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It was almost time for then to catch their portal home, but Morton had cautiously decided that there was enough time to visit one more landen village before they left. Even Julian didn't have much a problem with this, mollified by the five Blood males (and seven females) that Karla had handwavily, because cons are exhausting offered a place in her First Circle, once she'd made her Offering.

Once there, they'd scattered to their respective duties with an ease that came with having done the same thing many times within the past two weeks. Karla took over whatever building was the largest, more interested in being a Healer than a Queen, taking care of whatever ailments came her way, either with Craft, mundane medicines, or just some brisk advice. Warren sat nearby, making sure she had plenty to eat and drink, while talking to the people about their problems and their woes, making sure they felt heard, understood, and cared for. People who might otherwise have been afraid to come to Karla were set at ease by his openness and, more importantly, his lack of Jewel.

Jono and Julian were teamed up elsewhere, talking frankly about the war that Karla would be bringing to Glacia, about her plans to depose the current Queen and her Ruling Council, and making it clear that any landen who wished to fight--or even learn to better defend his village--was welcome to join with them. Jono made it very clear that the landens that joined with them would be more than simply fodder for the Blood. Their willingness to fight for a Queen that would see them as people too had even Julian offering a grudging respect.

Morton was out in the fields, delivering the Queen's Gift to nourish the crops. A cupful of Karla's blood in a bucket of water was enough to give the tiny plants new life and fullness, ensuring that the village could meet their new tithes while still having enough leftover for themselves. And Kaelas remained outside of the village, keeping watch with his superior kindred senses, which he never failed to point out to their group of tiny noses and ineffectual teeth.

[NFB, and all PCs modded with permission. Violence and dark themes in the comments, because what would a trip to Glacia be without those?]
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Whether they'd unlocked the way by reliving the emotional echoes or the plan to force the count to expend more energy making henchment loosened his hole on the magic backstage, or some crazy combination of the two, Karla and Warren were able to make their way to the wings with no pauses for dead ends, blank walls, or masked assailants. Good show.

Now to just find the prima ballerina and make her see sense, right? )

[Follows many posts, the most recent being this one. Preplayed with [ profile] wesleynotponcy and [ profile] not_a_parakeet! Many, many thanks to Michelle for letting us play in her canon and liven up Angel S03E13, "Waiting in the Wings." Apologies to Tracy and the f-list, but this is the last post! NFI, NFB, OOC is love forever]
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"All right," he said, vastly uninterested in their teenage romantic drama. "Get in there. We got a kid to save."

"Take my hand," Kitty said. "I can get us--"

Still blushing, Karla gave her a grin. "Thanks, but," she said, and passed through the outer wall of the facility, "I got it."

"Is there anything you can't do?" Kitty asked, looking a little skeptical.

Karla just offered her a grin. "You should see my friend Jaenelle," she replied. "The other answer is 'be diplomatic.' Speaking of--" she cocked her head to the side and listened to the noise of Magneto's flunky slamming through walls. He sounded like he was getting closer. Weren't you supposed to deal with him? )

[NFI, NFB, OOC IS LOVE. Follows this and happening concurrently with this. Events and dialogue largely stolen from X-3, which I've now had to watch multiple times in a day. THAT IS LOVE, YO. And many apologies to [ profile] throughaphase for any character assassination. I swear, BLAME THE MOVIE.]
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The construction of the first of the refugee villages was continuing apace when the portal from Fandom arrived. In the time since school had begun again, the hired workers had managed to clear the land granted to them by Lasfaeran and also dig and fortify the foundations of the buildings. Arcerian cats prowled the site; they were not interested in helping, for the most part, but were getting used to having such a large and noisy number of humans nearby. The humans were also getting used to having such a large and silent number of Arcerians nearby, though they were perhaps adjusting with a little less grace than the kindred.

It was hard not to notice when you were outweighed and outmatched--and, in a number of cases, outranked as well.

Even with the impressive amount of progress that had been made in her absence, Karla could see there was still a lot to do. There was land cleared for crops, but it hadn't been readied for actual planting yet. Some few of the buildings had been framed, but nothing more than that. There were holes dug for posts, but none of the livestock pens had been put up yet. Wells had been dug, as well as sewage lines and irrigation ditches, but they still needed reinforcement and care.

Pushing up her sleeves, Karla grabbed a hammer and got to work. This was going to be a home for her people and, dammit, she wasn't going to stand around supervising all day. For the most part, she had no idea what she was doing, but she could follow instructions.

Eventually, the foreman got over the fact that he was hollering at a Queen and began ordering her about with the same caustic language as everyone else.

[Open to anyone Karla would have called, texted, emailed, or whatever to invite for a few days worth of Habitat for Humanity type work in Kaeleer. If you think you got a call, you did! NFB for off-island.]
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Karla ran out of the hole in the ground and stopped, almost dead in her tracks. "Azarath..." she breathed. And then her eyes were dragged to the scene unfolding in front of here.

