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Lucivar stormed into Saetan's study at the Hall and slammed the door behind him, snarling something incoherent. Karla, alone in the study, just raised an eyebrow at him and set aside the papers she'd been reading, leaning back in Uncle Saetan's comfortable chair. "Yes?" she drawled.

"What the Hell are you doing in here?" Lucivar snapped, temper punctured by seeing Karla sitting where he was expecting his father.Half the reason I'm adapting this plotline is for all the scenes that Lucivar and Karla get to have together, no lie. )
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"Mother Night," Karla whispered. "Mother Night."

The group had stepped out of Raven's netherverse on a flat-topped hill that was one of Sceval's official landing places, the gently rolling land spread out below them. Large meadows provided good grazing. Stands of trees provided shade on summer afternoons. Creeks veined the land with clean water.

She had stood on this hill a handful of times in the past five years, looking down on unicorns while the stallions kept careful watch over the grazing mares and the foals playing tag.

Now she looked down on a slaughter.

Turning to the north, Lucivar shook his head and swore softly. "This wasn't a few bastards who had come for a horn to take home as a hunting trophy. This was a war."

Karla blinked away tears. Of all the Blood, of all the kindred races, the unicorns had always been her favorite. They had been the stars in the Darkness, the living examples of power and strength blended with gentleness and beauty. And now that gentleness and beauty was marred by violence, torn white bodies hacked and brutalized and left to lie in the dirt. There were foals as well as pregnant mares in the carnage, protected by rings of stallions and juvenile males who'd been overrun.

"No," she said, shaking her head at the scene. "No. We can't--we can't let this happen. We can't let this stand." Her hands balled into fists and she shook with reaction and rage. "Call them," she said, slashing a glance at Raven and Emma. Surely, together, they could figure out something. "Call them. Call them all. Everyone and anyone you can think of. I want the largest cavalry in the history of Fandom riding to our aid."

She looked back over the hill and buried her face in her hands. "Call them and tell them the unicorns are being massacred. And we need their help."

The cry for help )

[Once again, many thanks to [ profile] trigons_child and [ profile] icecoldfrost. Descriptive text taken from Anne Bishop, Emma and Raven's awesomeness is purely their own. FB is someone wants to report people on the island getting mental messages (fine if they don't!) and this thread for any actions and reactions of people on the receiving end. Actual interaction with Kaeleerans and plotty bits go in the next post.]
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Karla had been packing for her move to Haven, to spend a few months being an unofficial Queen to a village full of refugee Black Widows. Had been, however, because 'packing' apparently meant 'getting chased of her chambers by Helene and several other maids while they packed because no guest leaving SaDiablo Hall would ever be seen unpacking the mess that Karla considered properly packed, which, for the record, she should be ashamed of herself for.' There had been more, but Karla had taken the better part of valour and scurried away to hide regally decamped to one of the gardens on the far side of the Hall.

Lesson learned: don't bundle up clothes and shove them into a pack. Hearth witches got testy about things like that.

She'd been hiding enjoying the sunlight for about an hour when the coven piled out of the Hall to find her. Apparently a package had arrived from Emma and if there was one thing they'd learned by now, mail from Emma meant embarrassment for some and hilarity for everyone else.

"Were you expecting anything?" "Is it from that store?" "Did she include a note?" "Open! Open it! Hurry! I want to see what she sent!" "Ten silvermarks says it's going to make the boyos blush!" "Too easy! Fifteen gold says it make ths High Lord put up an aural shield when he finds out about it." "Do you think this one runs on batteries, too? I want one like Karla has."

That last earned several scandalized gasps. "KALUSH!!!"

"What?" Kalush just laughed at them, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder. "Not all of us get to enjoy a lover before the summer is out, Karla. Morghann."

At which point Karla managed to open the box before the conversation could involve any further mention of her own purchases from Dite's. There was a moment of hushed silence as they stared at the contents of the package. Karla was the first to break down into giggles, especially when she saw that Emma had made sure to include a special adornment to show that they were meant to be Kaeleeran, err, candies. Her laughter triggered the others and soon they were laughing so hard there were tears in their eyes.

"The second one is for you lot to split amongst yourselves," Karla said, wiping her face. "Who wants to borrow a knife from the boyos so you can divvy it up?"

"No, no!" Gabrielle said between gasps. "We should wait until they're around and then take bites off of it!"

"Dibs on the tip!" Morghann said.

"And look!" Kalush announced, snagging a smaller package within the box. "Emma sent batteries, too!" Which just set Karla to facepalming and the rest of them to laughing even harder. Yup. Embarrassing one, amusing to everyone else. Good show.

[NFB, open for folks in Kaeleer, phone calls, whatever! Second and third links NSFW!]
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From the way Karla was digging in the gardens, either she was determined to plant ALL THE THINGS or she was working out an impressive amount of frustration.

Karla being Karla, there really shouldn't be any doubt about which one it was.

Not that she was lacking in reasons to be aggravated, mind. She'd been out here fairly frequently since she'd arrived back in Kaeleer--every day spent just planning and preparing instead of going out and doing something saw her out here for at least a few minutes.

Intellectually, she knew that they were better off taking the time now to plan, that rushing in would just risk more lives and make Emma mad. But it was hard to remember that when all her instincts were telling her to go save her people.

Added to that Morton's increasing bull-headedness and their constant arguments and Saetan's little chat with Warren the other night and it would be a miracle if this remained a garden and not just a the site of a future artificial lake.

[NFB and for the empath, please!]
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This was...well, this was weird.

