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The boyos were off being ridiculous somewhere, at least if the texts and messages she was receiving were any indication. Karla was rather glad of that, because it gave her a free evening to finish cleaning and packing her dorm. It was hard to believe that her time here was almost over, but as of Saturday, Karla would no longer be a student at Fandom High School.

After so many years of wanting this and waiting for it, Karla found herself sad it had arrived. This island had been her home for four years; she'd made friends, enemies, lovers, and family here. She'd laughed and she'd cried, bitched and moaned, flinched and hid. This place had driven her crazy, transformed her into other people, taken her to different places, even brought the dead back to life. In the end, though, she'd learned more than she ever would have guessed, and come out ahead far more often than she'd come in behind.

And now she was leaving it all behind, going home to an uncertain future of war and bloodshed. The kind of magical 'it will somehow turn out all right' aura that Fandom had wouldn't hold up anymore. The dead would still be dead, and being right was no guarantee of winning.

Maybe she could hide under her extra winter blankets rather than vanishing them away?

Tomorrow, she would pack up the rest of her bedding, bring the frogs she'd gotten from Drake to Dite's, at least for the summer (a warzone was no place for a tankful of frogs, even psychedelic ones named after Dumas' characters), and move the stuff she'd need for the next week or so to Warren's hotel room. Once she was done packing her room up, she was going to curl up on her bed with Nemit, and spend the rest of the night pouring over old photo albums from the past four years.

End of an era and time to say goodbye.

[Establishy. NFI. I just had to make myself good and sad.]
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Oh no.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Karla was standing in the middle of her dorm room, surrounded by piles of...of...of stuff. It was probably for the best that Gabrielle was off in Greece again (though if she knew what was happening to her roommate, she'd rethink that), otherwise she might have gotten lost in the heaping jumbles of books, clothing, knick-knacks, and other assorted detritus of every day living. Mini-Morton had gotten tangled under skeins of spider silk and had taken refuge behind her frog tank on her dresser once he'd managed to free himself. It was like a miniature whirlwind had swept through their room and upended almost every belonging they had.

Almost every belonging. That was the key issue. But the one thing she couldn't find, no matter how hard she searched, was Warren's bear. His stuffed bear, Mr. Buddy, who she'd sorta...kinda...bear-napped. In a way. If one wanted to look at it in the kind of light. Which Karla generally didn't (she had liberated him, dammit), but, right now, with him gone, she could see how it was possible that someone--like Warren, say--could see it in that sorta, kinds (albeit wrong) light.

She had just put him down on her bed before leaving for class? Where the Hell could one tiny stuffed bear gotten off to?

[For one and then another, please! And because LJ is the WORST EVER, the links to the thread with Warren.]
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After her visit to Tony's room, Karla had made good on her conversation with Ender from this morning. After her conversations with Ender and Warren about Topher, she couldn't just not apologize.

Knowing it was the right thing to do hadn't made it easy, though.

So she was now in front of the Room of Emo Repression (Now With Bonus Sex!), kicking the door. Her arms were full of several different varieties of ice cream, while a ridiculous number of toppings floated around her. There were even bananas and jars of 'real strawberry topping' so they could have fruit and call it healthy! And perched precariously on top of the ice cream containers was a DVD of meta for- The Last Unicorn.

What? It was a romantic, cartoon musical about unicorns! Exactly what she'd wanted! A happy, breezy, light-hearted movie to take her mind off of everything else.

"Kiss kiss!" she called, kicking the door again. "Let me in before I freeze or it melts!"
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Last night, I had a dream... )

Karla bolted upright in bed and with a strangled gasp, the scent of the night air and lingering torch smoke still in the back of her throat.

