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Karla's last post was the last of the Glacian Civil War and the last of the posts from [ profile] glacial_witch. If you haven't already, please go friend [ profile] glacial_queen, which will totally have posts and icons in it soon, really!

Thanks to everyone who's been reading and following along with this long, sprawling plot, and ridiculous thanks to [ profile] blondecanary, [ profile] heromaniac, [ profile] trigons_child, and [ profile] not_a_parakeet/[ profile] apocalipped for sticking with me long past the summer when this was all supposed to be wrapped up, for letting me emotionally abuse their characters, and for making wonderful use of the sandbox that we played in.
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So, I've been suffering from an advanced case of the dead for about a week now. I'm on the mend, but I'm still spending a lot of time sleeping and very little time doing constructive things like 'thinking' or 'pinging' or much beyond 'not drooling.' Hopefully I'll be able to kick this soon and be back in the swing of things, but for the next few days, at least, I'm probably going to remain Sir-Not-Appearing-On-The-Internet (which is how you know it's serious, omg).

Apologies to anyone I had plans/threads/conversations with. We can pick them up (or not) as you wish, once I'm back and have successfully mastered doing more than that not-drooling thing I mentioned earlier.
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Okay, so there are lots of good brainstorming going on in the admin OOC-posts. But one thing that we haven't discussed yet is: AU!journal names. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am having a hell of a time coming up with names for mine. So (after checking with the admins), I figured I'd put up a post where folks could all have a centralized space to kick ideas around and offer suggestions.

So, if you're trying to figure out what your AU!journals' names should be, or are really good at coming up with snazzy names, pile on in here!
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It's that time again! Time for another Sapphic Slumber Party, brought to you by Tara, Karla, and the last of the sex pollen! Hosted in the community center to make it available for younger townies (please, no teachers!), the young women of Fandom will be invited to a party full of snacks, games, desserts, alcohol, and lowered inhibitions!

Except, of course, it's not going to get much past the kissy in girlkissy--at least in the official party post, of course. Characters are more than welcome to sneak off to another section of the community room or their rooms (and their individual journals) for forays beyond simple 'kissy'. Considering the amount of pollen in the air, I will be sad if there isn't at least a little bit of that!

Further more, it is a slumber party, so feel free to have your ladies sleep over. This is ESPECIALLY true if they're going to wake up as someone else the next morning. A reaction post will go up for everyone still physically in the community center the next day. The more the merrier! Of course, if you have plans to wake up elsewhere, feel free to have your character duck out at some point. Like everything else with this party, the sleeping over part is purely opt in.

Does my character have to get involved with girlkissy?: Absolutely not. Just like the last girlkissy party, the kissing and other assorted makeouts are completely voluntary. Even people at the party won't have to get involved if they don't want to.

So how will it work?: Well, that's up to you and your character. Feel free to play it however you like with other characters, though regular modding rules still apply. There will be a few additional threads available for people to ping into: a Spin the Bottle thread, a Truth or Dare thread, and a Strip Poker thread. Perhaps other threads as people suggest them. So, even if your character isn't the type to randomly make out with other girls, there's certainly nothing wrong with playing a silly little party game, is there?

*innocent face*

Who's invited?: Anyone 21 and under who identifies as female! We ask that no teachers come, because that could lead to an uncomfortable teacher-student dynamic, but younger female townies, students, and even random alumni who decide to spend a Saturday night in town can show up. (This will, of course, count as one of the days on Fandom for alumni.)

WHEN WILL IT ALL END?!: Well, the pollen ends (I think) the same time the bodyswap begins, so everyone will wake up Saturday with lowered libidos. Some of them will just wake up with a whole NEW host of problems instead, but that's just the perils of living in Fandom. Am I right?
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To sum up: Paladins' mounts are magical beasts, not regular horses. They come from a mystical plane and must be summoned and then stay for 2 hours/paladin's level--though they can be dismissed at any time. They are ridiculously hard to kill, though if they do die...