Mother Night, it was a scene from out of a nightmare. Raven, on the ground, limp in a way only the unconscious could be. Or the dead. Beyond her, running towards the entrance to the tunnels, a snatch of light and dark: Rook and Dinah, trying to keep out of sight.

And above them all, hovering like the carrion bird that was her name. Raven. )
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Holding Rook's hand tightly in hers, Karla promised in an undertone, "We won't let her take you, sweetheart. And you still have time to back out of this if you're not sure you still want to participate. Your safety is the most important thing, here, okay? So if you'd prefer to stay--"

Rook cut off Karla's nervous babble with a shake of her head. "No. This is what I wish to do. Maman and Stepfather have already sacrificed so much for me. I must help get them back." She gave a tentative smile up at all three of them. "And Aunt Dinah will protect me. As will all of you. I am unafraid."

What else was there for Karla to say after that? "All right. Let's do this thing."

Children as bait. What could possibly go wrong? )

In which our heroines are shocked to discover this was a bad plan )

And their villain makes her appearance )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is always love. Warning in place for violence and incredibly stupid ideas. Preplayed with [ profile] trigons_child and [ profile] blondecanary, coded using [ profile] whateverknight's swanky coder. Warning for violence, megalomania, and the occasional comic book villain monologue. Follows this, this, and this!]
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Knowing that she was here a decade in her own future--or a future, anyway--was a little disconcerting for Karla. She wasn't sure if that unease was lessened or heightened by the fact that standing here in front of the Keep and it looked exactly the same as it did in her own time. Having Jaenelle as the Queen of Ebon Askavi didn't change the way the Keep looked, at least on the outside.

On the other hand, when she closed her eyes and opened her other senses, she could feel the dark power permeating the very stones of the foundation. She sensed Jaenelle and a vastly dark power. It dwarfed her, made her feel very small. How could the other-Raven possibly still be bothering the other-her when Jaenelle could simply bring all of this power to bear on her?

"Shall we go announce we've arrived?" she asked absently, shaking her head free of the seductive song she could almost hear, threading its way through the Darkness. Jaenelle. "Raven, you might want to keep your hood up for a bit. I doubt you're all that popular right now."

In which there is no bad news. Really. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love. Preplayed with [ profile] blondecanary and [ profile] trigons_child, using [ profile] whateverknight's preplay coder! Warning for spoilers for Queen of the Shadows. Follows this.]
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Karla was feeling wonderful as she slowly started heading towards consciousness. Last night had been amazing, simply amazing and she snuggled close to where Warren was curled up. Mmm, he was so warm and soft and...

Soft? That was not actually one of the words she would use to describe her boyfriend. Her hand crept up and--


Her eyes flew open as she bolted up, clutching the sheet to her chin. Looking frantically around, Karla realized three things:

1) She was waking up in a room that she did not recognize,

2) She was stark naked, and

3) Neither of the people she was waking up next to were the male she went to bed with.

"Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful."

In which Karla's dignity hits a new low. )

Julian Hagen was unaware his bad fortnight had just gotten worse. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is love! Preplayed with the amazingness that is [ profile] blondecanary and [ profile] trigons_child. Coded with the amazingness that is [ profile] whateverknight's preplay coder. Warning for spoilers for Queen of the Darkness.]
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[Immediately follows this.]

Karla took a few seconds to compose herself, wiping her tears away with impatient hands. "There really does need to be a bloody phone-tree for this," she muttered, indulging in a bit of pointless sarcasm to bring her emotions back under control. She slipped the rings Raven left behind onto her finger. She wasn't sure why then had remained when Raven vanished, but they had to be important, right?

Not to mention, she just felt better wearing them. They were a connection, like a promise they'd get her back.

She made a mental list of people she had to call--and then did so, speaking directly into their minds. If they had shields, she banged on them with the equivalent of telepathic fists. If they didn't, she just swanned in and began talking.

*Wake up!* she demanded. *Raven's gone, Trigon's involved, and you lucky people get to come help me get her back.* She thought for a minute and added, *Meet me in the lobby of the dorm in twenty minutes.* Raven's room was handy, but she was calling in faculty and thought it might be weird having them here. Especially considering which faculty she was calling. *Let's go, people! I wasn't kidding about Trigon, dammit!*

Enjoy your wake-up call, darlings. )

[Preplayed with [ profile] blondecanary, [ profile] brat_intraining, [ profile] furious_maximus, [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] icecoldfrost, [ profile] justwantsquiet, [ profile] life_inshadow, [ profile] longislandiceme, [ profile] not_a_parakeet, and [ profile] sith_happened. NFI and NFB as it's after radio, but OOC, as always, is welcome.]
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The bright red, neon light of Fangtasia was a bizarre sight in the parking lot of the otherwise drab strip mall. At the door, as usual, was a tall, elegant vampire in black, looking bored.

