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"I want to go to Fandom, dammit!" Karla and Warren were arguing again. This had been happening more and more often as the temperature climbed, the humidity set in, and the baby they were still referring to as Nommy stubbornly remained where he was. Kayla had been more than a week late; it looked like her brother was going to try to beat that record. Why had Karla been cursed with such stubborn children? "Dammit, Warren, I wasn't asking for permission, I was informing you of my plans!"

No, really, she had no idea where they got it from.

Warren flared his wings, glad the molt had come and gone so that gesture was back to being intimidating, rather than pathetic. Not that Karla had ever been particularly intimidated by it. "It's spring," he growled. "And you still don't have Craft. Fandom's dangerous in the spring and I'm not going to have you trapped on the island while Portalocity sits on its thumbs during another crisis! A crisis you won't have Craft for!"

He understood that she was going stir-crazy in the estate; the last few weeks of carrying Kayla had been hard for her as well and she often felt suffocated by the overenthusiastic protection of the Court. But just because she was impatient to get away and see their friends again did not make it a good idea.

"Call Raven!" Karla snapped, hands on her hips. "She'll want to come with me anyway! And if Portalocity bails on us, she can bring me home!"

"Right, because a trip through the Netherverse is always a great--"

"Call Raven!" Karla's hands moved from her hips to her stomach.

"Karla, I'm really not comfortable--"

"No," she said, face going pale and breath hitching up. "I mean, call Raven. Your son had decided he doesn't want to visit the island today either."

Warren gaped at Karla for a second before his brain finished parsing what she meant. "Right!" he said, sweeping her up into his arms to run to the birthing chamber. Karla would have protested, but if this time went like last, she'd get plenty of walking in before this was all over with.

[For the empath, please! NFB for distance]
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"You're joking."

Karla looked at Morton, who was doing his damnedest not to grin as he shook his head. "Not at all. Julian is out there with them now, escorting them through the camp."

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Karla repeated the information that he'd just told her. "So...a group of Blood from Sidra have traveled all this way to come beg an audience with me?"

"That's what they said," Morton agreed. "They made sure to refer to you as the true and rightful Queen, too. Julian thinks they want something from you."

"Of course they do," Karla growled. "Still, it's not like I can ignore a positive overture from Sidra. Especially since they had to tromp through snow and half the Bloody Territory to deliver it." She turned away from the medicines she was brewing, signaling for another journeymaid to come take over for her. "How long until they arrive?"

"You probably have about fifteen minutes," Morton assured her. "Julian's taking them the long way through camp. Deliberately."

"Good on him," Karla approved. "Okay, make sure we have warm food and mulled wine waiting in the front of my tent. Then round up the usual suspects and make sure they're medium fancy and in my tent in ten."

"Your will is my life, Lady," Morton said with an extravagant bow. Karla pelted him with a snowball from behind and ran off to her tent, laughing.


Ten minutes later, several members of her First Circle were assembled and waiting for their guests. Karla, ever the diplomat, had ordered several of the posters they'd taken from Sidra to be hung about the walls. She had a large and imposing chair to sit it, but had not yet called in for additional chairs. The attending Blood would stand before her until she had ascertained their motives for visiting, both stated and not.

She'd changed from her working clothes into a dress, warm and finely crafted, but with very little ornamentation. Her hair was pulled back to frame her face, but again, the style was attractive, but simple. There were more papers than gilding in her tent, and while everything was of high-quality, it all had the air of use to it. There was nothing here that was only useful for show. The food was heart, warm, and filling, but practical, and she ate no differently than anyone else in the camp. She was drawing a stark contrast between herself and the ostentatious Court of her uncle's.

Time to see whether they could really handle the Queen she was going to be, rather than the whatever kind of Queen they'd traveled here expecting.

"Game on," she murmured, just loud enough to be heard by Morton and Warren, who were flanking her chair, and Raven who was mirroring Mallory's position just off to the side. "Let's see what these folks are after, shall we?"

[For thems in Glacia with her!]
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The further south their great procession had traveled, the more things had changed. Some of that was purely geographical, of course. They'd left the mountains and the great pine forests long behind them, trading them in for fields and rivers made mighty by the runoff from the mountains that only stopped when the weather turned water to ice. They had not yet hit Glacia's true agricultural region--that lay in the wealthier and more settled south--but small hills and dales were dotted with sheep and brightly-colored cottages in large and prosperous villages.