[For he who's there, please!]
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Karla did not want to be awake right now. She wanted to be asleep, huddled under her covers (under a blanket with the skyline of New Gotham, one of the only remnants of the city left, no Dinah Dinah, no, I miss you) and cuddling her stuffed Arcerian cat, so old and worn and battered it was hard to tell what kind of beastie it had been, once upon a time. When she was asleep, she could ignore everything, especially this persistent ache in her chest, the one that sometimes throbbed Glacia but just as often throbbed Warren. And when she was asleep, she could dream or hope or maybe just pretend that everything was a dream. That this past day...week...month...whatever, had been a nightmare that she could wake up from and forget, cradled in Warren's arms, with Dinah and Momoko and everyone else just a phone call away. She'd even gladly have Hobart back if the rest of it was just a dream.

So far, no matter how many times she'd woken up, it hadn't been. That hadn't stopped her from falling back asleep to try again.

This time, when she woke up again in the late afternoon, she realized that she actually had something to do. Jaime'd called last night with some important information and she needed to pass it on before it was too late. Before she failed yet more people.

Hi all,

Talked to Jaime Reyes. His whole world appears to be fine, untouched by whatever this is. He's offering to take in anyone who can get a portal to his world before Portalocity shuts them down. For more details, you can email or reach him at 555-BLUE for further information. I encourage anyone who wants out to please consider this option. There are no guarantees that his world will stay untouched, just like there are no guarantees that Fandom will, but Jaime is a good male and will offer you as much protection as he can until this is all over.
She couldn't say, 'until we beat this.' Not right now. And his mom cooks really, really well.

Best of luck to anyone who takes him up on his invitation,
Fandom Class 2013

[Offer made with [ profile] weldedtomyspine's permission, both OOC and IC. If your character wants to bail but needs a place to go, feel free to hit him up and talk! Open for return emails and/or visits to a woebegone witch]
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Karla was curled up in Warren's bed, trying to read. It was a new trashy novel from 'Dite's store, but as compelling as it was, it wasn't holding her interest. Kind of hard for the Duchess of Gloucester's difficulty in catching a husband to compare against to the literal ending of worlds.

Not to mention that, but Warren and Wesley had vanished after the Reserves meeting and Warren hadn't come back yet. She knew it was silly, that no one had vanished from the island yet, but she couldn't help worrying about that anyway as the clock ticked later and later and there was still no sign of Warren.

It wasn't until well past midnight when Karla heard Warren fumbling at the door. She was out of bed in a minute, pulling the door open.

[For him what whose room it is! And for suuuuper-SP what with holidays and school and stuff!]
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After the debacle during breakfast, Karla had shoo'd her other children to go find their parents or someone to play with or an activity that didn't involve breaking things or getting hurt and then dragged Raven and Rook down the second floor to her room to sort things out. Raven's room had been closer, but Karla's was empty and she didn't want Rook panicking anymore than she already was, being this close to her mother.

"Okay," she said quietly, shutting the door and setting out a small bottle of rum to keep the squirrels occupied. "What's going on here? Rook? Darling, you need to explain to us why you're so frightened of your mo--of Raven."

[For those mentioned and while it's okay to say they talked, comments are NFB, please. Rook's story will involve violence and dark themes, so a trigger-warning in effect for comments.]
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Bathtime had been a right pain in the ass, as Karla attempted to shepherd six little girls through the night-time ritual of bathing, hair-washing, and tooth-brushing, not to mention taking care of her own toilette as well.

Even with the steadying influences of Rook and Della taking care of some of the younger girls, bathtime had been filled with more water going across the floor and the walls than stayed in the bathtub. Their giggles and squeals had echoed inside the room as they'd discovered the fun of soapsud fights. By the time Karla had gotten her shower, the water had been stone cold. In every stall.

The girls had gotten quite a laugh, watching their mother yelp and run from shower to shower, trying to find one that wasn't like ice.

Then, they'd all trooped back to her room where Karla tried to round up enough nightgowns and oversized t-shirts for all of them to wear as the inevitable scuffle broke out over who would get to sleep where. In the end, Karla had pushed everything out of the way, piled several sheets and blankets onto the floor and declared that everyone would be sleeping on the floor tonight. There was still some awkward scuffling about who got to sleep next to her, but Karla solved that dilemma by laying down in the exact middle and letting the girls array themselves out from her like spokes on a wheel.

