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To: [Pretty much the entire alumni listserv, it's kind of ridiculous]
Subject: Announcement

Hi there!

So, big news from Glacia and this time of the happy variety! Warren and I are overjoyed to announce that (due to time differences between Kaeleer and Fandom) we'll be expecting our first child in January of 2015! Forgive all the exclamation points, but we're very excited to finally be able to share the news with everyone important in our lives. Our only regret is that we're not able to tell everyone this in person, but we will be on-island Tuesday afternoon. If you can drop by and say hello, we'd love to see you!

Warmest regards,

Karla, Warren, and Lump

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This was weird. This was very weird. Karla was used to having Saetan and Lucivar tromping through the halls to interrogate her teachers, not to be one of the teachers about to be interrogated. Sitting behind her desk, she made sure to have some papers out that she could shuffle through in order to look appropriately busy and important.

She'd decided that if any parents asked her questions she couldn't answer, she was just going to lie. Lie creatively and well. Sure, she'd gone to college. Graduated Magma Come Loudly, or whatever. Experience? Loads of it! Her age? None of your damn business, that was how old.

Maybe she'd send the adults she didn't like to Hannibal. Or Eric. With little signs that said, 'I'm delicious!'

Yup, this was how your teacher prepared to meet your parents, class. By making plans to have them eaten.

Look, everyone needed a hobby.

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Copied and updated from this post.

Stuff what Karla can do:

Jewel Ranks )

Blood Hierarchy & Castes )

Basic Craft )

Caste Abilities
*Heals physical wounds and illnesses
*Weaves Healing webs for complex/life-threatening wounds and illnesses
*Brews many kinds of potions, tinctures, and teas, such as:
*Healing potions (don't stay effective very long)
*Contraceptive brews for both males and females
*Sleeping draughts, burn lotions, moontime-teas, etc

Black Widow:
*Heals the mind
*Weaves tangled webs of visions, and illusions
*Tangled webs are very powerful and can be used to weave complex illusions like what she did for the multicultural fair as well as some very nasty surprises.
*Also used to see the future. It can either be a very clear vision, or just fragments
*Adept with poisons, including neutralizing certain ones
*Prophetic dreaming
*Has a snake tooth (a small tooth attached to a poison sac. There's a hollow under their ring-finger nail where it will emerge. The poison is virulent enough to kill a man)

*Rules the Blood
*Heals the hearts of the people
*Heals the land (A Queen is called the the 'land's heart')

Caste abilities seem limited compared to what can be done with basic Craft, but that's not so. Basic Craft has a lot of very specific abilities. Caste Craft has a fewer number of abilities, but they're correspondingly more versatile and complex. A Black Widow, for example, could weave a tangled web to: create a full-sensory illusion, to trap a mind or soul, to make someone believe they're a frog, to tell the future, etc.

Limitations )
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An assassination attempt. There was no way around it, that's exactly what she'd faced today. Someone or someones had wanted her dead and had fabricated an elaborate scheme to get her isolated and vulnerable. With most of her First Circle and the most powerful Healers in Sidra en route to the mountains in the north, she would have been easy pickings for anyone who'd stumbled over her in the wake of the crash. Blood shields protected against invasive harm--none of the shards of glass or splintered wooden stakes would have penetrated--but that wouldn't have protected her from impact damage. The Coach had crashed and rolled with enough force to shatter bones, pulverize ribs, induce unconsciousness...With just Craft at their disposal, even if they had survived the crash, they likely wouldn't have been in any shape to pull themselves out of the River Sid. The depth and current alone claimed lives of several perfectly healthy people every year.

Wrapped once more in her warm, blue bathrobe, Karla sat in front of the fire and tried to make sense of everything. Her maid was hovering around her, trying to convince her to eat, but Karla wasn't interested in her food. Her stomach twisted at the very notion. Trying to figure out who wanted her dead? It might be easier trying to figure out who didn't.

