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After a morning of Valentine's Day-inspired snuggling, Karla and Warren had headed to LA to meet up with Wesley and his friends/coworkers before their evening entertainment. The polite getting-to-know-you chatter had been cut short when Karla had asked what the dress code for the evening should be. She was thinking about choosing between several of the outfits she'd vanished away for the occasion, but her innocent question had snowballed into a decision that the ladies were going to leave the gentlemen behind for a few hours while they went off to find something appropriate for the evening.

Fortunately, Cordy knew EXACTLY where to take them to splurge. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC welcome, preplayed with [ profile] wesleynotponcy taking all the NPCs! Taken and adapted from Angel S03E13 "Waiting in the Wings"]
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"All right," he said, vastly uninterested in their teenage romantic drama. "Get in there. We got a kid to save."

"Take my hand," Kitty said. "I can get us--"

Still blushing, Karla gave her a grin. "Thanks, but," she said, and passed through the outer wall of the facility, "I got it."

"Is there anything you can't do?" Kitty asked, looking a little skeptical.

Karla just offered her a grin. "You should see my friend Jaenelle," she replied. "The other answer is 'be diplomatic.' Speaking of--" she cocked her head to the side and listened to the noise of Magneto's flunky slamming through walls. He sounded like he was getting closer. Weren't you supposed to deal with him? )

[NFI, NFB, OOC IS LOVE. Follows this and happening concurrently with this. Events and dialogue largely stolen from X-3, which I've now had to watch multiple times in a day. THAT IS LOVE, YO. And many apologies to [ profile] throughaphase for any character assassination. I swear, BLAME THE MOVIE.]
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The construction of the first of the refugee villages was continuing apace when the portal from Fandom arrived. In the time since school had begun again, the hired workers had managed to clear the land granted to them by Lasfaeran and also dig and fortify the foundations of the buildings. Arcerian cats prowled the site; they were not interested in helping, for the most part, but were getting used to having such a large and noisy number of humans nearby. The humans were also getting used to having such a large and silent number of Arcerians nearby, though they were perhaps adjusting with a little less grace than the kindred.

It was hard not to notice when you were outweighed and outmatched--and, in a number of cases, outranked as well.

Even with the impressive amount of progress that had been made in her absence, Karla could see there was still a lot to do. There was land cleared for crops, but it hadn't been readied for actual planting yet. Some few of the buildings had been framed, but nothing more than that. There were holes dug for posts, but none of the livestock pens had been put up yet. Wells had been dug, as well as sewage lines and irrigation ditches, but they still needed reinforcement and care.

Pushing up her sleeves, Karla grabbed a hammer and got to work. This was going to be a home for her people and, dammit, she wasn't going to stand around supervising all day. For the most part, she had no idea what she was doing, but she could follow instructions.

Eventually, the foreman got over the fact that he was hollering at a Queen and began ordering her about with the same caustic language as everyone else.

[Open to anyone Karla would have called, texted, emailed, or whatever to invite for a few days worth of Habitat for Humanity type work in Kaeleer. If you think you got a call, you did! NFB for off-island.]
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The meeting took place after dark. For all that the Hall was filled with dark power that had seeped into its very stones, it was still easier for the demon-dead to arrive after the sun had set. Several bottles of yarbarah were already warming--this might be a war council, but Mrs. Beale would never allow Mephis, Prothvar, and Andulvar to go without refreshment.

All war councils need tea and cookies )

[Establishy, unless them that are there wish to talk to people! NFB.]
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Karla was feeling wonderful as she slowly started heading towards consciousness. Last night had been amazing, simply amazing and she snuggled close to where Warren was curled up. Mmm, he was so warm and soft and...

Soft? That was not actually one of the words she would use to describe her boyfriend. Her hand crept up and--


Her eyes flew open as she bolted up, clutching the sheet to her chin. Looking frantically around, Karla realized three things:

1) She was waking up in a room that she did not recognize,

2) She was stark naked, and

3) Neither of the people she was waking up next to were the male she went to bed with.

"Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful."

In which Karla's dignity hits a new low. )

Julian Hagen was unaware his bad fortnight had just gotten worse. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love! Preplayed with the amazingness that is [ profile] blondecanary and [ profile] trigons_child. Coded with the amazingness that is [ profile] whateverknight's preplay coder. Warning for spoilers for Queen of the Darkness.]
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She was calling it guerilla-Queening. Okay, actually she was still calling it gorilla-Queening, but the intention was the same. Karla knew full well that she still couldn't go toe-to-toe with Hobart yet. She couldn't just waltz into Sidra and demand that he retract his lies, reign in his bullies, and confess to her parents' murder. But that didn't mean that she had to stay silent and exiled to Fandom, either. No, she'd found a way to thumb her nose at her uncle AND fulfill one of her duties as a Queen. )

And now, outside Rijen, the first village she'd decided to visit, Karla took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. "I can do this," she breathed.