Finally, once the last minute requests for water and bathroom trips and fights over pillows were taken care of, hurt feelings soothed, stories read, lullabies sung, and last-last minute bathroom trips taken, one by one, Karla's daughters drifted off to sleep. For a moment, Karla allowed herself one brief, tender smile at them all: curled up, drooling, wheezing, snoring, and breathing oddly. They were all sweet, in their own ways and they all loved her very much. But most of them weren't hers. Monday would come and they'd travel back through their portals to their proper mothers and her future would go on. What happened to those who were from futures she didn't follow? What had happened to little Emma Eleni? Maybe she'd see some of them again? Maybe she wouldn't. It was hard to say for sure.

Hard on the heels of her introspection came the realization that she'd be mothering them all for another day, possibly two and she'd flopped back onto her pillow. Hell's fire and Mother Night. Forget questions of the future. She had a much more pressing concern: namely, how was she going to survive this?

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Half an hour before the dance was scheduled to begin, Karla was ready. Her hair was done, makeup applied (less expertly than if Emma had done it, but at least passable), and dress--scandalously short by Karla's standards--donned and sensibly kept away from anything that could spill, leak, or stain it. Which meant that Karla was sitting on her bed, dress ruffled out so it didn't crease, not touching anything.

A lot of work and prep (and, to be honest, frustration and now boredom) for a dance Karla wasn't certain she was even going to. )

Still in her pretty red party dress, Karla snagged her phone and started dialing the number for Portalocity. There'd probably be a wait, but whatever. Maybe she'd spend the time at the dance--she'd bought a pair of tickets herself, just in case Warren had forgotten. Still listening to the phone ring, Karla yanked her door open, just in time to see--


[For the one mentioned, please.]
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After watching a movie with the boyos, Karla came back to her room to leave a message. She didn't really understand everything that had happened (and the scene with the lepers would probably scar her forever), but she had to give the movie bonus points for creating a truly beautiful and tragic love story. Judas eventually betraying Jesus to his death, all out of jealousy and a misguided attempt to save him? That was just lovely. And their last kiss being one of betrayal--that had just been amazing.

She'd never realized the religions of so many of her friends had been founded on such an epic love story. Maybe she could try to talk to Rilla about this sometime. Find common ground and all that.

After hanging up with Warren's voicemail, Karla realized she had several messages of her own. Several very bizarre messages, in fact. All of which she had to respond to, of course.

Even after eventually figuring out what was going on (and trying to explain it by calling someone), she still kept getting caught by the calls and trying to call back to explain.

Of course, the worst part? Was when she realized that her message to Warren had probably gone to someone else. Hell's fire and Mother Night.

[Mostly establishy & linkdrop, but open.]
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After seeing the notice on the theater today, Karla had been a lot more stressed about the upcoming performances that she was about finals. After all, with school, the worst that could happen was that she'd fail a class. With the play?

...It was entirely possible that Genesis might kill. And leave her body as a warning to other actresses.

Almost as bad, but not quite as gruesome is the possibility that he might just decide to never cast her in anything again ever. Laugh her out of the theater when she showed up for auditions. Make her name as anathema in the theater as the true title of the Scottish play.

It was safe to say that Karla's run-in with the Labyrinth hadn't ruined her sense of drama.

Looking up from her script to the parakeet perched on her desk she warned, "You'd better turn back soon. I don't think Genesis will take too kindly to having all your lines delivered in Budgie."
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After her conversation with Roy yesterday, Karla had been...thinking about some things. specifically, thinking about the toy she'd picked up for Dean's class, now safely vanished away where no one could see it or know she still had it. But as much as she'd been able to ignore it since buying it for her assignment, talking to Roy had reminded her it was still there, waiting in all it's unopened glory.