Home sweet home )

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One of the most difficult skills one needed to cultivate as Queen was the ability to look interested and focused on anything, even while your brain was elsewhere--in Karla's case, hundreds of leagues away, fretting over several small villages that had been covered in an avalanche. While all she wanted to do was remain at the estate, continuing to go over emergency relief plans, she was here instead, smiling and nodding and being overall a gracious and sociable Queen. Raven's luncheon for the caretakers and staff of various Sidran orphanages and children's homes had been a rousing success, raising funds from aristos who wanted to be seen as 'charitable' and raising morale for the people who actually did the hard work in the institutions themselves. Several grinning orphans were there, too, lucky enough to have earned a lunch with their Queen and the Court Healer, the woman who was putting in all the real effort into making things better for children across Glacia.

This was a good event and an important one, one that Karla and Raven had both been looking forward to for weeks, but right now it was all Karla could do not to gnash her teeth in impatience. How much longer did they have to stand here and smile and glad-hand when there were actual lives in danger?

And if this was how Karla was feeling, how much worse was it for Raven, who could teleport up north with a thought and start healing people immediately, if only they didn't have to be here right now?

Meanwhile, up in the mountains... )

[Part 2 of 3. Thanks to both [ profile] furnaceface and [ profile] trigons_child for their wonderful help with this preplay. NFI, NFB, OOC is enjoyed. Warning for violence and NPC death].
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After another night of difficulty falling asleep and rest troubled by vague and disquieting dreams (all thanks to one errant Consort who was now several days past due and not answering his damn phone!), Karla had opted for a late breakfast in bed this morning. There was nothing wrong with enjoying some of the perks of being Queen of an entire Territory, dammit, especially when she was just a few hours away from having to get dressed to visit Sidra for Raven's orphanage fundraiser and luncheon. Why get dressed just to have breakfast when she was just going to have to change into something obnoxiously formal and fancy in a little while anyway?

She'd just finished letting her contraceptive brew steep when a psychic thread stabbed into her shields hard enough to make her jerk. Hot tea scalded her hand leaving a bright red mark behind, but that was nothing compared to the news she was receiving.

*Lady!* Mallory 'shouted' into her skull. *There's been an avalanche in the north! At least one village has been lost, their Queen is dead, and possibly more than one. I'm getting multiple reports on psychic threads, requests for assistance, everything. I'm heading back to the estate now,* Mallory continued. He'd been in Sidra, overseeing the last of the preparations for the afternoon. *But here's everything I know so far.* The information he relayed was grim, as was his reminder that this was all early news yet. It would likely only become more bleak as the day went on.

At the word 'avalanche,' Karla had flung herself out of bed, breakfast forgotten. By the time he'd gotten to the estimated casualties--in the hundreds, perhaps thousands--Karla had thrown on her bathrobe, opened the doors to her suite, and started shouting orders to whatever members of estate staff were nearby. She needed members of her First Circle, maps of the region, lists of emergency supplies, names of Healers with experience in these kinds of situations, whatever was necessary to assist her people.

So much for the perks of being a Queen. )

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When Karla had fallen asleep last night, she and Elsa had been clinging together right outside the train station, waiting for the train that would take them away from this terrible place forever. Karla had just murdered someone to keep her sister safe, the first person to ever die by her hands, though those same hands had lit plenty of fires in the years before.

Waking up, Karla discovered she was still curled up around Elsa, cuddling the girl protectively. The train station had gone back to being Portalocity, Karla's hands were plenty bloody on their own, and as for that murder victim...

*Mother Night, Warren! Tell me you're okay!*

She wasn't entirely certain how his healing factor worked, but being tied up in a rug and tossed to the bottom of the ocean couldn't have been good for anyone.

Once she'd gotten the affirmative from Warren (the grumpy affirmative, but he was alive and that was what mattered), Karla focused on rousing the sleeping girl next to her. She'd never met Elsa before this insane weekend, but from the way their histories had meshed, there was a lot Karla wanted to talk to her about.