we’re off to see the wizard! or eric. one of those. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is better than TruBlood! Pam is courtesy of [ profile] trickydemigod, natch, and Eric once again comes to us courtesy of [ profile] momslilassassin! Follows after here, here, and here.]
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Karla leaned against the door of the community center and gratefully took the mug of coffee one of Mari's helpers passed to her. It tasted rough and muddy. She didn't care. At that moment, she might have drunk sewer water as long as it was hot. She closed her eyes and tried to absorb a little of the rising's sun's warmth. The predawn air was chilly, but clear. She needed a few moments to clear her head of the scent of pain and blood and fear. She couldn't find enough energy to produce more body heat, so she wrapped her hands around the warm mug and pretended that was enough. It would have to be enough. )

[NFI, NFB, leaving OOC increases your odds of winning the lottery. Events and some bits of text adapted from Chapter Thirteen of Heir to the Shadows. Hey look, no warnings needed! Part 6 (out of roughly eleventy-billion, damn you LJ post limits) of plot. (I, II, III, and IV, V). Tomorrow, all Hell breaks loose.]
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Lucivar lay on his back in the young grass, his hands behind his head, his wings spread out to dry after the quick dip in the spring-fed pool. Jaenelle and Karla were still splashing about in the cold water, washing the sweat and dirt out of their long hair. He closed his eyes and groaned contentedly as the sun slowly warmed and loosened tight muscles.

Yesterday, they'd awakened just before dawn to find Jaenelle busily rummaging through the food pack. He'd put together a hasty meal while Karla had broken down the camp before the physical tension produced by the drugs forced Jaenelle to move.

It hadn't been the unrelenting drive of the previous days, and, as the day'd worn on, physical tension gave way to emotional storms. Anger would flood her suddenly, then turn to tears. He'd given her space as she raged and swore. Karla had held her while she cried. When the storm passed, she'd been fine for a little while, perhaps as long as twenty minutes. They'd walked at an easy pace, stopping to pick wild berries or rest near a stream. Karla'd kept them entertained with stories of her crazy school and the friends who were like no Blood males or females they'd ever met. Then the cycle would start over, each time with a little less intensity.

It had still been grueling, mind. The first outburst of emotion had hit around noon, the second, a little before three. In between them, there was still the constant movement, the difficult trek made even moreso by the unforgiving pace Jaenelle had set. The intervals had shortened as Jaenelle's body tired, but even their last stretch before making camp for the night had been an hour-long hike, most of it uphill.

Which made today's late start, with the chance to sleep in past sunrise and even bathe a bit, something akin to paradisaical. Smoke was off doing a bit of hunting; the wolf had scented a herd of elk and had gone off to explore. When he came back, Lucivar was thinking of sending him back to the Keep to tell Saetan that they were all right, that Karla was with them, and that they'd be coming home from Askavi in a few more days.

Not that he was going to say anything, but he was proud of Karla. The pace was wearing on her, but she refused to complain and did her best to keep up. She wouldn't know it, but Jaenelle was slowing down a bit for her, making sure Karla didn't get outdistanced. Lucivar was grateful for anything that made Jaenelle take it a little easier. Though the next time the little witch cheated him out of the last mug of coffee, he was going to dunk her into the nearest lake. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is delicious. Warning for violence. Text adapted from Chapter Thirteen of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows. All of her narrative is awesome and I never said anything to the contrary. Really. Part 5 of plot (Parts one, two, three, and four). Up early because I have a problem I AM REALLY BUSY TOMORROW, OKAY?]
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Lucivar sat on the bank of a creek, finding a little comfort in the rhythmic whack whack whack coming from the clearing. At least destroying the abandoned shack with a sledgehammer gave Jaenelle an outlet for sexual rage and burning energy. Even more important, it was an outlet that would keep her in place for a little while.

Hell's fire, he was tired. The Masters of the Eyrien hunting camps couldn't match Jaenelle's ability to set a grueling pace. Even Smoke, with that tireless, ground-eating trot, was struggling. Of course, unlike one drug-driven witch, wolves liked to do things like eat and sleep, two items now high up on Lucivar's list of sensual pleasures. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC is A-okay. Text stolen and adapted for my own nefarious purposed from Chapter Thirteen of Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows. Part four of plot (Read one, two and three.) For once, no warnings, enjoy that while you can.]
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Karla was heading to the courtyard of the Keep, where a portal had been ordered for her return to Fandom. It still felt wrong, oh so wrong, to be heading back to safety and comfort while Jaenelle and Lucivar were out in the wilds of Askavi, circling each other in a dark and dangerous dance. She was supposed to just go home and focus on class while she was wondering if Lucivar still walked the living Realms? If Jaenelle was still suffering from the effects of the safframate? Or--worse yet--wandering the Twisted Kingdom? Even if they needed her and had to summon her back home, it would be days and days until she could return--Kaeleer's time flowed at double the rate of Fandom. Should they discover they needed her skills tomorrow, the earliest Karla could expect to return was next week.

