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It was almost time for then to catch their portal home, but Morton had cautiously decided that there was enough time to visit one more landen village before they left. Even Julian didn't have much a problem with this, mollified by the five Blood males (and seven females) that Karla had handwavily, because cons are exhausting offered a place in her First Circle, once she'd made her Offering.

Once there, they'd scattered to their respective duties with an ease that came with having done the same thing many times within the past two weeks. Karla took over whatever building was the largest, more interested in being a Healer than a Queen, taking care of whatever ailments came her way, either with Craft, mundane medicines, or just some brisk advice. Warren sat nearby, making sure she had plenty to eat and drink, while talking to the people about their problems and their woes, making sure they felt heard, understood, and cared for. People who might otherwise have been afraid to come to Karla were set at ease by his openness and, more importantly, his lack of Jewel.

Jono and Julian were teamed up elsewhere, talking frankly about the war that Karla would be bringing to Glacia, about her plans to depose the current Queen and her Ruling Council, and making it clear that any landen who wished to fight--or even learn to better defend his village--was welcome to join with them. Jono made it very clear that the landens that joined with them would be more than simply fodder for the Blood. Their willingness to fight for a Queen that would see them as people too had even Julian offering a grudging respect.

Morton was out in the fields, delivering the Queen's Gift to nourish the crops. A cupful of Karla's blood in a bucket of water was enough to give the tiny plants new life and fullness, ensuring that the village could meet their new tithes while still having enough leftover for themselves. And Kaelas remained outside of the village, keeping watch with his superior kindred senses, which he never failed to point out to their group of tiny noses and ineffectual teeth.

[NFB, and all PCs modded with permission. Violence and dark themes in the comments, because what would a trip to Glacia be without those?]
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They had met yet another band of rebels today, this time in the deep Glacian hardwood forests. Karla still hadn't met anyone who bonded to her the way Julian had (which might actually might be a blessing in disguise), so while she had met several people who struck her as possible candidates for her Second and Third Circles, she had yet to issue anyone a formal invitation to her Court.

Julian had, of course, looked smug the entire time. He didn't say anything, out of deference to Kaelas's claws, but 'I told you so' practically radiated from him on psychic waves. It was all Karla could do not to haul off and punch him in his too-perfect chin. She was already feeling disheartened by the lack, she didn't need his bloody attitude.

By the time they got back to the cabin, however, Karla had come up with the perfect way to make herself feel better and knock the wind out of Julian by more than a little.

"Since Morton and Kaelas are still back at the meeting spot, making sure that there's no evidence left behind, I thought that we might take a little while to relax and unwind," she told the assembled males. "Warren, why don't you start teaching Jono the beginnings of Protocol. You know it from an outsider's perspective and can translate into Earth terms. Prince Hagen, you get to entertain me until my cousin returns."

", Lady?" Smart boy. He was looking at her warily. She had invoked Protocol and her wicked smile wasn't doing his composure any good.

"You've heard of cradle, right?"

[NFB, NFI, Establishy]
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A lot of things had happened in Faerie since the weekend, when Leda, Karla, Blossom, and James had taken down the tyrant. A surrender had been negotiated. An ally had been buried. The rebuilding had begun.

Karla hadn't seen any of it. Immediately after her plea for clemency had been delivered, Blossom had taken her aside and proceeded to bully and browbeat her within an inch of her life. She'd been terrible. Blossom fights dirty, y'all. )

Yeah. So, that had happened. Even now that she was back to her normal size, Karla was not best pleased with Momoko for shriveling her. It was stupid! She would have been even more upset if she didn't agree that her own behaviour had been equally stupid. Not then, she hadn't, of course. But time and distance (and food and rest and reflection) had done an excellent job of reminding her that she was a compulsive (and impulsive!) idiot.

Oh, and Warren had helped. Oh yes, he had made his feelings on the matter VERY CLEAR, pretty much from the moment that Blossom had shown up in Sunnydale.

Special Delivery! )

As Karla had started to stutter out another excuse, Warren had come to a decision of his own. He had calmly dropped her in his candyless shirt pocket, calmly proceeded to book a portal to Kaeleer, and calmly called the Hall to let Lucivar know that they would be arriving shortly--he'd needed to be somewhere he could hit things and not have to worry about pretending to be normal. Karla was pretty sure he'd also needed to be somewhere he could throttle her and not get arrested for it. They'd both known that when he finally dropped this illusion of calm, things were going to get violent.