Should the paladin’s mount die, it immediately disappears, leaving behind any equipment it was carrying. The paladin may not summon another mount for thirty days or until she gains a paladin level, whichever comes first, even if the mount is somehow returned from the dead. During this thirty-day period, the paladin takes a –1 penalty on attack and weapon damage rolls.


She will be discovering this IG at some point. Kitty, prepare to have a Player's Handbook brought to the bar one day.

[This is, of course, ignoring how not lawful good Karla's actions were. BUT WHATEVER. THE HORSE LIVES.]

[This post brought to you by the fact that my husband is even nerdier than I am and reminded me about this rule. Also, hats off to [ profile] dollpocalypse for putting this together, everyone for playing and making me laugh until I cried, and [ profile] exactlyaverage for a wonderful radio post.]
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So, in about an hour, I'll be getting picked up and driven to the airport where a good friend and I are making our way down to bright (I hope) and sunny (double-hope) Costa Rica. I have been promised at least limited internets (triple-hope), but I have no idea what my availability will be, either in regards to said internets and/or my free time. I have been promised volcanoes, horseback riding, and machete-wielding people who will bring me fresh fruit when I ask, because apparently fresh fruit is a thing when you're staying in Costa Rica.

On a tree plantation.


Anyway, the dazzling [ profile] not_a_parakeet has agreed to snag my links for Friday and hopefully by Monday, I will have a better idea what my availability will be. Until then, I will likely be kinda scarce (as I've been all week, many apologies to people I was threading with. Apparently traveling to Central America for 3 weeks is a big deal if you're immune-compromised, who knew?)

So, yes, I'm off! We'll see if this is the trip I get to cross 'got deported' off my bucket list. [ profile] not_a_parakeet, [ profile] icecoldfrost, you two are in charge of bail money when if I call needing it. AHDDIE, NO USING ALL MY BAIL MONEY FOR COOKIES. AGAIN.

[This rambling, slightly-incoherent post brought to you by the letters O, M, F, and G, many hours of packing and shots, sleep-deprivation, and viewers like you.]

[...Can I get a monkey in Costa Rica? Does Costa Rica even have monkeys? ANYONE WANNA SEE MY MONKEY?!?]
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So, as you may have seen in Karla's most recent Dite post; the store is holding a contest to name their newest mascot! There will even be prizes! Who can turn down a prize, huh? Huh?

...That's what I thought!

Anyway, ICly Karla is affixing a little ballot box on the outside of 'Dite's store so people have a place to leave their suggestions. OOCly, that box is a link back to this post, where you can leave a (screened) suggestion in the Suggestion thread. You do NOT have to play out a thread where your character leaves a suggestion, but the winning characters will need to come to the store to claim their prize. (I will be happy to work with people in order to make sure that there is a post open that fits your pinging availability.)

*The contest goes until Sunday October 24, 11:59pm PST to give all visiting alumni a chance to compete ICly if they wish. The winner will be chosen in a way that I have not yet decided upon, but will probably involve copious drinking of both the IC and OOC varieties.

*ONLY entries left in the suggestion thread in this post will be qualified. So, even if you mention it in a thread, make sure it gets added here, too.

*Multiple entries allowed. Multiple suggestions in a single comment also allowed.

*To be considered, all entries must have names on them! How else will the 'Dite's staff know who gets the prize?

*That being said, the name on the sheet does NOT have to be the name of the person leaving the suggestion. Lying about your identity is completely A-OK!

*The winning name will NOT be Beyonce. That's been done.

*[This space reserved for future rules I am not coherent enough to make right now.]
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So tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be undergoing a twelve hour drive up to the land of moose, maple, and metric to visit our own [ profile] furnaceface. Yaaaaay! So far, most of our plans seem to revolve around introducing me to Canadian food (POUTINE STILL SOUNDS WEIRD TO ME, Y'ALL) and making each other read comics, as well as going up and harassing [ profile] hotceltogoth into making delicious foods for us. As such, my availability will probably be a little limited (like, down to 12 hours a day stalking the game from 18 or so) while I wander around Halifax pointing to random buildings and screaming, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

[ profile] furnaceface has graciously agreed to cover my links for tomorrow and Monday, October 3rd, when I am driving 12 hours home, at which point I'll be back to stalking the game all day with brief breaks to sleep and sometimes eat.