When Karla had received a letter from Uncle Saetan summoning her home, she'd assumed that she'd been summoned home to talk to him. Which, considering her currently mixed up feelings in regards to Jaenelle, had caused no little trepidation on its own. Arriving at the Hall to find out that it wasn't the Hall Lord that had required her presence but someone else entirely had been, well, weird.

She'd heard of Jaenelle's Black Widow friend who lived in a snug cottage in the village of course. Jaenelle had wandered into the Twisted Kingdom to help lead Tersa out, as far as the broken Black Widow was willing to come, at least. Wise, by what Jaenelle had said, and trustworthy, but that still didn't answer the question as why she'd want to talk to Karla.

But with both Saetan and Jaenelle adamant she go talk to Tersa--though Jaenelle's insistence had kind of raised Karla's hackles a bit and she might have gotten just the tiiiiiiniest bit snippy--she was pushing aside her confusion and knocking on the cottage door.

[NFB, please]
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There was a letter for Karla in the mail today. It bore the SaDiablo seal and was from Dhemlan, but just holding it filled Karla with foreboding. Even the feel of the fine linen paper under her fingers gave her a chill, like a cold, dead wind was blowing through her.

She shivered as she opened it, wishing with all her might that it was a bill for the kitchen or a written tirade from Mrs. Beale and Helene both.

It wasn't. )

All the breath whooshed out of her lungs and the note fluttered to the floor. Mini-Morton scurried over to pick it up with a series of concerned beeps, but Karla barely noticed.

Anger and planning would come later. Right now, there was only shock and a kind of fuzzy blankness.

[Door and post open. Morton's note written by the fantastic [ profile] glacial_warlord]
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After her shower (Warren was right, she had gotten all dusty from scratching him), Karla returned to her room to get dressed. She threw on some clothes, pausing a minute before pulling on her shirt to examine her side in the mirror. It had been a week since her run-in with Sebastian and the giant bruise was only now just starting to fade from a purple-black to a sickly greenish-yellow. It was still pretty tender, too; she was sore from the bottom of her ribcage to the middle of her hip. Funny how it looked and felt like she'd been hit by a baby tree, since that was exactly what had happened.

It had been interesting week, that was for damn sure. Between Saetan showing up unexpectedly, dealing with Trigon, inviting some friends up to meet her uncle--which had gone well, but was stressful all the same, and her conversation with Sookie about uncles-who-weren' had just been a bit tough.

Rather than head back out and maybe chat with more newbies or congratulate Tara on an excellent party for Kennedy, Karla decided to curl up on her bed next to Hounddog and Moonshadow and settle in for a good brood.

[Establishy and linkdrop, but open is folks want to save Karla from brooding. Please note, the link to the conversation with Sookie carries a warning for triggery issues for sexual abuse.]
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Okay. On a scale of 1 to awful, this was about a 9. Not only was Saetan here, trying to explain the Kaeleeran concept of Hell to people (while conveniently being able to check up on Karla while he was at it), but Raven's father Trigon was here as well. He hadn't forgotten his original plans for Karla, either.

Because that's what every girl wanted, right? To be married to a demon who thought loincloths were sexy and to die bearing his children. Riiiight.

So she'd left a message for Raven, so hopefully she could warn the girl about her incipient family reunion before she found out about it the hard way, and then lay back on her bed and contemplated running away from the island for the weekend.

Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

[Establishy and link-droppy, but certainly open for visitors and phonecalls! Though SP for the afternoon as I'll be at a wedding.]
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Karla was all set to have a perfectly ordinary day. Last night had been fun, and it had shaken loose the last bit of sadness that Karla had been clinging to. Sure, she'd promised to talk it over with Ben, which would probably damped her mood a bit, but after her cathartic (if drunken) heart-to-heart with Dinah, it wouldn't be too bad. Besides, she also had another trip to the range with Triela to look forward to, and as well as the rescheduled lesson to teach Ender to dance. And, since the talk hadn't actually happened yet, Karla still in a good mood, if slightly bored.

Her door was open, so the postman didn't even have to knock when he showed up. "Special delivery for Karla," he called.

Curious, Karla set down her script to take take the envelope the male was holding out to her. He saluted and walked away, leaving her to examine her mail. The paper was thick and heavy, made with linen. The calligraphy on the front was elegant, beautiful, and precise. The back of the envelope was sealed with wax, bearing the impression of the Sa Diablo crest.

This was formal, whatever it was.

After probing the envelope with Craft, she broke the seal and pulled out the paper inside. It was a single sheet, with a very simple message:

You are cordially invited to a party to honor Jaenelle Angelline at SaDiablo Hall in Dhemlan. The party will be held in ten days' time at three in the afternoon. And escort is perfectly accepable.

Saetan Daemon SaDiablo

It is Jaenelle's fondest wish for you to attend.

Tears sprang to her eyes again, though, for once, they were happy ones. Jaenelle was awake! She was better! And in a little over a week, Karla would be able to see her!

She hadn't seen Jaenelle since they were twelve and Jaenelle had been 'hurt.' For a while, she had believed that Saetan was somehow involved--he was Jaenelle's guardian, and Karla knew all about the accidents that could befall a girl under her guardian's care. But now...there was no way that Jaenelle would still be there if Saetan had been the one to harm her. And she certainly wouldn't be throwing a party under Saetan's roof. Looks like Morton had been right after all. The blood-sucking corpse really did care for Jaenelle. And for Karla.

It was a good day.

[Mostly establishy (psst! I won't be around the weekend of the 4th, surprise surprise), but open if you don't mind some serious SP]


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