"Hey there," she said softly, shaking Elsa's shoulder. "Wake up sleepyhead. There are better places to nap then in the middle of town."

Some of those places probably had coffee, too.

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Karla stood on the rocky bits of the beach, watching the expensive rug sink slowly into the ocean. She was glad she'd gone with the extra rocks; it had been tough to maneuver them into the carpet along with the other bit of trash occupying the middle, but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

Taking out a cigarette she'd bummed off of one of the clients at the Magic Box, she lit it and drew in a deep lungful of smoke. This was her first cigarette and probably her last, but she'd always been forbidden to smoke because of the damage she could do to her voice. As far as she was concerned, she could never sing another note and she'd still be perfectly happy, but, really, this thing tasted terrible. But it was worth it, taking slow draws off a forbidden cigarette while she said goodbye to everything tying them to this terrible place.

Angelface had been expecting her, of course. His ultimatum had been clear. Either she marry him or he would auction Elsa off to the highest bidder. Honestly, it wasn't even a choice. When it came down to her sister or her country, Elsa would win a hundred times over.

Funny, even knowing who she was and what she was; even knowing her predilection for arson when it came to keeping her sister safe, Angelface had still been surprised when she'd reached for the champagne bottle he'd gotten to mark the occasion. A happy surprise, when she'd reached for it. He'd obviously thought she was going to try to make the best of a bad bargain. A pained surprise when she'd slammed it into his temple. And then nothing at all as she'd kept hitting him until the bottle had broken.

She'd been tempted to leave him there for the morning crew to find, but the last thing she wanted to do was upset the staff at the Magic Box any more than they already would. Sure, Rita probably would have handled it as soon as she stopped dancing around the corpse, but Karla was determined to take care of it herself. The carpet had been heavier than she'd expected, even before she'd tucked his body and the broken champagne bottle into it, but Karla was stubborn.

A lot of heavy-lifting, a fair bit of grunting, and one stolen rickshaw later, she'd managed to bring Angelface's body up to the top of these rocks here and push it into the ocean. Her bloody costume had gone with it. And once Angelface's dead weight and the weight of the rocks pulled the carpet and its contents down under the ocean, Karla finally remembered what it felt like to be free.

She took one more drag off the cigarette and flicked it into the water after Angelface, then spat after it. Ridding the cigarette taste from her mouth or something more metaphorical, Karla wasn't sure. She didn't have time to waste up here to figure it out, either. Elsa was waiting for her in front of the train station, tickets to the Freya in one pocket and her princess tiara and the Arendelle crown jewel in the other. Those were the only two items that remained in their possession that could support their claim as to who they were.

As the sky to the east lightened and the rain slacked off a bit, Karla let herself smile. Home. They were finally going home.

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There wasn't a whole lot of time left before Karla and Elsa had to make their way to the Magic Box to prepare for the evening's entertainment. As much as they both hated the job, it was keeping them off the streets and with a roof over their heads. If there was one thing that Karla had learned since coming to this miserable country, having a place to hang your hat and enough food to fill your belly was a luxury few people here could afford. Wanting anything more than that, like freedom and dignity, that was only a pipe-dream.

Darkness, though, she missed home. Missed Arendelle's clean air and beautiful skyline. Missed the mountains and the snow and the fjord. Missed her parents. Missed belonging. Missed her true identity.

But it was safer not to say any of those things, safer not even to think them. Because there were worse positions to be in than singers in a glorified brothel. People more dangerous than the gimlet-eyed bastard that held their lives in his hands. And Karla didn't think for one minute that Angelface would become a knight in shining armor if he discovered who she and Elsa really were. If anything, he'd work all the harder to turn it to his advantage somehow.

Still, this was not the time to think of these things. Not when she had other, deeper concerns weighing on her. Tomorrow was Elsa's sixteenth birthday. And unlike back home, where this occasion would be celebrated with festivals and flowers and joy if their parents had been alive, Karla could only offer Elsa a small present and sheer dread.