...At least until I go to Costa Rica later in the month, but that's an availability post for another day.
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Post 1. Prologue: In which a message is delivered.
Post 2. In which our Heroines awaken in a strange yet oddly familiar place. Naked.
Post 3. In which our Heroines head to the Keep for some answers and find more than they bargained for.
Post 4. In which Dinah receives a confidence she is not entirely ready for.
Post 5. In which our Heroines endanger a child for the good of all.
Post 6. In which Karla rescues the captives and finds them to be unlike what she was expecting.
Post 7. In which Dinah keeps Rook safe from Raven's creatures.
Post 8. In which Raven battles Raven.
Post 9. In which our Heroines save the day but find it's not as complete as they would like.
Post 10. In which everyone returns to the estate and there is much painful conversation.
Post 11. In which Dinah and Queen Karla speak.
Post 12. Epilogue: In which Warren speaks to several Karlas.
Post 13. Epilogue: In which Raven is home and cuddles Jono.
Post 14. Epilogue: In which Karla is also home and cries on Warren
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So, my internet went down last night around midnight and isn't back up yet. Our ISP is sending over a repair guy at some time within the next few days to get it fixed. They don't seem to understand that me without the internet is a TRAGEDY that WARRANTS THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY, GAWD. I tried explaining that Saturday was the newbie picnic*, but even that did not sway their cold and unfeeling hearts.

I am currently over a friend's house stealing their net pet-sitting, but I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to stay over all night just because they have the internet and we don't. Therefore, my availability is going to be random and of short-duration followed by long periods of silent.

Hopefully the tech will arrive soon because, dammit, I HAVE NEEDS. INTERNET NEEDS.

*Okay, I didn't, but I would have if I thought it would get me anywhere.
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First and foremost, I need to thank everyone who helped me pull of that gigantic plot. When we started out, I don't think that any of us expected just how huge it would get. But everyone really pitched in and made it far more awesome than I ever could have imagined. So a million, billion thank you's to [ profile] blondecanary, [ profile] brat_intraining (who managed to juggle three characters, hats off to you, Shanie), [ profile] endsthegame, [ profile] icecoldfrost (and many thanks for posting!), [ profile] justwantsquiet, [ profile] life_inshadow (who indulged me by playing two characters, thanks again E), [ profile] longislandiceme, [ profile] momslilassassin, [ profile] not_a_parakeet (another double characters, thank you, hon), [ profile] nothornlessrose, [ profile] trigons_child, and especially [ profile] sorella_vecchia for playing [ profile] glacial_warlord, Karla's cousin Morton.

I also owe thanks to [ profile] divinesurfchick for beta'ing the earlier posts of Karla alone in Kaeleer and making sure that everything made sense.

Thanks also to everyone who read the entire plot--or, at least, didn't murder me for constantly spamming the f-list. Also, thanks to Tracy for picking up the off-island links.

Now that I'm done with the Plot of Doom, Karla's heading back to the island and I'm heading to Mexico for a week. This means that Cindy's going to be turning into a pair of glass slippers (she'll just love that) and Karla will be turning into an Arcerian kitten again. Looks like Fandom's going to make sure she spends a lot of time resting and eating. Folks with modding rights know who they are and I'm off for the tropics, yay!

Please don't kill me
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Sorry for the spamming of your f-lists, folks. Hopefully this will be the last one for awhile.

Anyway, with everyone vanishing unexpectedly, people are leaving a lot of things behind: friends, significant others, even clothing (that would be you, Peter Bishop). Among the list of things left behind, however, are people's pets that, unlike friends and loved ones, can't take care of themselves. Unless people had the foresight to leave out several days worth of food and water, their pets might suffer. After talking to a few people, I know this has already been a concern for some folks.