And now, almost a full Kaeleeran week later, Karla still hadn't seen Warren since he'd handed a tiny her to Saetan. He'd been sleeping in the Consort suite with the door firmly locked between then and had risen each morning with the sun to go out to the grounds to work through his temper. For a week. Now Karla had a portal booked back to Fandom and she wasn't entirely sure she'd be seeing him before she left.

[Preplayed & co-written with [ profile] heromaniac and [ profile] not_a_parakeet who are rock stars, yo, and continued in comments with mega SP. Another post will go up (tomorrow?) for other folks who wish to yell.]
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After the debacle of Agio (and the even more debacle-y aftermath), Karla had promised to keep Saetan, Lucivar, and Morton apprised of major events at Fandom. She might often interpret that promise as conveniently as possible, but there was no way that even she could spin the end of all creation as something other that a 'major event.' Which was why two months after reality had been repaired, she was standing in Saetan's office, telling them what had happened in stark and painful detail. Of course, since what had happened had affected all of Kaeleer, even if they didn't know it, Karla was not delivering her report to Saetan alone, or even Saetan and Lucivar. No, Jaenelle and several members of the coven and the boyos had all crowded in, too, and were listening to her clustered in the chairs at the back of his office.

It could have been worse. There might not have been a Kaeleer to return back to. Or the split between her and Warren could have been permanent, leaving her to stand in front of the High Lord's great blackwood desk alone while spilling out the story. It was comforting, having him beside her, so she could reach out and hold his hand for comfort at a few parts.

Karla had done all of the speaking up until this point, laying out all of what had happened in sparse detail. They had heard the entirety of the account, all the way up to remembering the universe back into existence without interrupting, but she didn't think that silence was going to last for very long, not as her story wound down to an end. From the shifting behind her and the faces that Saetan and Lucivar had made at various points in her tale, once she stopped talking, she was going to face a torrent of words.

Most of them probably invectives. At least from Lucivar. )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] not_a_parakeet. TBC in comments. Apologies, was supposed to be up yesterday (and completed), but I sort of failed at availability this week.]
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Karla checked her itinerary another time, waiting for the portal that would take her home. Seven layovers, including a long one in...Revolutionary France? Huh. That sounded interesting. Maybe she'd pick up some tips for her eventual bid to regain Glacia from her uncle--wait. No reason to think of that now. Nope, no thinking, time to look over the itinerary again, it didn't matter that she'd practically memorized it. It was a nice distraction from--Oh, look! Another one in Pompeii, and the itinerary was stressing the fact that it was for November 22, 79AD. And, hey! Her last stop would be four hour layover during "The Blitz" in London! That sounded like...some kind of fair, or something! A bit of fun and excitement before...


Dinah. Momoko. Tahiri. Hayley. Leda. Priestly. Countless others that she hadn't known, but had reached out across the multiverses to let them know that something was wrong, that worlds were disappearing into the ever-night.

Before she ended up in Kaeleer. Before she stood with her people as Kaeleer finished its descent into the Darkness and faded away to a memory in the minds of the very few who remained on Fandom island.

But she didn't want to think about that. About nothingness and darkness--a darkness she could only hope was the same as the loving embrace of the Darkness and not a complete obliteration of everything she'd ever known. Of course, what else was there to think of? How she'd taken the coward's way out and left handwavy messages for the friends she couldn't bear to say goodbye to in person? How she'd kissed Warren's sleeping face one last time and crept away while she still had the nerve to leave and do what was right?

Hopefully, Fandom would do what they did best and figure out some way to fix whatever was going wrong before the island itself was swallowed up. Maybe they'd even find some way to reverse it, though she doubted that. It didn't matter. Her place wasn't here. It was with her people, watching over them until the stars blinked out and there was nothing left.

And then there was no more time for thoughts; the portal was opening in front of her. Taking one last breath of Fandom air, Karla prepared to step through. *Goodbye,* she sent on a psychic thread to anyone who would hear. *I will love you for as long as I can.*
Goodbye, Fandom )

[Preplayed with the amazing [ profile] not_a_parakeet who likes to make me cry because she is mean!]
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The Queen of Arceria was huge. No, really, really huge. Her shoulders were level with Warren's chest, and her head was almost as wide. She easily weighed over a seven hundred pounds, her claws were roughly the size of Karla's fingers and her teeth--well, okay, Karla didn't exactly have a good measurement for her teeth because when the Queen had yawned as they entered, Karla's mind had gone blank, save for a very small voice that said, Please don't let her want to eat me!

It was quickly followed by a darted glance at the half-grown Kaelas and a Will he get that big, too?

That thought, though it had nothing to do with being devoured by a giant, fluffy, four-legged Green-Jeweled witch, was still terrifying in its own way.

