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So, I'm currently in Virginia, about to attend wizard college starting tomorrow. Would have mentioned this sooner and turned my kids into animals again for it, but all my prep time got eaten up by food poisoning. So last minute announcement and last minute class, sorry!

I'll be returning from Magischola on Sunday and then on Monday I'm whisked away to Cape Cod for a week. There is supposed to be wi-fi there, but also sunshine and beaches, so my availability will be spotty and unpredictable. I'm not animaling anyone so I play haphazardly, but SP is gonna be the name of the game!

Now I'm off to bed because they serve breakfast at the ungodly hour of 7:30 and I need to be there to keep an eye on freshmen to see who I should suggest recruiting to our House.

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Copied and updated from this post.

Stuff what Karla can do:

Jewel Ranks )

Blood Hierarchy & Castes )

Basic Craft )

Caste Abilities
*Heals physical wounds and illnesses
*Weaves Healing webs for complex/life-threatening wounds and illnesses
*Brews many kinds of potions, tinctures, and teas, such as:
*Healing potions (don't stay effective very long)
*Contraceptive brews for both males and females
*Sleeping draughts, burn lotions, moontime-teas, etc

Black Widow:
*Heals the mind
*Weaves tangled webs of visions, and illusions
*Tangled webs are very powerful and can be used to weave complex illusions like what she did for the multicultural fair as well as some very nasty surprises.
*Also used to see the future. It can either be a very clear vision, or just fragments
*Adept with poisons, including neutralizing certain ones
*Prophetic dreaming
*Has a snake tooth (a small tooth attached to a poison sac. There's a hollow under their ring-finger nail where it will emerge. The poison is virulent enough to kill a man)

*Rules the Blood
*Heals the hearts of the people
*Heals the land (A Queen is called the the 'land's heart')

Caste abilities seem limited compared to what can be done with basic Craft, but that's not so. Basic Craft has a lot of very specific abilities. Caste Craft has a fewer number of abilities, but they're correspondingly more versatile and complex. A Black Widow, for example, could weave a tangled web to: create a full-sensory illusion, to trap a mind or soul, to make someone believe they're a frog, to tell the future, etc.

Limitations )
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So, in completely shocking news, something terrible is about to go down in Kaeleer. Anne Bishop, you are why we can't have nice things, I am just saying. In this instance, it's Kaeleer's most beloved species, the unicorns, coming down with a horrible case of the 'getting slaughtered by greedy people'. You think kicking the dog is bad? How terrible do you have to be to murder a unicorn?

My canon is many things, but subtle ain't one.

Anyway, an advance group is going to make it to the scene and see what's going on and then they're going to send out an all-call for help. Only this time, it is literally an all-call. It doesn't matter if your character has never met any of the people involved, never been to Kaeleer, maybe even never heard of unicorns. If you are willing, your character(s) can hear the broadcast all-call summoning them for help. If not, well, the broadcast must have missed them somehow; oh well, no harm no foul. (Your characters are also free to hear it and ignore it, if they wish. All up to you.)

The post is set for Saturday, but will go up Friday evening for SP purposes. The all-call will go out Saturday morning Fandom time and transportation via dimensional portal (thanks Raven!) will be available for anyone who wants to step through and help out. While the post itself will span many, many hours, Kaeleer moves at double speed, which means your characters will be able to go help out in Kaeleer for awhile and still make it back on the island by mid- to lae-afternoon, plenty of time for any evening plans you may have for them, including 3MD.

Some questions that I have anticipated but are hardly exhaustive!

So, anyone can join this? Yup! Any current character, either on-island or off doing alumni things. Dropped characters can't come back for this, but anyone else is fair game. Get your February alumni activity early! No one's going to be checking for invitations at the door. If your character shows up to fight for the unicorns, awesome. Introductions can come later.

None of my kids are fighters! That's okay! There are also going to be a makeshift infirmary that people can hang out at instead, a need for people to make food and hand out water, even wash bandages and whatnot. There's also the possibility of baby-sitting little orphaned foals, trying to convince angry, hurt unicorns not to kill everything on two-legs, watching over captured Terreilleans, because there are going to be at least some people who prefer not to kill bad guys (the Kaeleerans are all very disappointed in you), etc etc etc. If you have an idea of what you'd like your character to do and you're not sure if it'll work, drop me a line and I'll let you know.

Do I have to sign up? Nah! That's way too formal. If there's something your characters needs to be super useful (daytime, nighttime, a full moon, whatever) and you want to mention that, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, feel free to jump in when the post goes up.

This sounds like a LOT of work. How are you going to pull it all off? Oooh, not by myself, I promise!There's NO WAY I'd be able to get to everyone and stay sane. That's why I have a lovely group of NPC volunteers who are all ready for your NPC needs, whether it's a nasty Terreillean to fight or a wounded unicorn to heal or a wounded unicorn to help you fight off a nasty Terreillean. Unicorns come in both wounded and unwounded varieties, Terreilleans are all dicks, though, sorry.

Like BDEs in the past, you'll be able to request an NPC. You can also feel free to mod your fights, or team up with other PCs and talk to them. It would be great if not every thread required an NPC to function, but we'll do our best no matter what!

Wait, doesn't everyone there have magic? I don't want my kid to be creamed. Yes, every Terreillean does have Craft, but that doesn't meant insta-death for folks with non-magic. Very powerful Blood are a rarity (especially in Kaeleer), so by the time your character catches up to them, it's possible they've already exhausted what supply of Craft they have. Or maybe you've teamed up with a unicorn--the unicorns all have Craft and human-level intelligence. Or maybe you have guns and can snipe them from yards away. It may take a few bullets, but even shields can't stand up to guns for long.

Wait, we can use guns? All weapons are free and clear for use. Karla's reasons for not wanting advanced weaponry in Glacia don't stand here. So guns, lasers, magic, swords, Pokemon, leftover flamethrowers from the BDE...whatever floats your boat. Just make sure there's no friendly fire or people will be after you.

When is this taking place, exactly? So, the official real world time/date is Saturday, Feb 1st, all day. A post will go up Friday night, though, and SP can go on for awhile if folks are still willing to play. The official Fandom time is from Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon, leaving characters with several hours to themselves between getting home and 3MD if they have signed up for both (if you do choose to do both, please make sure you'll still have energy to play in 3MD!). In Kaeleer, the time is a little more...timey-wimey. In canon, the fight lasts from sunup to sundown. If there are vampires and/or werewolves who would like to participate, we can finagle it to night time with a bright enough full moon that folks can see. We'll take that as it goes.

Can I keep a unicorn. No. Not even an orphan. But you get to help save some and patch them up. That's like having one, right? Okay, no. Deal.

That's all the questions I could think of. Ask more in the comments!


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