer back in Kaeleer, then back to the island for her last full year here. That seemed crazy to think of, especially since it didn't really seem possible that she was going on her fourth year here. But calendars didn't lie--unless Fandom was being wonky again, anyway--and it was time to start making sure she had some real, practical experience being a Queen, rather than just relying of birth-caste and strength of Jewel to back her claim when she finally did graduate.

Okay. All packed. Now just to find the boyfriend she'd been avoiding for almost a week now, say any last minute goodbyes, and get going.

...Oooor maybe she could go back to making sure she'd packed everything. Of all her other options, that one seemed the least intimidating.

[Meant to post this earlier, but illness and Avengers beckoned! Post & door opened for visits, phone calls, and texts]
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On day three of the Cold That Would Not Die, Karla blearily swam back to consciousness sometime that evening. Ugh. Where had the days gone? Oh right, they'd gotten lost somewhere in a bottle of heavy duty cough syrup. She was tempted to take more and go back to sleep until she felt less like she'd been hit by a rickshaw or three, but she was also starving and badly needed a shower.

She sent Mini-Morton off to try to scavenge her something to eat while she made a quick trip to the bathroom. It was kind of amazing how much better a shower could make you feel after several days of being almost completely comatose. Back in her room, she found Gabrielle's note and tried not to worry over much about her roommate.

Ahahaha, yeah. Right.

Climbing back into bed, she waited for Mini-Morton to come back with something edible (hopefully) tried to keep herself entertained by playing solitaire. That would be a lot easier to do if she wasn't so easily distracted by--wow. Did you know that there were faces in the patterns of the ceiling tiles? Cooool.

[Door and post open. Method RP FTWL]
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It was Valentine's Day and so Karla was celebrating the best way she knew how--a giant box of expensive chocolates and a brand-new trashy romance novel. There might be other, more traditional celebrations later in the evening, but Karla's first introduction to the holiday was through chocolate and she wasn't about to give up such an amazing custom.

Mmm. Chocolate. And a bodice-ripper. Karla was a witch of simple tastes.

[Primarily for one, but open! With a looooot of SP warnings.]
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As part of her resolution to 'spend as much time with graduating friends as possible,' Karla was getting ready for Ender's visit. They'd planned to get together Friday at the picnic to exchange presents--and also to have a Serious Talk, but Karla was focusing on the more enjoyable aspect of the evening instead. His presents were wrapped--like everyone else this Christmas, he was getting the hideous Christmas sweater that was apparently a tradition no one had told her about yet, though his was a little more understated than the one she'd gotten for, say, Momoko.

She'd gotten him a few other odds and ends, too, but obviously the sweater was the best part. It was traditional!

[Specifically for one, but can be open!]
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Karla'd had an excuse why she'd missed the wrapped present on her bed Friday night. She and Warren had been awake for almost twenty-four hours, fought in a battle, had gotten hurled into a bridge, made up, and then she'd performed at the Showcase. Karla counted herself lucky that she'd managed to make it to a bed, never mind her own, before collapsing and sleeping like the dead. She'd managed to drag herself to Dite's suite the next morning for baking and cookies and a Conversation, and had blearily just tossed the blankets over the top of the bed and called it made without paying attention to what else might be getting covered: pillows, pilfered stuffed animals, presents...

The excuse for missing it last night was a little thinner. She'd fallen asleep on top of her covers, reading a book and had been mostly asleep by the time she got cold enough to crawl under her blankets.

But the second thing she'd noticed when she'd finally woken up this afternoon--the first being the adorably fluffy baby penguin who'd managed to sneak into her room and cuddle with her--was a wrapped gift half-hidden under one of her pillows. All the possibilities she'd come up with for what it could be--a gift from her roommate before Gabs had left? A gesture from Warren? Random Fandom whimsy?--had not prepared her for the bloody horror within.

Her little penguin friend vanished out the door in a flurry of tiny, grey feathers as Karla opened her present and began screaming.