The weather had also changed as they'd ridden and marched and trained. They had started off in high summer, but even that had been cool and pleasant beneath the vast trees up north, the brightest days dimmed by the dark and heavy pines. Now they were in the fall, almost time for the harvest, and yet still the days grew hotter and more stifling as they traveled. The frequent rivers were cool and refreshing to ride through, but they lent mugginess to the air and the Black Widows and Healers that traveled with Karla's army were hard-pressed to keep up with the demands for salves to prevent mosquito bites and unguents to soothe the inevitable itches away.

But what had changed most dramatically during the course of their procession were the people. Oh yes, they all still had the Glacian stamp on them: pale skin, pale blond hair, pale blue eyes, but the further south they rode, expressions of the people had grown harder, more distrusting, or even just duller, as if their spirits had been all but snuffed. In the north, people had flocked to her banner (and she had one now, a literal banner, carried out in the front of her army, whose idea was that?) by the hundreds; Jono, Julian, and Momoko had been forced to turn people away just to keep the size of her army manageable. That flood had slowed to a trickle and had practically dried up by the time they'd crossed into the Province directly north of Glacia. Lord Mallory, her Steward, had suggested that everyone who had wanted to join had already done so. But Karla knew the truth: it wasn't just potential recruits that had dwindled here, but also her support. These were the in-betweeners, not close enough to be cowed by Hobart, nor far enough to be independent of him, either. At best, they were indifferent to political maneuvering, wanting only to be left alone. At worst, they were willing to play both sides, looking for whichever one offered the best advantage at the time.

Karla looked at the woman in front of her and wished she knew where on that scale the other woman fell. )

In answer, Karla pointed at the table. The light from the setting sun was pouring in through a window to their side. In the air, Marva appeared to have five fingers on her right hand, just like any other woman.

On the table, her shadow had only four. Her right ring finger had been cut off.

"You pledged yourself to Hobart," Karla snarled. "You're the rat your sister should fear." Behind her, Morton drew his sword.

[NFB. Omg, this is incredibly long, much love to anyone who reads it all the way through!]
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A little more than a week ago, Karla had sent the vast majority of her Court away from Haven. One could hardly have a proper processional through one's home Territory without people smoothing the way. There were perspective soldiers to assemble, food to purchase, lodgings to prepare, Province Queens to quietly contact...And so Karla had sent her Court to prepare her way, possibly cackling, "Fly, my pretties, fly!" to herself because a girl has to make her own fun sometimes.

A few days later, a 'gift' from Khary and Morghann had come in the shape of a dozen beautiful Scelt-bred horses, led by four kindred Warlord horses. Those four stopped before Karla, Warren, Raven, and Dinah and bowed, giving each a respectful greeting from Lord Khardeen--though from Warren's rueful burst of laughter, it was likely that Khary had included a special message just for him.

The next morning at long-enough-after-dawn-for-coffee-because-we're-not-barbarians-Mother-Night-though-it's-still-a-ridiculous-time-to-leave o'clock, they headed out of Haven and made for Glacia. Though mountain traveling was never comfortable or easy, they made good time; they were too late for shockingly-fast summer storms and too early for the ferocious autumn ones. Though it snowed several times during their crossing, the snow itself was light and did not impede them much. With kindred horses leading the way, they didn't even need to worry about the horses finding proper footing or running the risk of broken ankles.

For a trip through mountains heading to war, it was surprisingly good natured. There was singing and story-telling, conversation and contemplation, bickering and bonding. They made good time and Karla was almost sorry to leave the mountains behind. Because the easy part of the summer was over. Now it was time to get down to work.

The first village they rode into had a surprise for them. There was Julian greeting them on the outskirts of the village wearing an insouciant grin. "My lady," he said with an exaggerated bow. "May I have the honor of giving you a present to celebrate the formation of your Court?"

Karla raised an eyebrow. "I do like presents," she agreed, confused but willing to play along. "Is it my uncle's head on a platter?"

Smirking, Julian shook his head. "No, but possibly better." He led her horse through the village to the open green at the center of it. Though very little of the green could be seen through the mass of men and women standing at strict attention, lined up in orderly, if somewhat ragged lines. "Lady," Julian said, with a bow, "may I present the beginnings of your army."

[For the Glacian contingent! NFB]
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The last time Karla had been here, she'd been incredibly nervous about how that evening would turn out and affect her future. Standing in the Keep tonight with a crowd of people around her--some of them almost complete strangers--made her almost laugh at how naive her fear had been the last time.