After all of the formal observations were out of the way--and the kindred didn't go for formal much, thank the Darkness--Karla walked slowly forward to beg the help of the only Queen in Kaeleer who could probably help her. Begging: something she didn't do very well. Begging while intimidated: something she dealt with even worse. This was going to be awesome. )

"And so, Lady, the final decision rests upon you. Please, will you help me save my people?"

Once again, the Arcerian Queen yawned, showing off an impressive set of fangs. *Arceria hears Glacia's request for aid,* she sent on a public psychic thread. *But Arceria refuses. Thank you for your visit, Lady Karla. Good luck.*

[NFB & for them what are in Arceria with her!]
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The meeting took place after dark. For all that the Hall was filled with dark power that had seeped into its very stones, it was still easier for the demon-dead to arrive after the sun had set. Several bottles of yarbarah were already warming--this might be a war council, but Mrs. Beale would never allow Mephis, Prothvar, and Andulvar to go without refreshment.

All war councils need tea and cookies )

[Establishy, unless them that are there wish to talk to people! NFB.]
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Karla was feeling wonderful as she slowly started heading towards consciousness. Last night had been amazing, simply amazing and she snuggled close to where Warren was curled up. Mmm, he was so warm and soft and...

Soft? That was not actually one of the words she would use to describe her boyfriend. Her hand crept up and--


Her eyes flew open as she bolted up, clutching the sheet to her chin. Looking frantically around, Karla realized three things:

1) She was waking up in a room that she did not recognize,

2) She was stark naked, and

3) Neither of the people she was waking up next to were the male she went to bed with.

"Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful."

In which Karla's dignity hits a new low. )

Julian Hagen was unaware his bad fortnight had just gotten worse. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love! Preplayed with the amazingness that is [ profile] blondecanary and [ profile] trigons_child. Coded with the amazingness that is [ profile] whateverknight's preplay coder. Warning for spoilers for Queen of the Darkness.]
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There wasn't a line of people waiting to yell at her, stretching from her door to the courtyard as she had feared. Instead, people were drifting in and out, as news spread that was awake and up for seeing people. On the one hand, it was nice, because it meant she could sneak small naps while she was waiting for someone new to show up at her door. On the other hand, it meant that she was continually expecting the next person to show up.
More people were coming, that much she knew. )

[And still the Agio plot continues! NFI, NFB, OOC is grand. Master plot list is here]
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[Continued from here]

After Lucivar finished recounting the numbers arrayed against them, he pushed himself to his feet, calling in his war blade and his bladed Eyrien sticks. "I'll be outside," he growled. "Too much fear in here."

It grated against his nerves, scraped against his precarious self-control. The fact that he had wings like their attackers only made things worse--much of the landen fear in the building was directed at him.

"I've been letting a few in at a time," he continued, "opening holes in the shield to let them through. Killing ten or twenty in the face of thousands doesn't do much, but--" He shrugged. What else was there to do? )

[Same alphabet soup goes here. Warning for violence. Again, still mostly 'inspired by' events in Chapter 13 of Heir to the Shadows. Part two of two; for master post list, please go here.]
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It was a little tense in the Hall today. Even through the dark power that saturated the very stones of the building, those sensitive to such things could feel that emotions were running very high. On top of Karla having gone missing, no one had heard from either Jaenelle, Lucivar, or Smoke, and an emissary sent from the Dark Council was scheduled to arrive the any minute now to 'look into the distressing violence Lady Angelline had shown herself capable of.'

The door to the study was locked, bolted, and Black-shielded. Even so, it radiated danger and a hot, riotous fury.

Upon arriving, the students from Fandom were led into a wide, receiving chamber. Food was set out on the sideboard--things would have to be a lot more cataclysmic that this for the servants of the Hall to forget their duties--and four males were already waiting within.

Not everyone appeared to be delighted to see them. )

[As you can all guess, NFI, NFB, what we'd love OOC commentary. So begins the saga of posts spread across multiple entries because of stupid LJ post size limits. The second half of this carries a warning for dark themes and potential trigger issues, as Saetan again explains safframate. Continued from here. Part...oh god, I've lost track. Part a billion, okay? (I, II, III, IV, V, and VI)]
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Karla was glad they had spent the night at the Hall, rather than turning around and heading straight for the meeting spot. Not only did Morton look better for a decent night's sleep for a change, but the route they had taken to get back to Glacia was circuitous at best. Karla hadn't been able to sense anyone following, but Morton wasn't willing to take the chance of a direct route. Nor would he let Karla take them on the Sapphire Wind, which would have cut the travel time down by half, if not more. But Morton had argued that taking the Wind associated with her Birthright was a dead-giveaway in case anyone was watching that one, and made them stick to the Rose.