[Warnings for a hideous--but non-bloody--horse head statue in the last link]
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Karla did not want to be awake right now. She wanted to be asleep, huddled under her covers (under a blanket with the skyline of New Gotham, one of the only remnants of the city left, no Dinah Dinah, no, I miss you) and cuddling her stuffed Arcerian cat, so old and worn and battered it was hard to tell what kind of beastie it had been, once upon a time. When she was asleep, she could ignore everything, especially this persistent ache in her chest, the one that sometimes throbbed Glacia but just as often throbbed Warren. And when she was asleep, she could dream or hope or maybe just pretend that everything was a dream. That this past day...week...month...whatever, had been a nightmare that she could wake up from and forget, cradled in Warren's arms, with Dinah and Momoko and everyone else just a phone call away. She'd even gladly have Hobart back if the rest of it was just a dream.

So far, no matter how many times she'd woken up, it hadn't been. That hadn't stopped her from falling back asleep to try again.

This time, when she woke up again in the late afternoon, she realized that she actually had something to do. Jaime'd called last night with some important information and she needed to pass it on before it was too late. Before she failed yet more people.

Hi all,

Talked to Jaime Reyes. His whole world appears to be fine, untouched by whatever this is. He's offering to take in anyone who can get a portal to his world before Portalocity shuts them down. For more details, you can email or reach him at 555-BLUE for further information. I encourage anyone who wants out to please consider this option. There are no guarantees that his world will stay untouched, just like there are no guarantees that Fandom will, but Jaime is a good male and will offer you as much protection as he can until this is all over.
She couldn't say, 'until we beat this.' Not right now. And his mom cooks really, really well.

Best of luck to anyone who takes him up on his invitation,
Fandom Class 2013

[Offer made with [ profile] weldedtomyspine's permission, both OOC and IC. If your character wants to bail but needs a place to go, feel free to hit him up and talk! Open for return emails and/or visits to a woebegone witch]
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Karla was planning to head upstairs to Warren's room in a few minutes, she just had a few more herbs to mix for brews. It seemed less and less likely that this--whatever if was--was going to end in a fight, but she figured it would be best to be prepared anyway. The last of her spidersilk was spun into Healing webs, there were potions and tinctures and unguents prepared. Hopefully this meant that when it all went down, Karla would be ready for something.

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Karla was puzzling over the letter she'd gotten from Jaenelle. Okay, puzzling might not be the best word for it. She was downright confused and that confusion hadn't lessened any on this, her fourth time reading it.

...Dujae? Banard? Lady Ash? Mistral? Rainier? Karla, who are these people you asked about and why do you assume I would know them? Is this some kind of silly Fandom thing, like the time you thought you were Prince Skywalker's adopted sister? One of these days, I hope that strangeness strikes while you're here and we all get to see!

Anyway, we missed you at Winsol. Tersa came, as did Lady Sylvia and her boys. She shared Uncle Saetan's cup, much to the raised eyebrows and poorly hidden smirks of all of us...

Her letter continued, filled with pages and pages of gossip and news, but Karla's mind kept whirling. How did Jaenelle not know who Dujae was? She'd been a fan of his work since she was tiny and now he gave them art lessons at the Hall! And Ranier was their dance instructor! Lady Ash was Smoke's mate and Mistral was Kaetian's colt, likely to be the next Warlord Prince of Sceval! And Banard had been making jewelry for the SaDiablos for years.

What in Hell was going on?

[Open for visitors and phone calls and the like]
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The construction of the first of the refugee villages was continuing apace when the portal from Fandom arrived. In the time since school had begun again, the hired workers had managed to clear the land granted to them by Lasfaeran and also dig and fortify the foundations of the buildings. Arcerian cats prowled the site; they were not interested in helping, for the most part, but were getting used to having such a large and noisy number of humans nearby. The humans were also getting used to having such a large and silent number of Arcerians nearby, though they were perhaps adjusting with a little less grace than the kindred.

It was hard not to notice when you were outweighed and outmatched--and, in a number of cases, outranked as well.