Her Offering was nothing. This was the completely terrifying night.

A small gong echoed through the room. Once. Twice. Thrice. Then, after a pause, a fourth time. Four times for the four sides of a Blood triangle, the fourth side being what was held within the other three. Like the three males--Steward, Master of the Guard, and Consort--who formed a strong, intimate triangle around a Queen.

Lord Mallory shuffled around, making certain that everyone was lined up according to Protocol, light Jewels to dark, first all the males and then the females. A pair of double doors opened in the rear of the room and Karla glided forward to take her place on a small dias, then turned to watch her friends--her Court--file in behind her.

She took a deep breath and completely ignored all of her future Steward's hard work and Protocol and called out, "Prince Regan, will you serve in the First Circle?"

And so it began.

[NFB for distance, some text taken from Heir to the Shadows, Chapt. 16]
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Karla wasn't sure why she'd been surprised to discover that, in addition to renting the wonderful Captain Chiba and his yacht, Serenity, Warren had also rented them an island. Okay, so, he hadn't exactly rented the island, he'd rented the villa they were staying in which just happened to be situated on an island, and their exclusive use thereof had been included in the rent.

She had tried to laughingly explain to him that normal people didn't do that, that she was a Queen and daughter of a Queen and even she thought renting an island was extravagant, which was when he pointed out that a) they weren't normal by any means, b) this was their last vacation together for awhile, which meant he had every right to be as extravagant as he'd like, c) that neither of them would be comfortable staying at a resort where they'd have to hide who and what they were, and, d) the nonsense about renting the villa, which came with the island, as opposed to deliberately just renting an island which would be ridiculous.

Karla splashed him for the pure, patent nonsense which was the last argument, though she was willing to go along with him with the other three.

That, and, well, who would be that much of an idiot to turn this place down?
Not Karla, that was for damn sure )

[Mostly establishy. Post co-written by [ profile] not_a_parakeet. NFB.]
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Karla tried not to look nervous as the great doors to the Dark Altar opened in front of her. Inside, Opal witchlights danced in sconces, forming a path for her to follow, rather than illuminating what was within. This was very different than her Birthright Ceremony, where she'd had the company of her parents and several other children, where a Priestess had waited to accompany her into the Sanctuary and discuss what Jewel she wanted. That had taken place in the middle of the afternoon, with sunlight streaming through and picnics set up on the grass and her mother announcing to all and sundry Karla's paternity.

This was darkness and Darkness and she was alone. Here, she was going to prove her worth, her inner strength, and she didn't know what to expect. Children were coached through their Birthright Ceremony; no one spoke of the details of their Offering. It was too intensely personal.

"You must enter soon," Geoffrey told her, gently. He understood all too well the uncertainty in Karla's eyes. "From sundown to sunup, and it is nearly that time now."

Putting on a brave face and a careless smile, she looked back at the people who had assembled to witness this, perhaps the defining moment of her life.

"Kiss kiss," she said with a wink and a salute. "See you at dawn!"

And then the giant doors closed behind her.

[NFB, Post 1 of 2]
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It was almost time for then to catch their portal home, but Morton had cautiously decided that there was enough time to visit one more landen village before they left. Even Julian didn't have much a problem with this, mollified by the five Blood males (and seven females) that Karla had handwavily, because cons are exhausting offered a place in her First Circle, once she'd made her Offering.

Once there, they'd scattered to their respective duties with an ease that came with having done the same thing many times within the past two weeks. Karla took over whatever building was the largest, more interested in being a Healer than a Queen, taking care of whatever ailments came her way, either with Craft, mundane medicines, or just some brisk advice. Warren sat nearby, making sure she had plenty to eat and drink, while talking to the people about their problems and their woes, making sure they felt heard, understood, and cared for. People who might otherwise have been afraid to come to Karla were set at ease by his openness and, more importantly, his lack of Jewel.

Jono and Julian were teamed up elsewhere, talking frankly about the war that Karla would be bringing to Glacia, about her plans to depose the current Queen and her Ruling Council, and making it clear that any landen who wished to fight--or even learn to better defend his village--was welcome to join with them. Jono made it very clear that the landens that joined with them would be more than simply fodder for the Blood. Their willingness to fight for a Queen that would see them as people too had even Julian offering a grudging respect.