Now it was there. Staring at her. )
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Didi was gone. Drake was gone. Dinah was going. Elena was gone. Ben had left in a rush and hadn't even bothered to say goodbye. Not that Karla could blame him. His empathy must have been killing him right then--no pun intended. She could feel Jono's pain roiling off him in waves, probably from the other side of the island. He wasn't in the dorms, at least. She'd already checked.

She knew she couldn't stay in her dorm and cry all day, no matter how appealing that option was right now. So in a few minutes, she would get up and wash her face and figure out what she could to help out today.

But for those next few minutes, she was just going to curl up on her bed and cry.

[Mostly establishy, as I'm leaving the house to help out with errands for a few hours, but open if folks don't mind SP.]
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Spending one day hiding recuperating was one thing. No one could blame her for needing a day to adjust to the idea that she'd been very nearly killed. On a meat-tree. A day where she could hide, skip classes, ignore everyone--or nearly everyone--and just huddle under the covers for hours on end.

But putting everyone off for a second day would just be inexcusable. So rather than pull the blankets back over her head when her alarm went off, she made herself get up, shower, and head to class. After classes had ended, she allowed herself a nap--almost a week's worth of violence and trauma would wear anyone out--but after she woke up again, she made herself be sociable and productive.

Granted, that had ended up with her getting a surprise budgie, but on the scale of Fandom strange, that barely rated. So she decided to clean her room, put away the stuff from the cabins, and just generally make busy-work for herself so she could say she was being productive without actually having to think about anything. Besides, she doubted her texts from yesterday could buy her more than a day's grace, and she wanted her room to be presentable before anyone stopped to check in on her.

If nothing else, she wanted to make sure there was nothing on the floor around where she'd set up Warren's perch. She liked her belongings budgie-dropping free, thanks.

[Establishy, but open to folks who know about Karla's run-in with the maenad.]
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Karla hunkered down in the corner of the shower and cried. She'd managed to keep up her facade of 'no, no, I'm fine' up through the portal trip and back to the dorms. She'd begun shaking in her room, kicking the blood-soaked gown into a corner with a cry of horror. By the time she'd gotten into a shower, she'd been sobbing.

It wasn't just the whole being stabbed thing, though that was ranking pretty highly. There had just been blackness for awhile--a deep, all-consuming darkness (Darkness?) that had held her tightly and refused to let go until Raven came and forced it away. Karla couldn't dwell on how close she'd come to death because if she did, she might just never stop crying.

But it really hadn't just been being sacrificed on a meat-tree that was getting to her. It was the smell in the air as she'd walked through the orgy, the scent of anticipation and lust and sweat and sex. Had she closed her eyes, she never would have known she was in this world and not in Glacia, at one of Hobart's parties. It was the stress of this weekend and not knowing where her friends were and if she would ever see them again. Of feeling the land dying by inches as she walked. Of being stabbed and poisoned and getting up to hold off a friend who was also a vampire...

Of having her Sapphire wrenched for her and profaned by the maenad. She thought she could still feel the grubby residue of that bitch's touch on her Jewel, like fingerprints on her soul. Some of her tears were pure relief at having it back, having it safe. Karla had seen the revulsion in the eyes of her friends when she'd ripped the maenad's heart out, but she'd meant it when she'd promised agony for agony. The maenad had just been more metaphorical about it.

And so she held her knees and cried big gulping sobs until she felt hollowed out inside and the water had long since run cold.

[For one please! NFB, as this happens after radio]
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The first thing Karla did when she got home from the park was fall into bed and take a nap. She'd left the encounter feeling bruised and off-center; most of that was due to the talk, but the dreams she kept having and oppressive feeling of waiting that the island had developed overnight weren't helping any.

Darkness, she missed Gabrielle. It would be nice to have someone to talk about this to. Even if she couldn't admit this 'Dite was her 'Dite, Gabrielle might have had some insight on the whole situation. And it would have been delivered with a fair bit of that plucky, effervescent cheer that her roommate had in spades.

Karla felt she could use some of that, right now. 'Cheerful' was playing a very small part in her emotional repertoire these days.