Sixteen. Old enough to join the legions of 'working girls' if that's what Angelface decided for her. If he did, what was Karla supposed to do then?

Other than watch him burn, of course.

[Open for anyone who has reason to be in their room, or wants to wander in by accident]
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It had been over a week and Winsol festivities were still in full-swing. However, not everyone was off enjoying the holidays. No, the ever-vigilant, ever-concerned Dark Council was meeting right in the middle of it, trying to keep up with the flood of hysterical complaints from Terrellean Queens and investors who were still losing males in droves as they tried to take the unclaimed land.

In which the Dark Council continues to be dicks, but someone can finally do something about it. )

It was good to breathe outside of the Dark Council chamber, Karla always found. The air in there was always thick and stuffy, almost feeling oily on the back of her throat. "What did you say to that bitch back there?" she asked Jaenelle. "In the Old Tongue."

"You haven't been studying," Uncle Saetan said with a chuckle, which only deepened when Karla shrugged and looked abashed.

"It wasn't on Fandom's required reading list, all right?" she mumbled.

Saetan looked to Jaenelle and saw that she'd withdrawn into herself, face pale and stiff with thought. Better to let her work her way back to them, than try to engage her in conversation before she was ready. As such, he answered Karla's question. "For remembrance. As a reminder."

A wind whispered up her back and Karla shivered. Nor was she the only one. From Jaenelle's lack of expression, she knew full well who was remembering. And what would happen to those who needed the reminder.

[Finally! Heir to the Shadows canon catchup is complete, though there are still a few sections that won't get transcribed. (Suck it, Daemon). Text adapted from Chapter 16, Part 4 from HttS by Anne Bishop. NFB, NFI, OOC is hearts, stars, moons, and clovers. Woo, it's only taken me five years to get through one book! Queen of the Darkness will take much less time, though it'll be awhile before it starts. Woo! End of book block party!]
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It was fitting that they were here on tonight of all nights. Unlike the rest of the Realms who were drinking the blooded rum and dancing in honor of Witch (or, at least giving lip service to the idea), tonight those closest to Witch were gathered in the Keep to honor her a little more concretely.

Tonight, the first night of Winsol, they had gathered to the Dark Throne to see Jaenelle form her Court and become Queen of Ebon Askavi.

Telling herself she wasn't nervous--and why should she be nervous, this was her friend, this was Jaenelle, surely wearing the Ebony was no different than wearing thirteen uncut Black Jewels. Either way it was more power than Karla could really even contemplate, so what was the big deal really even if, sure, there had never been anything like this in the entire history of the Blood.

Right, so, anyway, telling herself she wasn't nervous despite the pounding heart, the sweaty palms, and internal monologue that raced along a million miles a minute, Karla entered the large stone chamber that Draca had indicated was the place where the invited guests were to wait until they were summoned to the Dark Throne. Except for the blackwood pillars that contained the candle-lights and a few long tables against the walls that held assorted beverages, the room was bare of furniture.

In which canon progresses! )
A gong sounded throughout the Keep. Once. Twice. Thrice. Then, after a pause, a fourth time.

Four times for the four sides of the Blood triangle, the fourth side being what was held within the other three. Like the three males--Steward, Master of the Guard, and Consort/Escort--who formed a strong, intimate triangle around a Queen.

At the back of the room, huge double doors opened outward, revealing a dark emptiness.

Paying no attention to the hesitant stirring around him, Saetan set his glass aside, smoothed his hair one final time, and straightened his new clothes. Since Protocol dictated that processions went from light Jewels to dark, first all the males and then the females, he probably figured he would be at the end of the male line.

Karla and Lucivar exchanged a look and then Lucivar poked his father in the side. )

Saetan had stayed below a little longer than the rest, lingering to talk to Lorn until Lucivar had stormed downstairs and demanded that Saetan come up and keep Karla from picking on him--though he couched it in threats, of course.