Even with the impressive amount of progress that had been made in her absence, Karla could see there was still a lot to do. There was land cleared for crops, but it hadn't been readied for actual planting yet. Some few of the buildings had been framed, but nothing more than that. There were holes dug for posts, but none of the livestock pens had been put up yet. Wells had been dug, as well as sewage lines and irrigation ditches, but they still needed reinforcement and care.

Pushing up her sleeves, Karla grabbed a hammer and got to work. This was going to be a home for her people and, dammit, she wasn't going to stand around supervising all day. For the most part, she had no idea what she was doing, but she could follow instructions.

Eventually, the foreman got over the fact that he was hollering at a Queen and began ordering her about with the same caustic language as everyone else.

[Open to anyone Karla would have called, texted, emailed, or whatever to invite for a few days worth of Habitat for Humanity type work in Kaeleer. If you think you got a call, you did! NFB for off-island.]
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Just a few months ago, Karla would have fired off a text to a bunch of people, saying something useful like Hobart's killing all the B Widows. Going to stop him. Hugs & kisses, K and run off into the wilds of Glacia with no plan but a burning desire to stop the bastard in his tracks. But that was a few months ago--she'd learned a few lessons since then.

And one of those lessons was 'you do not simply text you friends when running into danger.'

So rather than making Ender and Emma sigh defaulting back to old habits, Karla had returned to the island, placing a number of handwavey calls to people letting them know she was back and needed to talk to them before she left the island again. See? That was like a step in the responsible direction.

Besides, she had to pack up most of her clothes. She wasn't sure how long she'd be gone for, but she she doubted it would be measured in days--probably closer to weeks or even months.

What a sobering thought.

[Door and post open! Also, if you thought you got a call, you did! Note to squirrels: Karla and Tony's conversation about Peter is all NFB, please!]
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Karla was throwing clothes into an overnight bag and trying not to feel guilty. Or relived. Or guilty about feeling relieved. Jack's phone call had given her exactly what she'd wanted: an excuse to get away from the island for a few days, away from the memory of the Games and Katniss's death. Like Triela's death spurring her to Kaeleer for the weekend, Karla just needed a chance to get away.

She hadn't even waited for Jack to finish talking before she was agreeing to catch a fast portal to London.

The fact that she was needed to help catch a murderer who might or might not be a vampire almost made up for the fact that she was abandoning Wesley two days after he lost his girlfriend. Sorta. When she didn't think about it much.

The guilt-relief-guilt spiral wasn't going anywhere fast. Which was another reason she was glad for Jack's call. It gave her something else to think about.

[Open door, open post! Heading to bed now, will pick up pings when I wake up. (Up early to not conflict with plot posts)]
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Karla was going to get up and pack for Hawaii any minute now. Really. If for no other reason than to prove she could. Getting home last night, she'd eaten a truly ridiculous amount of food then gone straight to bed. This morning, she'd gotten up long enough to shower, get dressed, eat another ridiculous meal, and by the time she was done eating, she'd been so tired that it was straight back to bed for an extended nap.

She really needed to stop doing this. Mostly because the recovery period was so boring.

But she was awake again and getting impatient with sleeping so much. It was the last day before the trip and she had stuff to do! Pack, call people to let them know she was back and not to fuss, eat more...There were probably other things to add to that list like 'contact teachers about missed assignments' and stuff, but she was supposed to be taking it easy.

So, yeah. Time to get up. Really. Any minute now.

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Now that she and Jason had embarrassed themselves thoroughly for Monday's class, Karla had a little time to spare to before her portal was ready to take her to Camelot for the weekend. It was good to get away from Fandom for awhile. Really good. The whole island just felt...stifling right now and Karla wanted to get away. Away from everything and everyone and the constant reminder that she'd messed up and...yeah. Just leave and forget everything for a few days.

So, in far better spirits that she would have ever assumed from a trip to go visit Arthur of all people, Karla was packing her things and even humming a little to herself. Hello, first good mood in something like three weeks.

Let's see how long it would last.



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