Morton was out in the fields, delivering the Queen's Gift to nourish the crops. A cupful of Karla's blood in a bucket of water was enough to give the tiny plants new life and fullness, ensuring that the village could meet their new tithes while still having enough leftover for themselves. And Kaelas remained outside of the village, keeping watch with his superior kindred senses, which he never failed to point out to their group of tiny noses and ineffectual teeth.

[NFB, and all PCs modded with permission. Violence and dark themes in the comments, because what would a trip to Glacia be without those?]
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The portal had dropped them off in the outskirts of Haven. Portalocity tech was one more thing that Karla could add to the list of information she didn't want most Kaeleerans to have, especially her enemies. But Haven wasn't that far from the Glacian border, which meant it was the ideal staging ground for their reconnaissance missions. They could slip into Glacia without Hobart being the wiser and then move around from there. She knew he was watching the Winds, so they'd stick to roads and private Coaches as much as possible, but they should be able to see much of the Territory while they were here.

It helped, of course, that they'd have a few native guides and a system of safe-houses already prepared. The underground movement had been working overtime lately.


[NFB and SP]
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Between the flower sale and rehearsal, Karla barely had enough time to grab her mail before catching the portal to Warren's dorm for Valentine's Day plans with Wesley at the ballet. Upon arrival, there was the traditional 'God/Mother Night, I missed you' greeting which took up some time, but eventually, they settled in for a relaxing evening in, with Warren working on a paper for class, and Karla memorizing her lines for Frank.

Eventually, however, she remembered that she'd shoved her mail into her coat pocket and pulled it out to go through. Junk, junk, bills, invoices for 'Dite's, letter from Grezande...and a letter from Worthington Labs. Just looking at the envelope made Karla's heart pound and throat dry. She...honestly hadn't expected a return letter. At least, not quite so quickly. For her to have gotten a reply from him this soon, Warren, Jr must has responded the same day he had gotten her missive.

The letter was short, only three sentences long. And now that it was here, she was going to have to talk to Warren about it. She'd been hoping for a little more time to figure out exactly how to broach the subject to him, that she'd contacted his father about a business arrangement on behalf of Glacia, but it looked that time wasn't something she had anymore of.

"Warren?" she asked, trying not to sound tentative. "You have a minute?"
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Like much of the island, Karla had been dreaming a lot lately. Some of her dreams featured Triela, but most of them were of her parents. In the beginning of the week, she'd dreamed of them as they'd been when she was a child: amazing and wonderful and larger than life. By last night, however, she was seeing them as an adult and had spent most of the dream trying to talk to them about what she was supposed to do next, how to be a good Queen.

The frustrating thing about dreams was how they sometimes refused to give any easy answers.

After a nap and yet another unhelpful dream, Karla decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. Maybe that would help her think. She felt the tug towards Ingvar's shores, but ignored it. She'd searched for the stone the last time this happened. She could let it go for now. After all, the odds were pretty good that her parents would show up tomorrow. Why hasten the arrival of Fandom weird tonight?

[For the boy and the parents, please]
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A lot of things had happened in Faerie since the weekend, when Leda, Karla, Blossom, and James had taken down the tyrant. A surrender had been negotiated. An ally had been buried. The rebuilding had begun.

Karla hadn't seen any of it. Immediately after her plea for clemency had been delivered, Blossom had taken her aside and proceeded to bully and browbeat her within an inch of her life. She'd been terrible. Blossom fights dirty, y'all. )

Yeah. So, that had happened. Even now that she was back to her normal size, Karla was not best pleased with Momoko for shriveling her. It was stupid! She would have been even more upset if she didn't agree that her own behaviour had been equally stupid. Not then, she hadn't, of course. But time and distance (and food and rest and reflection) had done an excellent job of reminding her that she was a compulsive (and impulsive!) idiot.

Oh, and Warren had helped. Oh yes, he had made his feelings on the matter VERY CLEAR, pretty much from the moment that Blossom had shown up in Sunnydale.

Special Delivery! )

As Karla had started to stutter out another excuse, Warren had come to a decision of his own. He had calmly dropped her in his candyless shirt pocket, calmly proceeded to book a portal to Kaeleer, and calmly called the Hall to let Lucivar know that they would be arriving shortly--he'd needed to be somewhere he could hit things and not have to worry about pretending to be normal. Karla was pretty sure he'd also needed to be somewhere he could throttle her and not get arrested for it. They'd both known that when he finally dropped this illusion of calm, things were going to get violent.

