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For the first time this semester, Karla had found her way to her office. Things were hectic back in Glacia as they prepared to head to Ebon Rih as part of her service to the Dark Court and Karla had exercised her royal prerogative to come to the island in order to prepare for her class next semester.

...By which she meant 'read a bunch of romance novels, pretend to take notes, and let her tea steep until it was undrinkable because she was caught up in the action.' She'd finally given in and started reading the Angelica Demesnes novels and was blowing through them at a ridiculous rate.

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Lucille had wanted to speak to Karla, but the reason wasn't one related to class and one she couldn't actually talk about. In fact, she was reluctant to admit she wanted to talk about it at all. So she was here with an excuse made up, and not even a very good one.

She stopped outside the office, knocking light on the door.
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"Good afternoon, Queen Karla," Lucille greeted. "I hope I am not interrupting something."

She hadn't seen what book it was.

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Lucille did in fact peek at the book, and blushed a little as she remembered having claimed in class that she never read such literature herself. Which had been a lie, and an obviously failed attempt at impressing her teacher.

She sat down, a little uneasy. "I know I have at times seemed very critical of the particular subjects of classes," she began, then hesitated.

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"I... yes, please. A cup of tea would be nice." She had hoped that Karla's response would be like that, or similar. It opened up for further questions.

"You know I come from a time where the modern interpretations would seem quite strange, if not shocking. I choose the class because I expected the subject would make the modern more familiar through the writing of the Bard. Instead I find it is often the opposite. I know your world is different from this. Would you like to tell me what these stories mean to you?"

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Lucille placed the cup on the desk in front of her and followed Karla's advice. "I would prefer a long answer to a short. They are usually more satisfying. And I am not easily shocked."

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Lucille could forgive the tea. What she said next was far more interesting. Stirring her tea, she said: "That sounds like a world preferable to this."

Matriarchy, magic and murder? What more could you wish for? Well, Lucille wasn't that interested in magic, really, but the other two compensated.

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Lucille blushed. "No, that wasn't what I meant," she said. "I just... would prefer the other things, although I have no knowledge of magic. Your consort prefers it?"

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"I do remember him," Lucille said. A handsome man with wings was hard not to notice. "But your subjects disapprove?"

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Lucille wasn't going to think too much about that a teacher's husband was handsome. What felt a little awkward. And although she tried, she found it hard to understand a lot of what Karla was saying.

"I have no experience of politics, but it sounds complicated."


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