With a smile, Saetan followed his youngest son up the stairs to the upper chamber, where he accepted a glass of yarbarah and looked at the animated, laughing faces that now ruled Kaeleer. He wondered what Lorn thought about the many-strand web Jaenelle had woven over Kaeleer, the web that had called so many races out of the mist they'd hidden in for thousands of years.

And, like Karla, he wondered what the Dark Council was going to think. Also like Karla, the idea of their reaction made a wicked smile bloom.

[One more tiny bit of canon catchup and we'll be done with this book! Much of the post taken directly from Heir to the Shadows, by Anne Bishop, Chapter 16, Part 3. Many, many thanks to [ profile] trigons_child and [ profile] not_a_parakeet for letting me shove their characters in and give them fun lines from canon. NFI. NFB for off-island shenanigans, OOC is love!]
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For months now because I fail at posting, Jaenelle had been wrangling with the Dark Council about respecting the Territories of non-human Blood. She'd searched through editions of Blood Protocol, unearthed dusty tomes of Blood history, even begged Draca and Lorn for guidance. But no matter what she found, what evidence she presented, the Dark Council remained firm in its stance that without a recognized human representative, the 'unclaimed lands' were free for the Blood to take.

And so the kindred died. Not many of them. There was never a slaughter like in Sceval. But enough. Many, many humans died. Mauled, half-eaten bodies would be transported to various cities in Little Terreille and left there as a message. But it didn't matter how many bodies were sent back, there were always more people willing to take their place. The coven did what they could, making their Offerings and refusing to give aid to anyone trespassing on the so-called unclaimed lands, but it wasn't enough. It would never be enough so long as Jorval and the Terreillian bitches who pulled his strings, saw the possibility for opportunity and gain.

Four days ago, Jaenelle had tried again. And this time, when they'd been turned down, Saetan had ventured that it was possible that there wasn't a legitimate way to stop the Dark Council. Both Karla and Lucivar had turned on him, overwrought and furious, demanding explanations, pointing out that he'd fought them before, snidely insinuating that maybe he thought the kindred weren't worth fighting over now. But it was Jaenelle who stopped them.

"Yes, there is," she said softly, leaning on Saetan as they walked. "There is a way."

"Witch-child?" Saetan asked, concerned.

Jaenelle shuddered. "I never wanted this. But it's the only want to help them."

"What's the only way, darling?" Karla asked, worried at how pale Jaenelle seemed. How fragile.

Trembling, Jaenelle stepped away from them. The haunted look in her eyes, etched there by long hours of research and tallying kindred deaths, would stay with them forever. "I'm going to make the Offering to the Darkness and set up my court."

Three days ago, Jaenelle had retreated to the Keep to do just that. )

Tersa shook her head. "She will be too tired to sense the difference. Choose High Lord, and live with what you choose." She looked at the closed door. "She is coming."

For the rest of her life, Karla was convinced the Darkness had something to do with the timing. Perhaps it understood that they were only human and they had feared for Jaenelle too much in the past to let it go so easily. Because at that moment, Jono opened his tiny mouth for a little snakey yawn--

--and promptly turned back into his human form, all naked limbs and psionic fire tangled up with Karla on the floor. There was a moment of silence as everyone took in the scene in front of them. And at that moment, the door opened and Jaenelle stood on the threshold. "What did I miss?" she asked, fighting back a yawn.

[Open to anyone in Glacia who wanted to tag along. NFB. Text adapted from Heir to the Shadows.]
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Another day, another stupid Court function that Karla had to deal with. She wasn't even sure what this one was for; Lord Mallory was under strict instructions not to tell her unless it was for something important. Otherwise, he had to deal with her scandalized, "We're having a function for this?!?!" and no one--least of all Lord Mallory--wanted to deal with that.

Tonight, however, Karla found she minded Court shenanigans far less than usual. She was wearing a rather severe black gown, very different from her usual attire, but perfect for showing off her latest accessory. Jono might not appreciate being worn around her neck like a boa, but she hadn't appreciated spending all day with a headache and an upset stomach the day he'd turned into a snake and bitten her.