And now, almost a full Kaeleeran week later, Karla still hadn't seen Warren since he'd handed a tiny her to Saetan. He'd been sleeping in the Consort suite with the door firmly locked between then and had risen each morning with the sun to go out to the grounds to work through his temper. For a week. Now Karla had a portal booked back to Fandom and she wasn't entirely sure she'd be seeing him before she left.

[Preplayed & co-written with [ profile] heromaniac and [ profile] not_a_parakeet who are rock stars, yo, and continued in comments with mega SP. Another post will go up (tomorrow?) for other folks who wish to yell.]
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This time it was Karla who woke up first, as Fandom returned those gifts it had taken away. Most nights, being woken up by a wing-buffet to the face would have ended with sulking and poking at Warren until he was awake enough to apologize and make it up to her, but this morning it just made Karla squeal and grin. Especially when, a moment later, she realized that she could sense Warren again, the familiar pulse of emotions there waiting to be acknowledged.

"Warren! Warren! Wake up!" She was like a little kid at Christmas. Or, okay, like herself at Christmas. "Warren!"

Sure, he had to be up early to catch his portal back to Sunnydale and would probably appreciate sleep. But Karla was positive that he'd appreciate knowing he had his wings back even more.

"Oh no the stock market crashed!"

That'd get him up.
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Karla wasn't sulking. Not at all. That would be ridiculous. Sure, just because her boyfriend of two years had left three days before their anniversary and then hadn't called at all today was no reason to be upset. Neither was the fact that when he had finally gotten around to gracing her with a phone call, it was to ask if Karla would run down to the Causeway and check the Bee for something he'd forgotten after a hurried and half-mumbled 'Happy Anniversary'.

So Karla was down on the other side of the Causeway, looking for her stupid boyfriend's stupid car so she could find whatever stupid thing he'd been looking for. It wasn't like she had a gift burning a hole in her pocket or anything. "This is bloody ridiculous," she muttered to where Nemi was perched on her shoulder. "You hear me? Abso-bloody-lutely ridic--"

The rest of what she had to say was swallowed up by an inarticulate cry of delight. There was Warren, lounging against the Bee, holding a bouquet of irises.

[For the gentleman what was mentioned and up early for lake-related SP. I'M ONNA BOAT Y'ALL! (Well, not right now)]
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Breathing hard, Karla let herself fall onto Warren's chest, unable or unwilling to hold herself up any longer. "And good morning to you, too," she said with a tired chuckle, nuzzling her face into his neck. "I take it you weren't too tired from all that dancing we did last night?"

And what dancing it had been, too.

"I recover quickly," Warren replied, not bothering to hide the little smirk that was tugging at his lips. "But it seems to me like you recuperated well enough from the dancing, yourself."

"You give me plenty of reason to keep up." Karla pressed a kiss to his jawline and reluctantly convinced her body to roll to the side so Warren could shift about if he wanted to. He was okay with laying on his wings given suitable motivation and distraction--which she was happy to provide in abundance--but she hated to keep him pinned down longer than necessary. Especially since he was so generous in his agreement of when it was necessary. "Though I will admit, I'm about ready to fall back asleep for a little while longer. We were up late and--" she yawned "--then someone felt the need to wake us up early."

Ish. For Karla, quarter past eleven on a Saturday was early, all right?

"I forget that you're part bear and feel the instinctive need to hibernate on weekends," Warren teased, taking that invitation to roll over and shifting his weight about, his wings splaying out behind him with not much in the way of grace or style. There had been plenty of grace and style at the dance. This morning was for being close, gentle teasing, and appreciating having Karla all to himself after the unwelcome reminder that Prom had given him, that his time as a high school student was nearly over. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Maybe I'll be in a more forgiving mood after my nap," Karla replied, languorously stretching her legs while Warren kept her tucked neatly against his side. The sheets and blankets had long since been kicked off the sides of the bed, but he was enough to keep her warm anyway. "It will almost certainly require groveling in the form of room service. And possibly a little more of what woke me up in the first place."

Shameless? Damn right.

"But not until I've slept for at least another hour." She grabbed her watch off the bedside table, the only item that had survived an early wing-buffeting. Eh. They'd put that clock back before they left. And Warren would pay for the lamp's replacement. "Barely noon? Make it an hour and a half."

"Really, I wouldn't complain if we just stayed like this for the rest of the day," Warren admitted, one of those gracelessly splayed wings rustling about for a moment before folding around the both of them. "I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday."