This was bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Maybe if she talked to Saetan once more, this time he would see reason. Or at least get so tired of arguing about it, he'd just let her stay.

She veered off, down the hallway that led to Saetan's suite, marshaling all of her arguments. Presented logically and impartially, she would get through to him. That had been the problem before. She'd let herself get worked up, too emotional. Saetan had seen her as a child, not a witch fully in control of her Craft. Change that and maybe--

"I am so pleased to see the Dark Council has sent a representative to talk about the grievous injuries inflicted in Little Terrielle during Lady Angelline's visit." Saetan's voice floated out of his door, sharp and smooth, like a knife wrapped in silk. Karla stopped--Hell's fire, he wasn't alone. She wouldn't be able to plead her case with him if he was already speaking to someone; especially not a Dark Council representative. But she didn't have time to delay. Her portal was scheduled to arrive in minutes!

Still, she crept closer to the doorway, no compunctions against eavesdropping. Perhaps she would hear something useful to her cause. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC=love. Text adapted from Chapter Thirteen of Heir to the Shadows. Warning for discussion of sexual assault and violence. Sometimes c/p'ing sections of Anne Bishop's dialogue and text makes me want to cry. Part 3 of plot. Parts one and two found here.]
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After a busy day of brunch and catching up and residual excitement over being named sophomore princess, Karla had no problem falling asleep. Almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was claimed by dreams. )

Karla woke from her dream with a strangled cry, dragging herself up and out from layers of blankets. The room felt hot as an oven and her hair was plastered to her skin with sweat. None of that mattered. She had to go, to get home. Jaenelle was in trouble. She didn't know what was happening, but it didn't matter. Karla would take care of her afterward. Sweet Darkness, please let there be an afterward.

The cold, the fear, the buzzing had all vanished along with her dream. But within her, she could still feel the bone-deep rage. Mother Night, the rage!


[Warning for allusions to a prior assault. Dream!Warren modded with express permission from [ profile] not_a_parakeet. Snippets of text taken from Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows, Chapter Thirteen. For the roommate only, please. So kicks off the plot!]
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A Garden, Caliph's Estate, Damascus

Enough was enough.

After his conversation with Ben yesterday, Bean had run out of patience, and despite the presence of the others here with him, he didn't want to wait to get some of his answers.

I need to talk to you. )

[OOC: Ya'll know the rules, NFB, NFI, OOC = Love. Preplayed with [ profile] endsthegame and [ profile] momslilassassin who rock my socks like Amadeus and coded by the enabling charming [ profile] icecoldfrost]
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The elevator they had ridden up into the building had dropped them off in, of all things, a garden, lush like a jungle. The courtyard was glassed over, keeping it moist, preventing anything from being given up to the dry desert air.

Sitting quietly on a stone chair in the middle of the garden was a tall, slender man, his skin the deep cacao brown of the upper Niger where he had been born. He had long legs, clad not in the business suit that had been the uniform of westerners for centuries now, but in the robes of a sheik. His head was not covered, however And there was no beard on his chin. Still young, and yet also now a man.

"Alai," Petra murmured, softly.

He chose that moment to turn and look at them. His brooding expression softened into a smile. But it was not the boyish grin that she had known when he bounded along the low-gravity inner corridors of Battle School. This smile had weariness in it, and old fears long mastered but still present.

In which Petra meets an old friend, and Karla and Ben are left suspicious. )

[NFI, NFB, OOC makes the snow melt--trufax! Preplayed with the ever-amazing [ profile] endsthegame and the always-enchanting [ profile] momslilassassin]
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Karla liked Catalan. If she wasn't worried sick about Ender and having annoyingly-cryptic nightmares, it'd be the perfect vacation spot. As it was, she had taken to spending an awful lot of time outside with the land. The nightmares, coupled with rising tensions between the four of them, was getting to be a bit much. Only time outdoors, caring for the land, soothed her jangled nerves.

Eventually, she fully expected one or the other of them to come wandering out to check up on her. Odds were fairly good it would be Bean, though there was always the chance that he'd send Petra out instead, under the guise of some 'female bonding' time. Either way, she was fairly certain one of them would make an appearance soon. The Battle Schoolers and the Fandom Highers didn't trust each other enough yet let excessive time outside and alone pass without remark.

Where Karla and Petra have a heart to heart! )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] endsthegame and the marvelous [ profile] momslilassassin. NFI, NFB, OOC makes the snow go away!]


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