As a precaution, she'd milked his fangs that afternoon before getting ready. She couldn't guarantee he wasn't going to bite anyone (and didn't actually want to), but she wasn't going to let him accidentally kill someone either. Because that would be a right pain in the ass to deal with.

Her Fandom friends all got a picture text that said Me and a snakey selfie. Lookit his grumpy little face! Can you guess who? before she headed down to mingle. Because destroying Jono's dignity one snapchat at a time was pretty much her life's work.

[For Glacia residents and anyone who got a snapchat]
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Warren had gone to graduation, but Karla hadn't been able to get away to go, too. That had been disappointing, but it had meant she'd been able to make sure that there was literally nothing about to go wrong or that would need her attention for the next week or so.


Because Ben and Ender were visiting, eeeeeee!

While she couldn't ignore her responsibilities entirely (more's the pity), she had informed her entire First Circle that she would be largely unavailable for the duration of the visit and was to be bothered only in the direst of emergencies. And if there was a dire emergency, they needed to inform her on psychic threads and never in front of her visitors.

If anything happened, Ben and Ender weren't going to know about it, dammit. And most certainly wouldn't be involved in fixing it. But nothing was going to happen. She was Quite Serious about everything going smoothly. Were you listening, Kaeleer? Nothing bad was allowed to happen.

[NFB, open to residents and the expected guests!]
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Yeah, we know it's a few weeks early according to the Fandom calendar, but who couldn't use a party? Come to the Devil's Nest tonight to celebrate Karla's 21st birthday and Warren's 22nd.

Your presents not required, but your presence is appreciated!

Yeah, this might reach a few people Karla didn't know, but she wasn't too worried. A party was a party!

Sorry! This should have gone up a day or so ago, but life gets crazy. Party open to everyone, alumni and old friends especially!
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It had been a long and miserable two weeks. Just ask anyone who had had the misfortune of dealing with their Queen. Karla was a terrible patient; somehow managing to be a tyrant even when she was coughing so hard she could barely speak. It was a good thing her nasty chest cold had also kept her asleep a great deal, or it was possible she would have been overthrown by her own Court.

Now, however, she was on the mend. Which, on the positive side, meant she was feeling almost human again--and behaving that way. On the negative side, it also meant she was bored out of her mind. Morton and Julian had finally made good their escape after their third straight hour of playing cradle, her lunch lay untouched because she was tired of soup and toast, and the next person who came in to make her take another foul-tasting brew was going to get kicked in the face.

There was clearly only one thing to do. Call people and whine about how bored she was. Also, check up on anyone who had gotten tangled up in the latest bout of Fandom crazy, but mostly the whining and bored thing

Let's see. Who to call first?

[Open for phone calls, visitors, and them what live here. If you think Karla would have called you, she did!]
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Karla paced back and forth, trying to absorb some of the calm from her garden, trying not to curse her ungainly figure. Even the land in full bloom, laden with fragrant flowers and early fruits wasn't enough to bleed off her fury. Warren's 'birthday' present had been delivered this morning, a bouquet of witchblood tucked in a grinning skull. Karla wasn't sure whether she should be grateful or not that it was only a skull; a head, she might have recognized.

Of course, a gift from Raven was likely coming soon. She wouldn't let an opportunity like Karla and Warren's shared birthday go unremarked. The only question would be if she knew what Warren's gift had been--and, if so, how she would attempt to outdo it.

Once beloved. Once sister. Now they were both hollow, twisted shells of their former selves. Warren had gone to Earth and come back corrupted by Apocalypse, managing to hold onto himself for only a few days before being lost completely. Raven had tried to protect her Queen for as long as she could until Archangel's games had driven her over the edge and released her demonic side. Now Karla was trapped between them as they raged back and forth for possession of everything Karla held dear.

She only wished that was limited to herself.