Fortunately, there's a solution. There's a thread in the Reserves meeting for damn near everything, omg for people who are willing to go out and 'find' people's pets or to rescue the pets of people who have been reported missing. If you have a character here on the island who'd like to rescue and take care of a pet, however handwavily, feel free to sign up there. If you're someone who has a pet that is not otherwise taken care of (vanished or agreed upon otherwise) and you're okay with having them found, ping in here.
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So, I'm leaving Saturday to go 'camping' in New Hampshire, which mostly involves hanging out at a friend's house by the lake. There will be a TV, electricity, and even a sauna, but no internet, which means this is still filed under 'roughing it' in my book.

Karla will be heading out tomorrow morning with Elle and Hinata to see Hayley, and then heading home to Kaeleer for the rest of the weekend. Cindy's off playing spy games in Paris and 21 and 24 will be, uhh, quiet. No surprise there.

I'll be back Tuesday sometime. No lighting the internet on fire without me.

Y'know, unless someone is REALLY WRONG on the internet. Then it's okay.
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Briefly surfacing to say we're experiencing interruptions to our net service due to the thunder storms that have been hitting Worcester all weekend. So if I vanish inexplicably, that's probably what happened.

I'll pick up threads when internet it back reliably.

On the other hand, t-storms are awesome, so I don't mind as much.
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No new kids this time, but some things just bear repeating. So here are the infodumps for my girls in Fandom:

The witchling )

The Fable )

The mun! )
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So, in my head, I had a brilliant plan to outline everything visiting characters would know before the trip. And then I realized that I'd pretty much have to rewrite the books. So here's a small list (as written by Karla) of things folks should know. However, it isn't at all comprehensive
and if you have questions, specifically if it’s something you think Karla would have gone over before the trip, leave a comment in this thread and I’ll answer ASAP. This is extra double-true for people who've never read the books before. I'll be haunting this thread even more diligently than the NPC interactions, okay?

Stuff what you should know )

If in doubt, act like your character is in a Regency/Victorian period drama. I think it's where she cribbed a lot of the general ideas from. You can ignore the 'a true lady never shows her hands in public' idea though. That's just dumb.
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Please remember that Kaeleer sign-ups end tonight. I need your name in this thread by midnight.

Many thanks!
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After the craziness of the past week, wouldn't this be a great weekend to relax? Karla thinks it would be; she's looking forward to a fun weekend of riding unicorns, wave-whomping with dragons, eating honey-pears...

...and she'd like you to join her! )

If you're interested in having your character come to Kaeleer, please sign up by 11:59pm on Thursday, April 1st. I'm sure I've forgotten any number of things that would be useful for you to know, but I'm kind of at a loss for what else to add, so I'm just going to cut to the OCD and hope.

Hope to see you in Kaeleer!
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So, some of you might have noticed that Karla wasn't around for the conclusion of the BDE this weekend. I apologize to anyone who missed her, but I was in Boston all weekend, working PAX East. Specifically, I was being a merch-girl for Jonathan Coulton. Fear not that I will be seduced away by the glamorous life as JoCo's roadie, however; you guys were always very close to my heart. Before the weekend was over, JoCo had heard all about Fandom's brave attempts to fight off Dr. von Slaptyback and free our kidnapped principal.

JoCo's response? )

This was supposed to go up yesterday, before the BDE ended, but I came home and decided to sleep instead. And by 'decided to sleep' I mean, 'I landed face-first on the bed and was unconscious, barely having enough time to kick off my shoes.' I also have a video I'm uploading to Youtube that I thought everyone should listen to while playing out/reading the final confrontation, but that still had two hours before it's finished uploading. I'll post it here as an edit when it's done. I'm pretty sure some of you will appreciate its epic epic-ness.

EDIT: And the video of epic epic-ness is up. The video quality is pretty crap (for which I apologize) and it's live which is why there's random crowd noise. Anyway, it was hoping to have it up yesterday, while it could be listened to while the final battles were raging across Fandom, but it's still fun to listen to. Music and arrangement property of VGO. Their performance was amazing.


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