[NFB, for off-island shenanigans.]
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Half an hour before the dance was scheduled to begin, Karla was ready. Her hair was done, makeup applied (less expertly than if Emma had done it, but at least passable), and dress--scandalously short by Karla's standards--donned and sensibly kept away from anything that could spill, leak, or stain it. Which meant that Karla was sitting on her bed, dress ruffled out so it didn't crease, not touching anything.

A lot of work and prep (and, to be honest, frustration and now boredom) for a dance Karla wasn't certain she was even going to. )

Still in her pretty red party dress, Karla snagged her phone and started dialing the number for Portalocity. There'd probably be a wait, but whatever. Maybe she'd spend the time at the dance--she'd bought a pair of tickets herself, just in case Warren had forgotten. Still listening to the phone ring, Karla yanked her door open, just in time to see--


[For the one mentioned, please.]
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It had been a rough few weeks--make even rougher by Raven's surprise appearance at Fast Eddie's last night. Karla was still unsure of what to make of that, and had spent all of the time since then ensconced in the library, trying to find something, anything about what could have explained Raven's sudden appearance and disappearance from their midst.

Which was why Warren had stepped in and very politely, but firmly, informed her that they were going to spend the evening together and relaxing for a few hours. Karla had protested, futilely, but Warren was implacable in his own soft-spoken way and eventually Karla had agreed that a few hours not fretting about Raven wouldn't be the end of the world.

Now, the remains of room service on a tray by the hotel door and Warren's hands massaging away some of the tension in her neck and shoulders, Karla was surprised to find herself feeling better than she had in weeks. )

And then Karla made a phone call.... )

[ooc: Preplayed with [ profile] not_a_parakeet, [ profile] blondecanary, and [ profile] trigons_child. Open for a specific phone call, but otherwise, NFI.]
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Costume? Check?

Sensible shoes? Check.

Moderately embarrassing undergarments that would help her pull off said costume? Check and double-check.

Karla eyed herself in the mirror, trying not to make a face. She didn't look very supervillain-y. The catsuit was a nice touch, but she wasn't really radiating an aura of menace, like she'd seen on the teevee. Maybe her shoes were too sensible? Or maybe she wasn't supposed to pull her hair back--though how she was supposed to fight with her hair flying everywhere was a mystery of the ages. Much like how people could run in the spikey heels that all the teevee villainesses seemed to favor. Healer or not, Karla had no intention of courting a broken ankle. That just seemed stupid. Hence, her simple, black flats.

It hadn't taken quite as long to struggle into her suit as last time. Maybe all that practice with Dinah last Monday had helped. Unfortunately, that meant Karla had a lot of time on her hands before she could head for the gallery. Maybe she could read for a little while?

Dammit. No one had mentioned these suits were uncomfortable, even when sitting.

[Door closed, post open for them that know who they are.]
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The Portal opened up, depositing them on the front lawn of SaDiablo Hall. For those who could sense such things, the Hall emanated with immense power. It seeped into the very stones, the result of millennia of residence by powerful individuals.

The the grounds of the Hall were in full summer bloom; the air was perfumed with flowers and the grass was thick and soft. Towards the south was a thick forest, from its depths came the many-throated howl from a pack of wolves.

At the moment the last person stepped out of the portal, the vast double doors at the front of the Hall opened before them and a tall, older man stepped forward. His black uniform was crisp and starched and a Red Jewel glittered on the front of his brilliantly white shirt.

"Lady Karla," he said, with a bow. "May I welcome you and your friends to SaDiablo Hall."

"Hello Beale," Karla said, giving him a small curtsy in return. "Everyone, this is Lord Beale, the Hall's butler."

Beale gave the assembled students a nod. "If you will all be so kind as to follow me, the High Lord is waiting in the large receiving room to greet you." He stood to the side to let everyone file in, the Hall's double doors were easily big enough for them to enter three abreast, even with him standing there.

Karla, for her own part, got a small wink and a smile before Beale resumed his usual impassive expression.

[Of course there's OCD up! *facepalms for forgetting*]
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Karla was Not Best Pleased. Not only was Jaenelle gone to Little Terreille—again!—but she’d left a new housemate in her absence. Not the tiny Sceltie and the tiny Arcerian kindred she’d found (Karla was half in love with Kaelas already), but the stupidly-huge Eyrien warrior Jaenelle was now calling her brother. Brother!