Her dreams were scattered; bits of her past and present merging, but always under the presence of her parents' watchful eyes. No matter where and when she dreamt of, they were there with her. She dreamt of her stage debut as a child and how they'd been called away before she'd had a chance to step on the stage, and of watching her mother prepare for a ball she was far too young to stay up for. She dreamt of teaching her parents to bowl at Fast Eddie's and playing piano duets with her father in the rec room in the dorms. Through them all, there was the odd assurance that she was dreaming true dreams, even though there was no way that could be so.

Karla couldn't say she felt anymore rested when she woke up as she had when she'd fallen asleep, but the feelings of warmth and comfort that had suffused her dreams lingered a little while after. For now, that was enough.

[Expecting one, but open!]
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Karla's dreams that night had been fleeting and quiet; while the flotsam and jetsam from events of the past few days had trickled into her unconscious and filtered into her dreams, her mind knew the difference between those and true dreams, tangled dreams.

Except, something happened right before dawn to change all that. If you dream them... )

[Mostly establishy, but open later in the morning if anyone wants to stop by.]
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Costume? Check?

Sensible shoes? Check.

Moderately embarrassing undergarments that would help her pull off said costume? Check and double-check.

Karla eyed herself in the mirror, trying not to make a face. She didn't look very supervillain-y. The catsuit was a nice touch, but she wasn't really radiating an aura of menace, like she'd seen on the teevee. Maybe her shoes were too sensible? Or maybe she wasn't supposed to pull her hair back--though how she was supposed to fight with her hair flying everywhere was a mystery of the ages. Much like how people could run in the spikey heels that all the teevee villainesses seemed to favor. Healer or not, Karla had no intention of courting a broken ankle. That just seemed stupid. Hence, her simple, black flats.

It hadn't taken quite as long to struggle into her suit as last time. Maybe all that practice with Dinah last Monday had helped. Unfortunately, that meant Karla had a lot of time on her hands before she could head for the gallery. Maybe she could read for a little while?

Dammit. No one had mentioned these suits were uncomfortable, even when sitting.

[Door closed, post open for them that know who they are.]
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After a bit more cake and a lot more fun, Karla left Warren's party a little on the earlier side. No offense meant to Warren or Bobby, of course, but Karla'd made her own plans for later in the evening.

Gabrielle wasn't in the room when Karla got there (which was very convenient as Karla really didn't want to have to ask her roommate to absent herself for a little while), which meant that Karla could spend a few minutes putting the room to rights--which involved vanishing a bunch of stuff, putting on Dinah's ipod for some appropriate music, and lighting the candles she'd gotten from Tara today.

A few minutes later, there came a knock on her door and George slipped inside. Karla met him at the doorway with shining eyes and a welcoming kiss. For the next few hours, they talked and laughed, kissed and carressed, nuzzled and nipped and sighed. Nothing more than that, but, for right then, nothing more was needed.

[Establishy! George and Gabrielle modded with permission and gratitude.]
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Karla was wearing the prettiest of her 'accidentally sexy' outfits and frowning at herself in the mirror. Technically, she knew she had more important things to be thinking about: her visit to 'Dite's, Ender's disappearance, just leaving Raven behind in the wake of everything, but instead, she just kept thinking about all things Rose said last night about her utter lack of curves. She couldn't be all high-minded and serious all the time; sometimes she just had to be a fifteen year old girl who'd gotten her nascent vanity pricked.

On her bed was a mostly-packed suitcase and the clothing she'd be wearing to leave. Her phone was charging on her nightstand, after making a goodly number of calls to people. In retrospect, she could have been a lot less cryptic about it, but she was a) in a hurry, b)unsure of how much information to give, and c) still fairly new to the telephone thing. Her note to Gabrielle was a little less abrupt.

She knew she should change and finish packing before Ben came by to tell her it was time to catch their portal (Darkness knew that if she wasn't ready, he'd happily leave her behind), but she just kept glaring at the mirror. Stupid wide-hipped cows and their insults that just kept hitting their marks.

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