The best laid plans of mice and men... )

[Preplayed for lack of availability! Post co-written with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. Open for more AU!kidlets, with a HUUUUUUUGE SP warning, as I am busy like a busy thing this weekend]
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Oh no.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Karla was standing in the middle of her dorm room, surrounded by piles of...of...of stuff. It was probably for the best that Gabrielle was off in Greece again (though if she knew what was happening to her roommate, she'd rethink that), otherwise she might have gotten lost in the heaping jumbles of books, clothing, knick-knacks, and other assorted detritus of every day living. Mini-Morton had gotten tangled under skeins of spider silk and had taken refuge behind her frog tank on her dresser once he'd managed to free himself. It was like a miniature whirlwind had swept through their room and upended almost every belonging they had.

Almost every belonging. That was the key issue. But the one thing she couldn't find, no matter how hard she searched, was Warren's bear. His stuffed bear, Mr. Buddy, who she'd sorta...kinda...bear-napped. In a way. If one wanted to look at it in the kind of light. Which Karla generally didn't (she had liberated him, dammit), but, right now, with him gone, she could see how it was possible that someone--like Warren, say--could see it in that sorta, kinds (albeit wrong) light.

She had just put him down on her bed before leaving for class? Where the Hell could one tiny stuffed bear gotten off to?

[For one and then another, please! And because LJ is the WORST EVER, the links to the thread with Warren.]
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After the debacle of Agio (and the even more debacle-y aftermath), Karla had promised to keep Saetan, Lucivar, and Morton apprised of major events at Fandom. She might often interpret that promise as conveniently as possible, but there was no way that even she could spin the end of all creation as something other that a 'major event.' Which was why two months after reality had been repaired, she was standing in Saetan's office, telling them what had happened in stark and painful detail. Of course, since what had happened had affected all of Kaeleer, even if they didn't know it, Karla was not delivering her report to Saetan alone, or even Saetan and Lucivar. No, Jaenelle and several members of the coven and the boyos had all crowded in, too, and were listening to her clustered in the chairs at the back of his office.

It could have been worse. There might not have been a Kaeleer to return back to. Or the split between her and Warren could have been permanent, leaving her to stand in front of the High Lord's great blackwood desk alone while spilling out the story. It was comforting, having him beside her, so she could reach out and hold his hand for comfort at a few parts.

Karla had done all of the speaking up until this point, laying out all of what had happened in sparse detail. They had heard the entirety of the account, all the way up to remembering the universe back into existence without interrupting, but she didn't think that silence was going to last for very long, not as her story wound down to an end. From the shifting behind her and the faces that Saetan and Lucivar had made at various points in her tale, once she stopped talking, she was going to face a torrent of words.

Most of them probably invectives. At least from Lucivar. )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. TBC in comments. Apologies, was supposed to be up yesterday (and completed), but I sort of failed at availability this week.]
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After her visit to Tony's room, Karla had made good on her conversation with Ender from this morning. After her conversations with Ender and Warren about Topher, she couldn't just not apologize.

Knowing it was the right thing to do hadn't made it easy, though.

So she was now in front of the Room of Emo Repression (Now With Bonus Sex!), kicking the door. Her arms were full of several different varieties of ice cream, while a ridiculous number of toppings floated around her. There were even bananas and jars of 'real strawberry topping' so they could have fruit and call it healthy! And perched precariously on top of the ice cream containers was a DVD of meta for- The Last Unicorn.

What? It was a romantic, cartoon musical about unicorns! Exactly what she'd wanted! A happy, breezy, light-hearted movie to take her mind off of everything else.

"Kiss kiss!" she called, kicking the door again. "Let me in before I freeze or it melts!"
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Last night, I had a dream... )

Karla bolted upright in bed and with a strangled gasp, the scent of the night air and lingering torch smoke still in the back of her throat.

[For he who's there, please!]
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Karla was curled up in Warren's bed, trying to read. It was a new trashy novel from 'Dite's store, but as compelling as it was, it wasn't holding her interest. Kind of hard for the Duchess of Gloucester's difficulty in catching a husband to compare against to the literal ending of worlds.

Not to mention that, but Warren and Wesley had vanished after the Reserves meeting and Warren hadn't come back yet. She knew it was silly, that no one had vanished from the island yet, but she couldn't help worrying about that anyway as the clock ticked later and later and there was still no sign of Warren.

It wasn't until well past midnight when Karla heard Warren fumbling at the door. She was out of bed in a minute, pulling the door open.

[For him what whose room it is! And for suuuuper-SP what with holidays and school and stuff!]


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