The worst part? Ben agreed with him. This was not helping Morton's belief that he was the reincarnation of Bund in the least.

Not that Karla was grumpy or anything. No, not at all. In fact, she was in a perfectly swimming mood for someone who had been dragged all around the Realm, then snuck across the border into her own damned Territory, to end up in this cabin in the middle of the mountains, wearing a long, blue dress that was completely impractical to move about in, and then told to wait for the other males to arrive. Where she would then get to convince them that not only was she really Karla, that also that she was going to be an excellent Queen one day, so they should risk their lives for her right now, while she was off going on dates in Fandom.

Wonderful. How could this plan fail?

[For the two in Glacia with her, please. NFB for distance]
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The Portal opened up, depositing them on the front lawn of SaDiablo Hall. For those who could sense such things, the Hall emanated with immense power. It seeped into the very stones, the result of millennia of residence by powerful individuals.

The the grounds of the Hall were in full summer bloom; the air was perfumed with flowers and the grass was thick and soft. Towards the south was a thick forest, from its depths came the many-throated howl from a pack of wolves.

At the moment the last person stepped out of the portal, the vast double doors at the front of the Hall opened before them and a tall, older man stepped forward. His black uniform was crisp and starched and a Red Jewel glittered on the front of his brilliantly white shirt.

"Lady Karla," he said, with a bow. "May I welcome you and your friends to SaDiablo Hall."

"Hello Beale," Karla said, giving him a small curtsy in return. "Everyone, this is Lord Beale, the Hall's butler."

Beale gave the assembled students a nod. "If you will all be so kind as to follow me, the High Lord is waiting in the large receiving room to greet you." He stood to the side to let everyone file in, the Hall's double doors were easily big enough for them to enter three abreast, even with him standing there.

Karla, for her own part, got a small wink and a smile before Beale resumed his usual impassive expression.

[Of course there's OCD up! *facepalms for forgetting*]
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Karla was Not Best Pleased. Not only was Jaenelle gone to Little Terreille—again!—but she’d left a new housemate in her absence. Not the tiny Sceltie and the tiny Arcerian kindred she’d found (Karla was half in love with Kaelas already), but the stupidly-huge Eyrien warrior Jaenelle was now calling her brother. Brother!

Their first introduction hadn't gone well. )

[Establishy. NFI, NFB, OOC=love]
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For the past five days, Karla had been fussed over, nagged at, and generally henpecked. And she was heartily getting tired of it. Her first day back, she and Jaenelle had just gotten back from a brief flying lesson when Morton had come barreling at her, demanding that she go lay down and rest. Followed by Chaosti who'd been shouting that she needed something to eat. And then he and Sceron had nearly gotten into a fist fight over who was going to go and fetch her something from Mrs. Beale.

That would have been funny, since usually the fights were over who could avoid entering Mrs. Beale's domain and bothering her, but Morton, that thick-pated idiot, had flung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her to her room. All of her hitting and kicking and complaining hadn't deterred him in the least.

Clearly, she needed to start sparring more during Fight Club. That had been both embarrassing and ridiculous. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Certain parts of the text adapted from Shadows of the Queen (Karla's list of food) and "The Khaldharon Run," (the bodysuit and wings) an unpublished chapter from Heir to the Shadows. Both written by Anne Bishop.]
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The landing web beckoned Karla, and she launched herself out of the Winds down to the brightly glowing Jewels below. Landing neatly, she took a moment just to inhale. It smelled of Kaeleer; of strong, dark psychic scents tempered with kindness and the need to protect. Of plants and herbs that only grew here. Of wildlife and water and, most importantly, of Witch.

"Lady Karla, it is a pleasure to see you again."

"Beale!" Karla grinned, running up to the doorway of the Hall. The Red-Jeweled Warlord gave her a warm smile of welcome--more emotion than the impassive butler usually allowed--at least until he caught a hint of her psychic scent. Then, without warning, he reached down, scooped her in his arms, and began carrying her toward the High Lord's study.

Karla was a little annoyed and a little embarrassed that he was carrying her and also a little flattered that he hadn't called one of the footmen to do it. Though from the way Holt had gone by them to shut the door, some kind of message had been sent on a spear thread. Males, she thought fondly.

Uncle Saetan was sitting behind his great blackwood desk when she was deposited in his office. )

[Establishy. NFI, NFB, OOC is love]


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