Their first introduction hadn't gone well. )

[Establishy. NFI, NFB, OOC=love]
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The first thing Karla did when she got home was crash for several hours. Months of worry, concern, and aggravation, culminating in Achille's execution, funeral, and then a conversation with Graff, left Karla feeling as if she hadn't slept properly in weeks. It was so nice to be home, sleeping in her own bed, familiar psychic scents was enough for her to realize that Fandom had become a home to her in ways that Glacia hadn't been in a few years.

Waking up, however, had brought a trip to Emma's room and some Really Bad News. Already running late from oversleeping (she was convinced Mini-Morton had turned off her alarm in punishment for leaving him behind), Karla had hurried into Emma's room to find Beka...and an ermine. A perfectly lovely ermine, of course, but not something she could ask for hair and makeup assistance.

For the one dance she really wanted it, of course.

A significant amount of more running around later, and Karla was back in her room, decently coiffed and dressed. At least she hoped. Now just to wait for the date...

[For said daaaate!]
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Office of the Hegemon, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

It was a strange sensation, to want to both hug and choke a legume at the same time. Choke him for being difficult, hug him for getting two other difficult people off of his neck - which was something Peter had decided on yesterday, after an argument with his sister in which he had walked out victorious.

After all, she'd agreed to head back into space.

Of course, that left Peter with the unpleasant part, which was informing the two troublemakers they were getting hauled out to begin with. It's that they were from another universe, or he might have chosen to be more careful, but right now it seemed like an excellent way to keep tabs on Bean (his frustrating former lieutenant Battle School brat) and figure out how his stupid baby brother fit into this without having to spend too much time looking away from Achilles.

Suriyawong, his other former Battle School brat, stood mercifully still and quiet by his side. Peter was not in a mood for criticism, which he doubted would help him in the trying times ahead.

He poked at something on his desk. "Tell them to come in."

He liked making them wait.
In which everyone is bitchy at each other. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love! Preplayed with the witty [ profile] endsthegame and amusing [ profile] momlilassassin]
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Part Two

The coven and the boyos were there, waiting for Saetan’s and Andulvar’s return. Karla certainly hadn't been pacing a hole in the carpet and snarling at anyone who got near her, no matter what the boyos said. Besides, she hated being left behind. Hated it.

As soon as Uncle Saetan and Andulvar entered the family drawing room, she pounced on them. "Where's Jaenelle?" Karla asked, trying to look past them. The she paused and truly looked at Uncle Saetan. He had the hunched over posture of a man slowly bleeding to death on the inside. If he were an animal, she’d say he was about to slink off to his den to lick his wounds in private.

She felt loss flicker through his psychic scent, and regret. As if he was looking at them for the last time. Tears pricked at his eyes and he looked as if he couldn’t speak for a moment.

"Uncle Saetan?" Gabrielle asked, searching his face.

Saetan cringed.

"What happened?" Morghann demanded. "Where's Jaenelle?"

Andulvar finally answered. 'The Dark Council is going to choose another guardian. Jaenelle's not coming back.' )

[Okay, really, really done for today. Promise. Text taken and adapted from Chapter Eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows.]
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Part Two

Jaenelle ghosted down the stairs, tipping a wink and a smile at Beale and Karla—who had both diligently returned to the task of plant care—before setting her face into a polite mask and entering the drawing room. The door remained open. )

(Part Two of Two. NFB, NFI, OOC=pie. Adapted from chapter eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows.)
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Part One

The front door slammed. Karla sauntered into the Hall, whistling and projecting ‘innocent’ with all the force that she could muster. She’d shoved her hands in her pockets and had adopted the blithe swagger of someone who had been behaving the entire day and hadn’t been outside trying a new Craft experiment. And most certainly had no knowledge of or responsibility for the new crater that was currently gouged in one of the Hall’s ornamental gardens.

Uncle Saetan was far too canny to be fooled by something like whistling, especially when he couldn’t actually see the blithe swagger at work. Saetan whistled a sharp command summoning her into a formal drawing room off the great hall. Odd. She nodded to Beale on her way in. There was no convenient mirror next to the drawing room, but there were several plants that apparently needed careful pruning.

A moment later, Karla stuck her head around the corner. )

(Part One of Two. NFB, NFI, OOC=pie. Adapted from chapter eight of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows. Sorry up so late!)
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Karla went flying into Saetan’s study, tears in her eyes. Intellectually, she knew she was being silly, knew that this was just another sign that she was still healing from the other Fandom, knew that she was probably just going to get the boyos up in arms over nothing again, but she couldn’t help it. Knowing all that didn’t stop her from hurting over his words. It was like being in Glacia again: the silent judgment; the telegraphed ideas that she didn’t, couldn’t measure up; the repeated mantra of “ladies don’t do this and ladies don’t do that,” never mind that Karla wasn’t a lady, she was a witch!

Sniffling, Karla exploded into the room. )

[Text adapted from Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop. NFI, NBI, OOC = lovings.]


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