"Karla, you should sit down." Her former mentor, Helene, had been visiting the day Warren had torn Sidra from the rest of Balmia, using his powers to partially phase it out of reality with the rest of Kaeleer and put it into some kind of time bubble vortex thing that, even now, Karla couldn't quite understand and Warren was not inclined to explain. All she knew was that it cut Sidra off from the Winds, from Portalocity, from any contact with the outside world. A small blessing, that. It meant the rest of Balmia and Kaeleer was safe from them--at least, until one or the other emerged victorious. Karla found it hard to regret her friend's presence here, even though it meant she was in danger. But she needed a mother figure right now more than ever--especially one who was also a powerful Black Widow. "You need to rest."

"I'm not feeling very restful," Karla growled, using a fist to try to ease the nagging sensation in her lower back. A bit of Healing would vanish that pain entirely, but even that was beyond her capabilities now. "And chairs are too much of a pain in the ass to get into and out of unless I plan to stay sitting for awhile." And she didn't. There was important pacing to be done. "You should go inside. One or the other of them will be dropping by soon and you know they don't like it when our little chats are interrupted by others."

Helene grimaced. "I don't understand why you allow these so-called visits," she said by rote. It was an old argument by this point. "They're dangerous--"

"To everyone else except me," Karla interrupted. "I'm the bone they're wrangling over. That gives me a measure of safety. One that you don't have."

"I've seen wild dogs fight over scraps before," Helene retorted. "Believe me, the scraps come in a distant third in that contest. And you can't protect yourself from either of them."

"I am well aware of my limitations," Karla said, trying to find a position that eased her various aches. "But trust me, this is safer than the alternatives. Right now, keeping them fighting each other is the only protection we have."

Helene nodded at Karla's stomach, large and round under her airy shirt. "And when the baby's born? What then?"

"Then I'll have my Craft back," Karla said, ice-blue eyes narrowed. "And then we see about evening the score."

[For the two villains so named! Sidra in Glacia Balmia is now unreachable by phone, computer, or any other method of communication/transportation. Feel free to have your characters notice that, if they're likely to do so! NFB.]
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"How can I settle the territory granted to me when my men are being slaughtered before they even set up camp?" the Queen petitioner demanded. She was the eighth Queen to stand in the petitioner's circle before the Council today and there were easily twenty more waiting for her to finish. So far, their demands had been identical, save for the amount of histrionics they were willing to indulge in before they allowed themselves to be escorted out of the circle. "The Council has to do something!"

In which the Dark Council is a bag of dicks. )

Jorval clucked. "Such language is not welcome here. And since neither you nor yours are affected by this, you have no justifiable complaint, and so neither are you. I must ask you all to leave the Council chambers."

Karla opened her mouth to protest again, but Jaenelle touched her arm. She shook her head, eyes disturbingly blank, and turned to walk away. Karla leveled a glare at Jorval, but did likewise, followed by Julian and Warren.

"Now Lady," Jorval said with a weary smile, "let's see what we can do about your rightful petition."

[NFI, NFB, OOC enjoyed! Taken and slightly adapted from Anne Bishop's Heir to the Shadows, Chapter 15, Part 5.]
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It was a nice, lazy day in Balmia. Another day, another beautiful warm and--wait for it--balmy day. A flower-perfumed breeze blew through the palm trees, rustling the brightly-colored feathers of the tropical birds and sending a few of the very ripe citrus fruits falling to the ground, where they'd no doubt be gobbled up by any one of the exotic warmth-loving animals that made Balmia their home.

Yup, just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill day.

Karla lounging in a hammock outside, eating fresh fruit and absently paging through a book on Protocol. Jaenelle has asked her to go to the Dark Council meeting next week and Karla wanted to make sure she was ready for whatever bullshit argument the Council presented to defend their massacre and attempted invasion of the unicorns. Of course, as important as that was, she was also contemplating a nap.

Siestas were just par for the course in warm, beautiful Balmia.

[For residents, children, parents, and friends]


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